Finally, the biggest party of my studio had done perfectly, out of our expectations. The party with almost 200 guests was the pride of the studio as well as the organizers ourselves. I personally felt that it was so successful. I was happy all night long even until the next morning because all students did perform so well, no mistake, everybody looked so beautiful and gorgeous, and the most important thing was everybody was happy... You may think: a performing only a few minutes is so simple and easy to do. Yes, you are right! But performance with a group of 20 students all together is not simple work. We had practiced so hard 3 months before the party date every week. I myself have to thank to all of my students who really put effort on this performance and the party. There were many days they had to practice until midnight just to bring to you a very short 3 minute performance each. They had to cut down a lot of personal work, fun to scarify for this. On behalf of the studio, I deeply appreciate you all because Without you, students, we couldn't have this success. And the party was successful not only by performances, it's contributed by a lot of work: from video-recording to decoration, photo shooting and the very nice backdrop you saw in the party, etc... So once again, I just want to capture the beautiful moment that we've had during our party to make sure we will never forget this big event and motivate us for the coming event....

This was the great job of Randy (Ivy's brother in law). Excellent!!!
Ivy was helping students to make up.... We stayed there since 11am to prepare all these... Phewww!!!! Tired.
Three sisters in a family... Believe or not??? :)
Our pretty receptionists... Wonderful!!!:D
We don't mind queuing for the foods because the foods were so delicious....Yummy!!!

Now, it's time for Performances...
Are they cute???? You should see them dancing, then you're gonna surprised at what they did. :)
Ivy with her speech: "I'm shaking now" :D That's what she said, but actually, she looked elegant and great on that day...

Why this group of people was so happening??? Playing games is it? :D
Mr. John Clark, what were you thinking? Lost money ah you, why so sad? lolz :D
Ohhh, because he saw we were dancing... So much fun whilst his life was boring...

And now, he wanted to learn dancing...Follow Shall We Dance. La la la :D
"Sway, sway sway... I never "sway" better than how i do today" :D
"Aiya, so heavy!!!! See, I can hold her. Don't play play!!!!" :p

Yeah, they are all pretty girls that we have..."Cass, don't move in front. Stand at your place" hahahah

Shall We Dance???? "We are selling legs and hands only. Who wants to buy? " :D

"I believe I can fly lift me up"
"Please, don't imitate me so well like that"
Wow, damn sexy like that? Men, you are so lucky :D

My hands were shaking... :D I love this photo the most...^_^

This is our lovely and cute....MC. :D Any girl interested in being friend with him? You will never feel regret, I guarantee :D

Our very loyal students..... Greatly thanks to them... Bravo!!!!
Our professional photographer who took so many nice photos you've seen...Deeply appreciate and thanks to JamesQ. Random photos:
Yeahhhh, party time....Everybody was happy :D

"Please do not disturb. I need to sleep for a while before my performance starts"

"Oh my God!!! You are so sexy" (Hahah, Gary, what happened with your face?)

"Gimme money if you want to live longer in the world" So mafia, like that :D

An angel and devils, hahahaha :D

"Canon, delight you always" (Frank, you should ask Canon to pay you and us for promoting their product :D)
Mr. James.... Por not James Bond :D and pretty girls.... Guys, please don't envy him...:D
"We are family"
These are all what we had on the anniversary... There are still a lot more photos (around 700 photos) but I couldn't post them up here.... If you want to find out more the pictures of you, you can check the links on Cheeky's blog... Link Cheeky One, Cheeky two, Cheeky three.
Or we did record a video during the party. If you want to get one for a souvenir, you can ask for it in the studio or email to me. Of course........ not FREE of charge because we are hungry. Hahaha...
You can see how we enjoyed at the party and how fun we had in our life. If you haven't known how to dance, it will never be late. Just visit our studio website here to find out what information you want.
Once again, thank you so much for your great effort during the party. Till we meet again many more coming parties in front.




