Party with Crystal!

Ok, since i'm very lazy to take a new photo and lazy to write email to people. So i think it's better that way, I'm gonna use the photos i took on the day we went to Qbar with my close buddies. Not so long, just a week ago. And yeah! Here you go!!! You are invited to join my New Year Eve party on 31st December in KL plaza. Basically, this party is ideal my closest pals, and we just want to have some fun to chill out the year end and welcome the new one. Since next year, I can't drink so much and i also won't drink with any stranger and clients or newly known friends. So it's about time for closing up drinking session. Party will be all night long, starting from 6pm on 31st until next day 1st January until when God knows. We're gonna stay in KL Plaza, eat, drink, and dance...Sleeping part is NOT in charge by me, please be clear! So if you cannot dance, then just eat and drink, but do not drink too much coz i don't want anyone get drunk after that. I'm NOT responsible for any cleaning duty or taking care of anyone either. So, if you wanna join, you are always welcome! Please wear nicely, make up nicely, dress-up partily if you want to be presented beautifully on my blog. lolzzz See you all!


2P: Prediction & Planning

Latest news: People, pls wish me luck! My all documents, forms, whatever have been submitted to Immigration office last week! And next week, the result will come out! I damn anxious and nervous these few days! If it's approved, i promise i will eat vegetarian for a week to pay back. I'm serious! Last week til now, I'm trying to come out with a new plan for coming new year. What to do! what to achieve! What to avoid, bla bla bla...and it's really messed up my mind. The ambition is there, but the ability is limited. (*sign) some more my friend sent me this horoscope. i don't know how pretty true it's it, but "Prevention is better than cure", so I rather alert about it than ignoring it. The horoscope have 12 animal signs, if you want to know about your sign in next year 2009. Drop me an email, i'll send to you the file! Here it goes, mine! RAT in 2009 Overall Forecast! Early year of 2009 is relatively favourable especially for wealth. If you are brave enough to make commitment, luck will be with you. Therefore, you must seize all opportunity that comes along your way. This year is also a good year to invest in properties but remember to manage your financial properly. You must guard against petty people especially when it relates to wealth matters. Also you need to guard yourself against sexual traps (What the hell! Am gonna curse you from now, and sorry man, I'll be alert with all man now). As such, control your alcohol intake (Please do not ask me to go to pub, bar, to drink whatever, I'm not gonna do it. Those cyber friends, strangers want to date me out, please FORGET ABOUT IT until further notice. I'm not entertaining you except through email, facebook, MSN, yahoo, etc...) Take care yourself this year as you might get hurt easily. For relationship, you need to exercise more tolerance and understanding. Career A good year to start your own business (Yeah! I want to start my dancing costume business, hopefully it will be booming next year! I really plan for it, looking for a partner to join now. Anyone interested? Am looking for operation & marketing member. And yah! if any of you know where and who can do printing i.e: cloth branding printing, please let me know. But please, cheap cheap or at least reasonable). Beware of petty people and therefore you should avoid gossiping against other people as well as not too trusting. Those born in 1948 and 1960 can have great achievement this year. Relationship Love is in the air for you this year. Especially those born in 1972, relationship can go into a new height but also can turn to worst. Married couple should build more tolerance and understanding. (I'm out of this circle for this year, I vonlunte to stand outside) Wealth Wealth luck is good. Wealth gains are from investment as well as LOTTERY (Yeah!!!! Who wants to play lottery, i'm sure many of you do, hahahaha). However, spend your money wisely and guide against petty people. Health Remember to control your alcohol intake. You might get hurt easily this year. (The banner here is SAY NO TO ALCOHOL) So, my planning for next year based from this prediction is: 1. Invest in lottery once in blue moon maybe 1 per 3 months, coz if you are playing every week. It shows you are so desperated, Lucky God is not gonna smile at you anymore. 2. Eat carefully and drink extra-carefully. 3. No wine, no alcohol, no love, no gossip, no dating....( let's me think more then i'll write down) 4. Spend more time at home rather than fancy restaurants to save more money and to avoid strangers 5. Wear less sexy cloth to reduce attraction. 6. Eat more to be fatter so you are uglier, when you ugly, people see you, they want to vomit already, don't even mention about sex. 7. Work harder. Calling to client but ABSOLUTELY NO SWEET TALK. Change the voice tone to make it sounds older, rougher. 8. Go to work at 8.30am and leave office at 5.3opm sharp to avoid gossiping with other colleagues or involving into their stories. 9. Talk to the man but listen to them by 1 ear only and do not trust whatever they say. 10. Eat more nutritious supplements to protect my health and makes me more healthy and do not make up when going out. Just leave a plain face! enough to scare people though. 11.... 12... 13... Still got more but i need more suggestions! Please leave it here! Much appreciate!




