March 08, 2008 Crystalicious 4 Comments

It's has been such a long time, I have not had a long sleep like today! I woke up at 11.30am this morning. It felt so nice! I think I lack of sleeps seriously since I started working. I have only 5 hours of sleep every day. That's why every weekend staying at home, I just sleep, sleep and sleep. Luckily, my work is catching up and getting better and better. Last month, I was in top 5 sales in my company and awarded "Best attitude employee" of the month. Sound good?:D This month, I think I got even more sales, probably around RM2x,xxx.00. Work damn hard to achieve it, you know. I'll have a Genting trip with my company at the end of the month and might be going Perak for 2 days to meet up clients. Are you from Perak? Tell me what to do there?

By the way, today is 8/3. Today is International Women's Day in some of the communist countries i.e: Vietnam, China, Russia... This early morning I received some phone calls from my friends and family from Vietnam. They wished me Happy Women's Day. As usual, I don't have the feeling of that day until they called me because here, in Malaysia, there is no Women's Day. So on the occasion of the Women's Day, I want to dedicate this blog post to one lady that I love the most. I really miss her so much. Every time, when I feel down, she always encourages me to stay stronger, to be more optimistic. She is the one who always supports me in whatever I do, and respects whatever decision I make. I couldn't give her any flower for any gift today, but I know she will not be upset about it. In my heart, I just wish her to stay young and healthy forever with me. I couldn't imagine how miserable my life will be if without her. Because she is not only my mother but also "my sister", "my closest friend". And here she is:
Muaxxxx! I love you, Mom!
By the way, I also want to wish all my friends (girls), your sisters, your moms will be always beautiful, happy in life and love, successful in career and stay younger every years through.


  1. Anonymous7:06 PM

    You look like your mom :)

  2. wow lady ^o^

  3. Lolz,sexy lady :D I don't see my mom sexy, only see her very "cute" in my eyes :D

    But anyway, also thank for your compliment on behalf of my mom. :D

  4. Jacky1:55 PM

    Beautiful woman is having a pretty daughter ;)
    How are you dear? I hope everything is going well with you.