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Been lazy lately to update my blog as I've got distracted by other things. Every time, it usually takes me 3 hours at least. For what? Editing photo nicely before uploading and writing. Thus, since I started working, I don't really have much time for it, not as much as last time when I was studying. So now I'm just a hobby blogger.

Yesterday, I went to a spaghetti restaurant Pasta de Gohan in Sunway with a friend.

The first time we went there was 2 weeks ago. I looked damn ugly and sleepy, like just getting out of the bed. No making up, no dressing up. Lolzzz..

Surprisingly, a person doesn't like to eat much Western food like me could go to spaghetti restaurant twice a month and now blogging about it. It must be a reason. This was the first time. We went there on their opening day. It was pretty crowded and we had to queue up for a while to be served. The unique and special thing about this restaurant is their decoration (you're gonna see it later). We got attraction by the decoration actually, but at the end the foods are pretty good and tasty. So it's ok. We chose these ones:

Spaghetti with tomato sauce. Not mine, so I don't know what extra inside.

Prawn Spaghetti with mushroom and seaweed. I love mushroom, yeah!

It's a bit expensive, I think. Total bill was RM60 something. Everyone was happy, but the happier part is WE GOT FREE VOUCHER WORTHS RM62.
We all were very surprised and happy. Yes, of course! It's considered you went there to EAT FOR FREE AND THEY COMPLIMENT YOU RM2. That's why this restaurant is worth to be on my blog. The voucher was the reason to bring us here again. And this time, I decided to take a photo from the outside to inside to advertise for them. This time, we ordered more expensive items. I ordered spaghetti with oyster, egg york and mushroom (* it was so yummy, trust me).

My friend took lobster spaghetti (* so smart :D ).

With another 2 drinks....

And by the end, total bill was RM79 something. We only paid extra RM17 for this delicious meal. Super good! I think they still have this PROMO, so if you want to get this, go and try one. It's nice and special from the decoration. Instead of using the wall, they are doing like this.

This is my latest look with little bit change. Better? 

Enough for advertising. This month, I was busy due to some side ad-hoc works and I was offered some interesting projects. I WENT FOR VOICE AUDITION, LAST SATURDAY MORNING! Last 2 weeks, a company names MCGAsia called me to ask me to go for voice recording.
Taking picture in the studio while waiting for recording. Got ready!

And started!

And done!
It's not singing recording because don't have the dream to be a singer ever.
It was a recording for Maxis company as they are opening a service in Vietnam soon, so they are looking for someone to say all greetings and instructions in Vietnamese. Something like this
"If you wish to activate your favorite caller ringtone, press 2". The job was not as simple as it sounds. For this short sentence to be done, you need to do and redo few times to get a perfect one. Thus, paying for this job is quite good.

To all Vietnamese friend, if in the future, you are using Maxis mobile service and you hear this voice then remember it's ME! :p
That's all about it. And now, it's my sleeping time. zZzZzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Jacky1:16 PM

    If you have dream to be a singer, i think you can also :) How many jobs that you are doing now, busy girl? :) Take care

  2. Girl, now i know why you went for the voice audition. Hey i like the off-shoulder blouse that you're wearing, where did you get it from? :P

  3. @Jacky: Wow thank a lot for your compliment. I sing for fun only, dun dream to be a singer.

    @Wendy: Nice blouse huh? I bought it online :D

  4. Guess who?9:37 PM

    Eh, I think the first dish is minestrone soup. The second looks like pasta arrabiata with prawns.

    Plus, you sound funny....


  5. Wow, you are so expert in spaghetti huh?

    I know who you are, must be my colleague. ;)

  6. Felicia Hung9:06 AM

    haaha nancy dear...

    dats not me la!

    Plus, he's/she's asking you to "guess who"! eheehhe

  7. Guess who?9:02 PM

    You don't know who I am? I am someone who knows you......

  8. Wow, dangerous! Can gimme some hints?

  9. Chong-Pak Chong-Pak... Oh, I am lost in translation...