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It has passed 2 days but I still want to take note of this important day because of some reasons:
-This is the day that only returns in 1000 years 07-07-07 and it takes 7000 years to fall exactly Saturday.
-This is important day for me as well to mark a new start of my relationship after 2 years plus.
-I couldn't blog on exactly Saturday because i was not home so today i do.
Talk about number 7 first. I'm sure all of you have heard the words Live Earth. What is it? According to website, "...."... a series of concerts to take place across all 7 continents on 7 July 2007 and an urgent call-to-action to start taking steps to save our planet." to raise awareness about global climate change. It is shaping up to be the most popular day in history to get married.Why? Because in many cultures seven is regarded as a lucky number, so July 7, 2007 -- 7-7-07 -- is lucky times three, if you believe in that sort of thing.
What about number 7? There must be a reason why?????
1. According to Buddhist legend, after his birth the Buddha rose to his feet and took seven steps.
2. We have 7 days/ week. Why not 6 or 8???
3. James Bond is known as 007 and Marilyn Monroe raised eyebrows in "The Seven Year Itch."
4. The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were chosen in the Middle Ages and were the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the statue of Zeus at Olympia, the Temple of Artemis, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the Colossus of Rhodes and the Lighthouse of Alexandria. Only the Great Pyramids are still around.
5. There are seven deadly sins: pride, envy, anger, sloth, greed, gluttony and lust.
6. The seven virtues are humility, liberality, chastity, kindness, abstinence, patience, and diligence.
7. Seven is the optimum number of hours of sleep for humans, according to a US scientific study.
There are a lot more which related to number 7. But let them stay aside! I want to talk about my 07-07-07 :D
1. My birthday is 5/11 which sum of all numbers is 7 (Friends, don't forget this important day, :D)
2. My another phone no. 0163427543 which its sum of 2 digit is 7: 0+1+6= 7, 3+4= 7, 2+5= 7, 4+3= 7 and the number 7 is standing in between... But unfortunately, i left this lucky phone no. in Vietnam :'(. The other number i have also starts with 017.....
3. Sum of all digits in my IC is 7
4. At the age of 7, I won a small amount of money to give to my mom through singing contest :p
5. 17 years old, I successfuly organized a music show for students in my city with thousands audiences. This show brought a huge of money back for me and I became the youngest manager among all (10 managers) to organize this event. It was a very memorable event in my life. My dad busted into tears while I was called out to present to audiences and perform a song. The song was about Fatherhood to dedicate to my Dad.
6. The day i love most is Saturday, it's also number 7
7.On 07/07/07, i started my new relationship on Saturday, which means I'm not single and available from now then on.
I don't know whether accidentally or purposely, we have first date on this day. It's said that 07/07/07 is excellent day for stable, successful marriage or love relationship. That's why so many people have chosen this date for their marriage. And this is the day that our love was blossomed. This is the gift that I've received on my day!
He'd already done everything with the phone, simcard was already installed, battery was fully charged....What I need to do was just open it and use it. How nice is it??? ^o^ Yeahhh, to me it's not only a phone, it's a Love. I couldn't believe in my eyes when I was asked to open the gift. It's so amazing! If you want to know how my reaction that time, you should ask my boyfriend coz until now I also still can't describe how did i look that time! Besides this, my babe also created a greeting card for me. It took him a whole afternoon, I think, to create this card.
(Cannot show u the content inside, :p)
Before that, I did blame him for not going to sleep for a while as he was so tired and lack of sleep. Until evening, when i received this pressie, I know the reason why...Thank you so much darling! :). But my feeling was so bad because I even couldn't remember this important day to buy a gift for him :( :(...Sorry baby! Don't blame me for that! I promise next time :p :D
So if you guys didn't do anything to your gf/bf on that day, i think you wasted a great CHANCE. Because many believe that the triple sevens of a 7-7-07 wedding make it a particularly auspicious date for a lucky and happy love and marriage. But if you missed it, well life is still long, you can consider one of these dates:
09-08-07 (Saturday)
06-07-08 (Saturday)
08-08-08 (Friday) Since 8 is the most important lucky number in China, some wedding experts are predicting this date will be even more popular than July 7, 2007.
However, your day haven't come yet, therefore you'd better wish us happy and lucky. :D I would like to thank you all so much :D
P/S: 07/07/07 is just a little bit more special than other days in a year. You can create your special day with your sweetheart any day that you want as long as your heart is there. What you are waiting for???


  1. Aston Martin7:13 PM

    Wah, somebody is in love now;) Congrat and wish both of you be happy always:)

  2. Wow, so loving like that!!! You must be so happy and he must be loving you so much...I'm jealous :( :p...Btw, I still wish you happiness and luck. :) Send a regard to your boyfriend!:)

  3. Thank you, thank you :)

  4. Congratulation!!

    I'm sure he'll treat u well.. he mentioned a lot about u ! Hope this is a everlasting relationship. Nice to know u on ur special day! And its such an honour to be one of the 1st to meet the "fresh" couple!

  5. Thank for your great wish, SookYee.
    It's very nice to have friend like you...He did tell me about you as his close friend as well :)
    You did a great job because your son really looks like an angel...I really love seeing him :) So cute :)
    Hope we can meet up again one day...