January 31, 2008 Crystalicious 4 Comments

Hi, guys!

Just a quick update. I have been in Hanoi for 6 days so far. The weather here now is 5 degrees and even lower next few days. Rainy-->Cold-->Frozen-->Sad. Since it started raining, I stayed at home most of the time, lied in bed and watched movies. I'm freezing now. Those who wanted to visit Vietnam, don't ever go in this season unless you can stand the cold and love winter so much. To me, it sucks. I only love Autumn and Summer. Normally, people here are so eager for the New Year, they go out to buy new clothes, foods, accessories to decorate their house. But this year, as the temperature suddenly goes so low, everyone is lazy and the street looks empty.

By the way, I've changed my hair style. I wanted to make some changes after so many old things in the past. It's time for changes. I will update photos later for you guys to see.

In the next 3 days, I'll go out to shop, and will take a lot of photos and show you guys how different New Year in Vietnam compared to the one in Malaysia.

For now, do enjoy the new year with your family, take care of yourself and don't forget me.


  1. so u miss malaysia now, isnt you ? hahahaha

  2. Do take good care of urself.
    Hope to see u soon....Gd luck

  3. hello, fren, dropping by,
    anyway, please take good care.
    haha, i still owe you a "promise"
    hope to see you soon to claim back,
    see ya!

  4. Hi guys, thank a lot for your comments. How are you all? I miss all my friends here, not Msia, Kycek :D