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Friday morning, staying at home, I wanted to sleep until 12pm to make up for last night saying up late until 4am. However, 8am I was woken up by the sunlight radiated to my eyes and the noise of all kinds of vehicles. Too lazy to get up!!!! 

The phone vibrated, 1 new message. 

Must be him. Exactly! 

Each time in the early morning, when I think of him, his message comes. Always caring and thoughtful, he wakes me up by very sweet words and endless long kisses. I have been keeping silent for so many days just to control my feeling, but today I decide to tell him all that I've been thinking about us. 

I know he will get angry and disappointed, maybe, but a bitter Truth is always better than the sweet Lies. I taste the bitterness of it, I would rather keep it for myself and send him the sweet taste! 

Messages come and go, it's like an argument and finally, the result is the argument comes to nothing. It might be the end this time when I couldn't see any ray of hope from it. Although being so sad, I still have to accept it and solace myself: maybe it will be better for both of us.

People said men fall in love easily, but take years to forget all the women who go through their lives. Once they love, they will remember each one of their girlfriends. Contrary to them, women are difficult to love, but they are easy to forget all the ex-boyfriends. However, the fact is so much different. How hard for me to forget a man who came into my life! If only I could forget him easily as what they said then now I must be very happy with another new boyfriend or other admirers (he always calls all the guys want to go after me are my admirers). 

Among of them, he is not too handsome, not really outstanding, heart has chosen him. The feeling at the first time was so fragile and mild as a cool wind in the early morning blows to the face. I wanted to keep that feeling forever as my secret, but it's growing up with the flowing of time and overflowing out of the boundary that I've created. 

The way he looked at me, the way he smiled and the way he cared about me really can make a rigid-heart of a young girl like me melt out. Love has such a marvelous ability, it can heal the wounded-heart so fast that nothing else does, but when it goes, the injury left in heart can't also measured by anything.

He left! Perhaps it has been 4 months already. Not a short time of waiting, but I'm still patient to look at him from very far and encourage him each time he needs. To me, I understand that to love somebody doesn't mean I have to possess him, I should make him feel very free, happy and do whatever he wants to do. How difficult to do that because easier said than done, but if I was given a chance, I would try my best to make his smiles always on his face...

Everything became a memory, the time with him was really sweet like a dream, in which I never wanted to wake up. But dream will never come true and tomorrow, I still have to face with all stuff in my life. I have to stop dreaming now!

To the one...: IF I can be your tears, I want to live on your cheeks and die on your lips. But if you are my tears, I will never cry because I don't want to lose you in my life... Don't ever be afraid that I will forget you easily as what people said because you've ever come into my life.

Friday, 4.30pm.
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