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She was not very pretty, just a normal and amiable girl, maybe, but she had a lot of guys who wanted to go after her since she was 18 years old until now. She still remembers when she was 18, her mom asked "What do the guys like about you? Not pretty, not good personality, lazy and stubborn, etc..." (Very bad characteristics she had last time). 

That time, she just felt so happy and proud of being admired by many guys. Every Woman Days, birthday, Xmas, etc... She got a lot of gifts while other girls, her friends, had nothing or just a few. But don't think that she fell in love with anyone. No one at all! She just wanted to enjoy the ice-cream, the bag of candy, chocolate they bought to share with other girls. To her, these guys were still little boys. And she rejected them without any hesitation if she didn't like. (That's bad girl)

As time goes by................

A mischievous and obstinate girl those days now becomes gentle and mature young lady. Life taught her a lot and life made her change. She thinks twice before saying and doing things.

She learns how to take care of herself from the outer look to inner feeling as her mom can't take care of her anymore since she is living far away from mommy. 
She was hurt by people a few times,  that's why she ever said to herself to think of others' feeling before doing something to them as well. She is so sensitive to people's action and feelings toward her and she is always afraid of making people sad. This sometimes is her strength, but sometimes her weakness. 

Everything is completely changed: her appearance, her thinking, her lifestyle, her personalities, etc... But the only one thing that never changes: the number of her admirers. They are: from rich to poor, from online to real life, from friend to friend... If it was last time, she would be very happy and proud too. Right now, she feels worried and afraid sometimes. 

She doesn't want to think of it or mention it because she feels tired. There was one guy ever told her: " I like you, but I will leave you because the woman like you is very difficult to keep" which made her feel so bad :(. If anyone ever talks to her and knows her, they will feel she is very friendly and enthusiastic but sometimes "your enthusiasm makes guy think that you are in love with him", another friend commented. Is it so? 

One of her close friends told her: " Now you are single, you are free, you have the right to date with anyone, go out with any guy you want, just make you feel happy. Don't have to think too much unless you have a boyfriend". Yes, she did that. But after all she thinks back "whether people misunderstand me when I'm out with this guy, that guy". That thinking makes her tired. Does she think too much?
Sometimes, it's hard for her to tell the guys "Please don't love me, just treat me as a friend" when the guys haven't said anything yet... So if you never hear the words"I like you", "I love you" or something romantic like that, please just treat her as a friend or a little sister will be fine enough.
I can assure you that she is going to be a very good friend of yours.

P/s: Guess who is that crazy, complicated girl? 


  1. As promised, a poem to Crystal:

    Crystal Crystal,
    You like a riddle.
    Hard to get you right,
    When I'm right you already go.

    Crystal Crystal,
    Like sitting on the saddle.
    Bumping up bumping down,
    Difficult to calm my soul.

    Crystal Crystal,
    Dazzle all the heroes.
    Once you spins,
    everything will not control.

  2. Haha Frank, nice poem :D Thank but i still prefer the one that you accidenly speak out in your car with the word Nancy. That was cool :D

  3. its a thought provokin post ..nice one..but i must say,more than half of the ppl in this world dun ever get the meaning of a platonic relationship..its a true wonder to be able to love someone in a friendly kinda way without fostering the other kinda love..

  4. Thanks Dave. I prefer the way of love as frienship rather than as a couple becoz i only have one heart :D.Sometimes want to share but cannot cut half my heart becoz if i cut my heart into 2 pieces, i'm gonna die, hehehe

  5. Why you have to keep your heart frozen???Just open it, and let it be naturally...Why? why? why?

  6. "but the only one thing that never change: that is the number of her admirers"

    yeah~~ i am facing the same problem as this gal... haiz ...headache... ^o^

    try look around on "her" friend, do they have the same situation ? how they handle it ?....

  7. You means you also have a lot of admirers, don't you kycek?

    @Jacky: My heart is not frozen, it's very hot. So you better careful not to touch coz it will burn you, hahah