I don't know whether some of you have known about it, but just want to share the important moment of life: My convocation. I have been waiting for it for one year, since last December 2007. Last year, it was in November, but my final paper was in December. That's why I had to wait longer than usual. Finally, the wait was over. Some of you asked: "How was it" and they got surprised when hearing the answer from me: "It's good". "How come you seem not happy at all? What's wrong" The answer is nothing wrong. I'm not a fresh graduate who is eager to get the cert to start work; I've been already working for more than a year. Besides, long time waiting to get a piece of paper killed the excitement. Of course, it's a hard work. I'm proud of myself for this achievement. Most importantly, I was the only foreign student who received a full scholarship from UNITAR. I should be proud of myself.

Do I look good in the tradditional robe? I look a little chubby here, I know.
A closeup view. I didn't apply much makeup on that day. Is was a FAKE makeup after I photoshopped.

My parents weren't there because they just came to visit me two months back. It was only me, 2 of my friends who sent me there (*a big hug and thank to you ;). I met few of old classmates; we cheered up, had a chat and congrats each other. It took only 5 minutes to receive the certification, but I got to wait for almost 5 hours to be called out. So it's tiring and boring, sitting in the hall in Putrajaya. The ceiling with so many crystal lights, look so splendid.
After the formal ceremony, I rapidly changed the robe and wore the formal suit, took my cert, transcript, went out for a walk and took some photos. It was a beautiful day. 

Congrats on the graduation to me and all of my classmates. We have officially become adults from now on. Welcome to the world of stress, money and living expenses. 

Do I look like a future CEO or what?




I'm less busy compared to last time due to some projects have just ended, the studio anniversary was over. Right now, I'm jobless (*just kidding). After the party, everything is back to normal. I've been busy for a few months with teaching, practicing and practicing until I felt I couldn't have enough time to breath. So tired but I'm glad I could do something that I love. Happy! Then when everything ended, it gets back slower pace. Felt a bit "falling down" ( don't know you guys understand what I'm saying). Anyway, things will get better soon. Now I'm busy with tomorrow schedule: my convocation day! Just tonight, I had a dinner at Holiday Villa Hotel ballroom. Splendid! It's the biggest event in life, I bet. I'm a bit excited! After tomorrow, I'm officially an adult working people even I've been working for a year plus.
Ok, just show you some of the photos to view back the event that I have gone through. It's memorable; I could say! My pretty gals! The sexy couple with Rumba. This blue fringe costume was the first one that I made and I don't like it that much now.The sexy samba girl, the pink dress I did it few day before the event. Every night back home from teaching, I spend a couple of hours sewing and cutting. I'm so tired. But luckily, the result comes out not so bad at all.The Chacha couple, this dress will look so much nicer if it's attached to a big flare bottom skirt, I think.TThis sexy golden fringe costume is my favorite. It came from my idea on the day I was shopping with Cassandra. We both saw the materials, and three weeks later, the dress was done. And this is the result. Paso dance, I just love the expression on Yvette's face.
And here you go, my performance. It was my first time dancing with Jonathan for this anniversary. At first, I thought, it's going to be a bit difficult for us because Jon seems a quiet person while I'm very talkative. Prior to this dance performance, we didn't have time to know each other more, plus his dancing style and mine are pretty different. Surprisingly, everything went well. We had a great time working together. He is young but very discipline and very punctual. That's what I like! In the end, we managed to give to our audience this result. Here and there, there were some mistakes, but only we both knew. Wooooooohhhh! I'm flying! Here you go! Me and my "borrowed" partner- Jonathan. That's about it! More pics will be up soon!




