22 years ago on 5th Nov, there was a super cute baby girl said hello to the world. 22 years later, the baby girl now has become a mature girl with so many hopes, dreams and ambitions. Ok! I assume you know who I'm talking about. Anyway, although my birthday passed 2 weeks ago, but this month hasn't ended yet so it's still considered my month, thus I just wanna share with you my 22nd birthday party. Nothing much, except this was the second party in oversea which was really memorable whilst the first one had nobody with me, no flower, no candle, no cake... So sad :(.

Some friends and students brought a surprise to me by buying birthday cake and celebrating party for me in the studio. They were very cheeky when they asked me to take the very small candle stuck in the birthday cake without using hands. I didn't know that's a trap so when i used my mouth to take the candle, they pushed my head into the cake... The result was my face full of cream with different colors and I looked like a clown with a big tomato nose....I was very naive, wasn't I? Anyway, that's not much on my birthday, but i was really happy and thankful to all of you who were with me on that day and who remembered my day. Besides, I also had a very nice and sweet dinner which was unforgettable. So thank you so much and let's share with me some of the photos and enjoy my birthday before it comes to an end. And till we meet next year....:d

Who can guess what did i wish? :p

With Ivy and other students

When i was picking up the small candle from the cake.....

and that's how it ended.




Well, it's quite long time since my last post, now i'm back with a new one. This is also the event that i and my boss (Ivy Por) just organized and we did sucessfully on that dance workshop, beyond our expectation. So I'm gonna share with you some photos taken on that day to introduce you my beautiful boss as well as our dance studio and the memorable event:

Demonstrating Argentine Tango with Ivy and I was doing men's steps. 

Students were watching us closely.

Chacha workshop was conducted by me. 

I'm helping my boss in conducting her Tango Argentine workshop. Poor us coz there was no guy can help out...However, we paired up not too badly :d




The competitions were over a few days ago but it's still hunting me. I still couldn't get over it yet. So many feelings and memories, i just wanna tell a story about the most recent competition which is the 19th Singapore international ballroom championships. The competition took place on 29th Oct however til 27th Oct i couldn't decide whether I should go or not. Actually, i didn't want to join coz of many reasons: my finance problem, the conflict between 2 dancesport organizations that I'm joining, etc...Finally, i was forced to go and because of quarreling with my partner about practicing, joining or not joining made me so tired and down. So, fine, I decided to go for the last time partnership.

The train departed at 21.30pm on 28th Oct and arrived Singapore at 7am on 29th. I couldn't sleep on the train because of the uncomfortable seat and noise. 10hours sitting on the train made me really weary and tired physically and mentally. Taking a cab to competition venue after arriving Singapore, we only had 2 hours left to register and prepare for the competition. It seemed not enough time for me to prepare all things as make up already took at least 1 hour. I had to rush myself but it was still late. When the organizer called out our number, i was busy doing my make up and only could change my costume without any accessories to get ready to compete.

Competition started.

I have never joined any competition as tiring as this one. We competed in Novice (2 dances) and Pre Am latin ( 3 dances). Each category has 2 heats in the 1st round then semi-final and final round. It was supposed to add another category in between so that the competitors could rest more for the next events. For instance, Novice Latin (1st round) then Standard Novice, Pre Am (1st round)...Unfortunately, our both events, Novice and Pre- Am were arranged back to back. So after competing Novice 1st round, we were called for Pre am 1st round shortly. Because the result was released so fast, therefore just finishing Pre Am 1st round, we had to compete in Novice ( semi final), Pre Am ( semi final), Novice final then Pre Am final as well. Overall, within 20miniutes, we had to dance 15 times repeatedly.

We almost ran out of energy, but we still had to smile in front of so many audiences. I think some of them must be bored of seeing us so many times lolz. The last dance, i still remember was Jive with quick tempo and a lot of actions. My partner and I couldn't even raise our legs to kick and flick, I couldn't breath as well and was having stomache cause i was dancing so hard without warming up. The adjudicators were looking at us and i tried to mobilize my partner " C'mon, this is the last minutes. We almost done". And finally, we really did it well. Nothing could express my happiness at that time. I felt like i was just escaped from dancing punishment after all. But i knew that, i made it and regardless the result good or bad, i already tried my best. I thought, we would be at 6th place for both events but surprisingly, we got 2nd runner up in Latin novice and 6th place in Pre Am. It was a WOW!...

10pm. I had to rush myself one more time to get train to go back Kuala Lumpur as my partner wanted to watch the competition till the end. So he agreed to let me to go back alone. Trying to hide my disappointment, I left quickly as i didn't want to force him to follow me. I took a cab to railway station...My watch pointed 10.30pm... "The last train just left 10mins" said the station staff. " What the hell!" i talked to myself and started thinking what should i do now: staying at station whole night or coming back to find my partner???? One more time taking cab, i returned to competition venue to look for my partner coz staying at station seemed not safe for the girl like me. At that time, we started to search for accommodation. Luckily I could find a hostel to stay around there after 2 hours searching. I was really exhausted, just wanted to sleep immediately but still had to handle with hostel staff a lot of things coz my partner doesn't know how to speak English...Poor me!!! Lastly, we got a place to stay

Removing make up, arranging stuffs, etc...everything was done, it was 2.30am. I only had 4 hours left to sleep. Worst thing, I still couldn't sleep because a strange house and some more, i felt missing.........., felt insecured.....when my phone had no credit, no service, i couldn't contact someone that i need, and they couldn't be in touch with me. Nothing I could do, I was lying down to wait for sunrise and started counting time....

6.30am. We stared packing all stuffs and going to railway station. The train departed at 8.20am, still got plenty of time to have breakfast and relax. I thought I could be happy and relax after that. But everything was not in a way that I wanted. Problem kept sticking us. My partner was so careless, he left his wallet in the cab with all his money and the suitcase key. Luckily, his passport and train ticket were still with him. I had to look for a key shop to help him open his suitcase but i couldn't help him to find his wallet back as the train departed in time . His face looked so down and hopeless....We left the wallet in Singapore as a memory... On the train back to K.L, we couldn't say any word, I also couldn't talk anything to him or blame him...Just kept quiet...The atmosphere became so tense and my mood was heavier and heavier...There was nothing to do, i tried to close my eyes for the time being...Only this time, i really could sleep because too tired...K.L was nearer and nearer....