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10pm, she reached home after classes… Feeling very weary in body and soul, she fell asleep on her bed not even bother changing her clothes… Today is Valentine’s Day. She can’t remember what did she do on last year Valentine’s Day. Perhaps, it was same as this year, no flower, no chocolate, no one…

No flower and no chocolate, it shouldn't be a problem because flower is not really important to her and she doesn’t like chocolate, but why she still felt so empty and sad???

It’s almost 3 years, she has lived alone and independently. There are some moments in her life, she felt that she couldn’t overcome loneliness and sadness. She needs someone to stay by her side, to be her soul mate… However, there are so many times, she scolds herself for not being able to fall in love with any guy who is waiting for her out there.

She has ever thought that she is being suffered from being emotionless or something like that.… She recalls all memories about her first love 3 years ago… He is older than her 8 years old, a very mature and sweet man. He really loved her so much and pampered her a lot of things as long as it could make her feel happy. She loved him too, but 19 years old was too young for her to know how to respect precious Love. 

There were too many challenges come to her and her boyfriend. Soon, they both managed to overcome it, but unfortunately, their 2 year relationship ended up with breaking up. Maybe because of either her or her boyfriend or both, but somehow it’s really big deep cut into her heart that will never be recovered completely…

The loud music from the neighbor pulled her back to the present. She thought of someone, the only one could warm up the light in her heart at the moment. But she is not lucky this time because she doesn’t have his love to her. He said “there is no future between us”. What’s the future did he mean, she doesn’t understand. Is this future wedding? Future career? Future family? No future because they are from different countries??? But why so many people can get married to oversea life partner? So what’s the reason?

Who can help her to answer all these questions???


  1. Jacky4:42 PM

    wow, you are very good at literature and telling story, Cin :D...Anyway, refer to the story, i have the real story want to tell you too. My friend, American guy is gonna get married with Vietnamese girl in next 3 months (I've ever told you abt them if you still remember)...They knew each other accidently since my friend's trip to Vietnam last year...During 1 year, they keep contact thru email and chatting. And I pray God for their happiness.So you see? there is no distance and barrier between 2 people who really fall in love. The problem is either does the girl in your story is willing to sacrify for her love or does the guy really love her? If yes, there won't be any reason can distinguish them :)

  2. Anonymous7:59 PM

    The gurl in this story is you, isnt it,Nancy or how???

    Fr: Xtine

  3. Xtine, the girl is who it's not important...maybe me, maybe my friend's story :) The problem is, this is real story in life. How are u anyway, 1st time i've seen ur text here.

  4. @Jacky: I still remember ur friend's story and i admire them. How do u think if in this case the gurl agrees to sacrify for her love? I don't know how abt the guy, so i can't guess anything

  5. Jacky5:55 PM

    In this case, the future is lying in the guy's hand. This is my point of view.

  6. If that girl believe LOVE can bring happiness, why does she let the guy bringing her sadness?

  7. Because she can't do anything. If Love only comes from her side but not from the one she loves, will she be happy? I don't think so...She cannot either forget the guy or ask him to love her in return. What can she do?

  8. X-tine10:41 AM

    If i was that gurl, i would kick that guy out of my head. Why she have to be hurt by the one who never cares of her...
    @Nancy: how are those photos ;)?

  9. I think, the gurl is gonna make a "move" in her mind and her heart.
    @Xtine: I love those photos.

  10. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Well..i think that guy is a coward, he doesn't dare to make the relationship happen or he is just being a fool of himself. Think abt it, if he is really in luv with the gal what does he bother abt future? I think luv can sometimes make impossible to be possible. Oh well...the gal should move on with life..

  11. But sometimes, easier said than done especially in Love. Hic hic :(

  12. Jacky2:03 AM

    My pretty Cinderella, easier said than done doesn't mean it's impossible to do...She's to try her best if she doesn't want to be sad by that guy. What does she love for if she is always hurted????

  13. Hmmm, you are rite anyway, Jacky...Well, I'm surprised coz this story can attract you guys so much. Thank for your all comments.