May 15, 2007 Crystalicious 7 Comments

As time goes by, everything will come to an end and so does my exam! It's finally over. I've managed to finish my exam so well (to me) and hopefully i don't have to repeat any subject *finger crossed*...

Do you want to know how did i manage to "climb over on top of the hill"??? Ok, let me tell you...

Everyday in the week during the exam, i spent the whole day in library, read book like i've never loved anything else in this world other than books. Every time, it takes me half an hour to finish 1st page because after finish reading, I still don't get what the story is about and I have to read it over and over again, so silly me. But this time, it was much better because short timing forced me to focus on studying more.

From 9am to 6am at college, studying and studying, I went back home to have dinner and prepared to go to teach at the studio. I Finished everything and arrived home always at 11pm and continued studying until 3am, 4am and woke up at 8m the next day to start the entire routine again. So hardworking, am I not?

No, actually last minute studying students always like that, so I consider myself as a *ehem* lazy girl..., but who cares? ^_^. 1st subject went well, 2nd and 3rd one were not too bad. Friday was the last day with 2 subjects, the most difficult one was on that day too, very early in the morning... Unfortunately, I hadn't studied at all for these 2 subjects. I planned to study on Thurs evening and stayed up the whole night if I had to however, my stupid gastric pain suddenly came to visit me unwanted... Taking 3 pills couldn't help me much and I couldn't stand it all night long... But as people say "Every cloud has a silver lining" which means luck and bad luck always go together... Thank to my friend who brought me out to buy some medicines that night :) Appreciate it. Give yourself a cup of tea to thank you.

Back to my half way study process, I had no choice but just have to go to bed to rest and couldn't finish studying.... Friday morning, sitting in the exam hall with the stupid pain still there, I couldn't eat anything because my stomach was so sick. The only thing could motivate me was thinking about the last paper, I felt so much stronger to overcome the pain... Then the last one, even the pain was still there, but i did manage to do it well and left the exam venue earlier 30 minutes than others. It's all done!

Ok. I feel like I'm talking about all the nonsense stuffs of my life, but the bottom line is "YOUR MIND WILL LEAD YOU TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE". So, Stay strong!


    so ... time to play again..

  2. wow kycek, you also disappear like me, now i'm back, you're back too ah :D How are you?

  3. Orienman11:52 PM

    All my life I love Exams!

    For it's the only yard stick available in our present education system to seggregate the Good, not-so-good, so-not-good etc.

    I'm afraid that the above statement will fuel some heated argument among the audience in this post.

    Come forth, I'm prepared... hihi

  4. Some ppl when they start working, they says they miss school time, but when some in school time, just want to finis fast to go to work...I don't know why, for me, i'm trying to love both :D

  5. Orienman8:41 PM

    Haha, when one is young, he or she wishes to grow faster and be a man or woman.

    When one is not so young, one wishes to be young again? Worry if I do think and act likewise... hihi

  6. When in front of you is very very pretty girl, have you ever had the thought like "How i wish i could be younger" then you will know the result, Orien:D

  7. Orienman3:07 PM

    @Crystal: Fortunately girls living in this modern world don't mind befrinding a 'mature' man like me...

    So I do have quite a few friends of female gender whom are very 'close' to me (some physically, others are emotional, at times both...)

    When one's heart is young, he or she will feel young forever.