At 20 years old, when he said "I love you", her face turned red and she tried to use her small hands to cover her shy face. She wanted to say something but doesn't know what to say. Just kept quiet, smiled and looked at him happily. At 25 years old, he talked to her "I love you". She lightly put her head on his shoulder and said "I love you too". Not long after that, they got married. When 30 years old, he said "I love you", she smiled radiantly and said "Let's make your words become actions, please help me to take care of our baby". And she kissed him. 4o years old, when he said "I love you", she asked him suspiciously "Let's tell me honestly, did you bring our money to any girl outside? " 50 years old, he still said "I love you". It reminded her of their honeymoon 25 years ago, they had dinner with candle, wine and roses after that to celebrate 25 year wedding anniversary. 70 years old, in the afternoon, an old couple was sitting on the sofa and watch TV. The old man said "I love you", the old lady looked at him and smiled back to him. Her face was full of happiness. They hold hands very tightly to finish watching the whole movie. How powerful the three words "I Love You" are! These are the words that we speak mostly in our life. WOMEN ARE DESPERATE TO HEAR IT FROM HER HUSBAND/BOYFRIEND. These three words have no age. Everyone can say it out, from the young children to the older people. Its power can turn out our day from dark to bright, from sadness to happiness, it brings smiles to our face and warm up our heart. BUT, CAUTION: TRUST NO MAN WHO SAYS "I LOVE YOU" WHEN HE IS AT MID-ORGASM. (book says so, lolz)




One day passed after my actual birthday, but I still received many wishes, celebration, gifts from friends (some of my gifts even are on the way coming to me, so happy :p). I received a special glass from a special person ;), cloths, cosmetic, the book that I wanted to buy for so long, accessories and even... money (don't envy me :p). I felt that my birthday is not only 1 day (5th Nov), it's always 1 week birthday or even more than that.

Happy 24th birthday to me!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank to all my friends, my students, brothers, sisters who did give me a big surprise on my day especially deeply, greatly thank to my lovely boyfriend- Por. He is the one who made my day become more meaningful to me and brought happiness to me. Thank you sweetheart! It's been a great and extremely memorable year for me! Thank you all! Sharing with you a few great moments of mine. On my birthday, I have surprised birthday dinner at Friday Restaurant with all sisters, brothers,...

I have my students with me on my belated birthday dinner...They are so cool and funny :D

I have my birthday cake which is presented by Shall We Dance Studio (another surprise)