March 30, 2007 Crystalicious 4 Comments

Some of my friends said I'm like a crow because a crow always likes sparkling thing :D. And among of sparkling stuffs, I especially fall in love with Crystal and it must be Crystal AB (scientific name) or other name is rainbow crystal. Crystal is not expensive as diamond or other gemstones, but its beauty always attracts people who look at it. There are so many kinds of crystals as well as so many colors: siam, purple, rose, topaz, meridian, copper, citrine, turquoise, amethyst, etc... But white crystal AB is still the King of crystal. Among other colorful crystals, crystal AB or white crystal is not outstanding because its plain white color, but when sun rays or neon lights go through it, it's suddenly like a Cinderella becomes a beautiful princess with so many beautiful colors. If accidentally, you drop a piece of crystal to the floor or under the table, it's so small but you still can find it due to its shining exposes to your eyes.

Mostly crystal is used to make jewelry, souvenir, decorate costume and other functions. I have one collection of crystal AB just to decorate for my dancing costume about 1440 pieces of crystal AB, crystal earrings, crystal necklace, crystal bangles, crystal hairpin, accessories.... But I still feel not enough :D Maybe I'm too greedy, but who cares if it can make me happy.

Crystal is sometimes used to compare with something as an idiom. Crystal love implies a love that is pure, bright and beautiful. Crystal love will have no worry, no sadness, no breaking up because no one has the heart to break down a beautiful crystal...

What about Crystal me? Actually, I just compare myself with crystal to find something in common... But I'm not going to tell you guys more about Crystal me because crystal is only nice and valuable to those who makes an effort to discover its beauty and respects it. So let's love Crystal because it will decorate your life to be more beautiful.

What do you think about all these Crystals? Aren't they beautiful? Do you have any Crystal collections for yourself? Please share. 


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  2. Crystal clear! So, from now, you should drink "Fantasy Crystal"; look for a friend who called "Crystal"; meet your crystal love; Make sure his blood type is "AB", then your life will be perfect, because you get "Crystal AB" at the end.

  3. Haha, Frank, you have such a good imagination. But your idea is great anyway. "Fantasy Crystal" drink i already tried. A guy who called Crystal i don't think that i could find him in this world...And his blood AB. My blood i also don't what is it, how could I find the others' one. Lol, so funny lah you.

  4. Xtine1:15 AM

    I love Crystal too. :) It's very colorful and nice