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I don't know whether some of you have known about it, but just want to share the important moment of life: My convocation. I have been waiting for it for one year, since last December 2007. Last year, it was in November, but my final paper was in December. That's why I had to wait longer than usual. Finally, the wait was over. Some of you asked: "How was it" and they got surprised when hearing the answer from me: "It's good". "How come you seem not happy at all? What's wrong" The answer is nothing wrong. I'm not a fresh graduate who is eager to get the cert to start work; I've been already working for more than a year. Besides, long time waiting to get a piece of paper killed the excitement. Of course, it's a hard work. I'm proud of myself for this achievement. Most importantly, I was the only foreign student who received a full scholarship from UNITAR. I should be proud of myself.

Do I look good in the tradditional robe? I look a little chubby here, I know.
A closeup view. I didn't apply much makeup on that day. Is was a FAKE makeup after I photoshopped.

My parents weren't there because they just came to visit me two months back. It was only me, 2 of my friends who sent me there (*a big hug and thank to you ;). I met few of old classmates; we cheered up, had a chat and congrats each other. It took only 5 minutes to receive the certification, but I got to wait for almost 5 hours to be called out. So it's tiring and boring, sitting in the hall in Putrajaya. The ceiling with so many crystal lights, look so splendid.
After the formal ceremony, I rapidly changed the robe and wore the formal suit, took my cert, transcript, went out for a walk and took some photos. It was a beautiful day. 

Congrats on the graduation to me and all of my classmates. We have officially become adults from now on. Welcome to the world of stress, money and living expenses. 

Do I look like a future CEO or what?


  1. Yeah, I still remembered xx years ago during my convocation, i also have to wait inside the hall for bout 3 hours just for the 2 minutes to receive the cert. But the different is I have my parents with me that day! :)

  2. Congrat! finally you made it! Your parents must be proud of you dear :)

  3. Anonymous3:18 PM


    nice pic hah....i thnik you should post your pic on the "air"

    anyway...with pro cameramen...can produce nice pic...hehehhehe

  4. Thanks all! Yah, finally i'm done the heavies task in life :D But now working already, feel tired and sometimes miss those days

    @Serembanz: yeah you are rite! Pro cameraman :p