It has passed 2 days but I still want to take note of this important day because of some reasons:
-This is the day that only returns in 1000 years 07-07-07 and it takes 7000 years to fall exactly Saturday.
-This is important day for me as well to mark a new start of my relationship after 2 years plus.
-I couldn't blog on exactly Saturday because i was not home so today i do.
Talk about number 7 first. I'm sure all of you have heard the words Live Earth. What is it? According to website, "...."... a series of concerts to take place across all 7 continents on 7 July 2007 and an urgent call-to-action to start taking steps to save our planet." to raise awareness about global climate change. It is shaping up to be the most popular day in history to get married.Why? Because in many cultures seven is regarded as a lucky number, so July 7, 2007 -- 7-7-07 -- is lucky times three, if you believe in that sort of thing.
What about number 7? There must be a reason why?????
1. According to Buddhist legend, after his birth the Buddha rose to his feet and took seven steps.
2. We have 7 days/ week. Why not 6 or 8???
3. James Bond is known as 007 and Marilyn Monroe raised eyebrows in "The Seven Year Itch."
4. The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were chosen in the Middle Ages and were the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the statue of Zeus at Olympia, the Temple of Artemis, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the Colossus of Rhodes and the Lighthouse of Alexandria. Only the Great Pyramids are still around.
5. There are seven deadly sins: pride, envy, anger, sloth, greed, gluttony and lust.
6. The seven virtues are humility, liberality, chastity, kindness, abstinence, patience, and diligence.
7. Seven is the optimum number of hours of sleep for humans, according to a US scientific study.
There are a lot more which related to number 7. But let them stay aside! I want to talk about my 07-07-07 :D
1. My birthday is 5/11 which sum of all numbers is 7 (Friends, don't forget this important day, :D)
2. My another phone no. 0163427543 which its sum of 2 digit is 7: 0+1+6= 7, 3+4= 7, 2+5= 7, 4+3= 7 and the number 7 is standing in between... But unfortunately, i left this lucky phone no. in Vietnam :'(. The other number i have also starts with 017.....
3. Sum of all digits in my IC is 7
4. At the age of 7, I won a small amount of money to give to my mom through singing contest :p
5. 17 years old, I successfuly organized a music show for students in my city with thousands audiences. This show brought a huge of money back for me and I became the youngest manager among all (10 managers) to organize this event. It was a very memorable event in my life. My dad busted into tears while I was called out to present to audiences and perform a song. The song was about Fatherhood to dedicate to my Dad.
6. The day i love most is Saturday, it's also number 7
7.On 07/07/07, i started my new relationship on Saturday, which means I'm not single and available from now then on.
I don't know whether accidentally or purposely, we have first date on this day. It's said that 07/07/07 is excellent day for stable, successful marriage or love relationship. That's why so many people have chosen this date for their marriage. And this is the day that our love was blossomed. This is the gift that I've received on my day!
He'd already done everything with the phone, simcard was already installed, battery was fully charged....What I need to do was just open it and use it. How nice is it??? ^o^ Yeahhh, to me it's not only a phone, it's a Love. I couldn't believe in my eyes when I was asked to open the gift. It's so amazing! If you want to know how my reaction that time, you should ask my boyfriend coz until now I also still can't describe how did i look that time! Besides this, my babe also created a greeting card for me. It took him a whole afternoon, I think, to create this card.
(Cannot show u the content inside, :p)
Before that, I did blame him for not going to sleep for a while as he was so tired and lack of sleep. Until evening, when i received this pressie, I know the reason why...Thank you so much darling! :). But my feeling was so bad because I even couldn't remember this important day to buy a gift for him :( :(...Sorry baby! Don't blame me for that! I promise next time :p :D
So if you guys didn't do anything to your gf/bf on that day, i think you wasted a great CHANCE. Because many believe that the triple sevens of a 7-7-07 wedding make it a particularly auspicious date for a lucky and happy love and marriage. But if you missed it, well life is still long, you can consider one of these dates:
09-08-07 (Saturday)
06-07-08 (Saturday)
08-08-08 (Friday) Since 8 is the most important lucky number in China, some wedding experts are predicting this date will be even more popular than July 7, 2007.
However, your day haven't come yet, therefore you'd better wish us happy and lucky. :D I would like to thank you all so much :D
P/S: 07/07/07 is just a little bit more special than other days in a year. You can create your special day with your sweetheart any day that you want as long as your heart is there. What you are waiting for???




It has been such a very long time, I haven't bought any flower to put in my house since I lived in Msia. Last time, in Vietnam, I used to buy flowers every Saturday morning just to display in my house to make my house become more lively and beautiful. But now it's hard for me to buy any flower here (not available in the market like in Vietnam) and some more it's expensive, i guess. So I just forget about it! That's a luxurious habit for me now.

But what a surprise! It's really BIG surprise to me that my dearest friend, yesterday, he bought me a bunch of roses the type of rose the most. Honestly, this is the second time I've received a bunch of flowers as a gift. First time was the end of my dance performance, my partner gave me a Lilly flower to thank me for helping him. And now, the second time. That's not Lilly, that were Roses.

I got into his car, we went to watch movie  "Transformers"... It's very nice and attractive movie, but I'm not talking about the movie here, OK? You guys better go and watch yourself :D (so rude am I???) :D

He covered the bunch of roses by his shirt and asked me not to put my bag on it. I was wondering what's wrong with him today? Why he is acting weird? :p. But then, after that he asked me to hang up the shirt, i saw a bunch of roses, a very beautiful rose indeed. So sweet! ^o^

You know, what my reaction that time? I was so happy that I couldn't say any word, couldn't shout out loud. I just hide my face and not let him see it getting red because of happiness and shyness.

Accidentally, the color of my cloth that I was wearing was exactly same with the color of the roses as if those roses were made for me only :D. I had to pinch on my cheeks... It was painful that meant I was not dreaming... But everything was as beautiful as a dream...

Thank for the sweet dream that you brought to me, my dear!!!! :)
P/S: A random post just to share my happiness...