August 21, 2007 Crystalicious 15 Comments

Being busy with all happiness, sadness, business in my personal life, I totally forgot the very important day of You. I did remind myself about this date 16 August before that few days. I did plan to do something for you on your important day. But by the end, I FORGOT. How could I let this happen. I'm sure, that day, so many people came to celebrate with you, to wish you all the best thing. It's so bad that nobody in the family called me just to share with me the happy moment that you were having even it's through the phone. :( How could I turn back time??? I feel so bad and I'm so selfish. I'M SORRY MOM, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU. 


  1. bad gal ... i will inform ur mom to reduce ur pocket money ..hahahha

  2. Happy belated birthday to your mom! Wish she alwasy happy. Don't worry, she won't blame you for that. Trust me!

  3. @Kycek: Don't do that ok or else i won't introduce pretty aunty to teach you dancing with FOC, lolzz....You're too bad

    @Jacky: Thanks Jacky, so sweet of u :)

  4. yucks ... i dun wan pretty "aunty"
    i wan pretty teenager ....

  5. Lolz, coz no pretty teenager agrees to teach you FOC. Only pretty aunty, if I ask, maybe they will agree lah.

  6. how u know pretty teenager dun wan teach me ?

  7. because they dun want to teach with FOC...Hohoho,
    You try to ask lazyspiggy, she also very sexy and knows dancing whether she wants to teach u FOC or not.

  8. Crystal, u such a notti n bad gril. forgot ur mum's birthday. Just remember what 070707 or 080808 only.Hahaha....

    kycek: Good thing no cheap, cheap thing no good. So.....If u want pretty teenager to teach u with F.O.C>>>>>>>> Is IMPOSSIBLE
    So....u better.....


  9. Yah loh, that's why i say i'm so selfish, only can remember all these day (sigh)...
    Somemore now memory is low...Poor thing

  10. dear crystal,
    they are not teach for free ler ... alot gal wan to dance with me , i also dun wan. now they get the chances ler .. hehe

    dear piggy
    "Good thing no cheap, cheap thing no good", this is typical thinking for lazy people. most successful business man in the world see the good thing in cheap, and take the advantage. In fact, good thing evaluated by the value but money. Bear in mind
    Value <> Money

    hahaha.. so sexy piggy .. u wan to dance with me ...

  11. @Kycek: So next time you show me how you dance then maybe i can consider, ok? But at first, you dance with Frank first,lolz

  12. Yes,let them dance 2 man 'Sexy Bacarta' first.

  13. Crystal, my pleasure baby! How your mom? Did you call her to wish her birthday yet?

  14. haha...see, this is the reason why most of the studio lacking of guy joined. because u guys not take care the feeling of new comer....

  15. Because no newcomer says they want to learn for free...Aiya, those want to learn dancing for free, no need to take care lah, hehehhe...

    @Jacky: Thanks, I wish my mom already...You stil want her a gift, then?? Can send to me, i will help you to transfer hehehe...

    Heard that you gonna celebrate New Year in Vietnam?Is it?