I had three birthday celebrations last couple of days. Usually people have one birthday, but I had three birthdays for this Nov. As usual, always dance- studio, friends, company. So I had my first birthday celebration on 4th Nov in Shall We Dance studio. To be honest, I wasn't surprised on that day because I knew you guys surely did something for me, so I just wait. You guys made me happy! That's the most important things. Ok, here it goes! 4th November: This year, I blew the candles thrice but didn't wish anything. I forgot! :(

I don't like chocolate but this cake tastes not bad at all. These are my girls!
and my boys
I love my students so much! I'm so lucky to have such excellent students. They bought me this little "toy" because they knew I love sewing. I love this toy so much.Now I can make a dress for myself, my a cloth, do whatever I want with this little cutie sewing machine. Show you my sewing corner! See! I told you! I not only know how to eat, how to party but I also know how to do housework and sewing clothes. I'm proud of me! Making dancing costume for my students 5th November, On my actual day, I was brought to Damansara Uptown to have the best steak for dinner. It was my first time to visit this restaurant. When I and my friend came in, there was almost full house. The concept of this idea is very creative, a mixture of classic and modern style. Music was playing in classical type, but the wooden wheel and the chair are exactly like on a ship. It reminds me of the movie "The Pirate of Caribean". Not having candle light dinner, but I had a good and romantic dinner too with the dim light, the light music, nice food, and good company. This was what i had that night! Black mushroom with medium cooked beef steak and veggies (my favourite, super yummy ^_^)
Fruit and vegetable salad

Honeydew drink! And, of course, I had my little birthday cake offered by the restaurant Did I eat too much???? Alvin- who wants to be seen as Mr. Mysterious.
6th November: I've had a very luxurious dinner at Saujana Hotel on Friday. It was a company dinner, arranged to celebrate the birthday for the staff. We were looking forward to dressing up nicely for this special event. My other colleagues were even more excited than me. It was my first time I've been to this hotel, although my company usually has training here. Beautiful view, nice ambiance, and especially tasty food. I've tried a few hotel food: Eastin, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Holiday Vila, but the buffet in Saujana is so much nicer. I ate non-stop that night. Show you the photos to believe: As usual, cam-whoring from outside: @ the lounge
To inside: the Suria dining house.
Here they serve many different types of food. From Eastern type: salad, bread, butter, cheese, etc..

To Western type: I think this is the Thai tom yam...And not forget to mention my favorite Japanese food. 
Last but not least: Dessert time. For those who are dessert lovers, I think you hardly control if you were here. Ok, i think it's enough for food display. After dinner, it was time for gifts.
And the birthday girl. Thank you so much everyone for the well wishes, lovely dinners, birthday cakes and gifts. I truly appreciate each and every one of you.




I ended up at last post where I visited Dai Nam, the little China in Vietnam. After that place, the next day very early morning around 7am, we took a bus to Da Lat. I've been so eager to know this place as it's said that this is the city of Love, Honeymoon, and Flower.
Finally, I managed to visit this place. The bus from Hochiminh to Da Lat took us 4 hours to arrive. It was gloomy, rainy during the time we traveled. I booked a three days two nights tour to explore the city. There were many other tourists from different countries joined together. It's quite fun! But I couldn't talk to anyone during the time we were on the bus. I slept the entire bus journey.
After 4-hour drive, WE finally ARRIVED!
Da Lat City. The city was so peaceful and fresh. It was raining the whole day; thus the weather was cold. But I had to admit that, it's so different from the busy and chaos Hochiminh. I love this city so much. It looks so green because it's cover mainly by the trees, river, flowers. The first impression about Dalat is COLD and QUIET. It's cold. I had to buy winter clothing after that.  We went to the night market after that. Everything is so cheap here, around RM10 to RM15. It's hard to believe! I bought quite a lots of things ( will show you later at the last post). Cam whoring in front of the hotel room. These were the only clothes that I brought with me! Next morning, we started our tour. Our tour guy is a young man about 34 years old; he looks cute and quite talkative. Of course, he must be talkative since he talks for his living. The first stop was Prenn waterfall. I've seen this waterfall so many times on the TV, but it looks so surreal up close. Just lovely!
Riding elephant! Have you tried? :D
Blue of the sky, green of the field, yellow of the sun, how beautiful was the weather! I couldn't expect more than that. On the way out, we found out so many flowers on the road. I couldn't control myself to cam whore with these beautiful flowers.
And here!
Next destination! Dalat Temple.