November 01, 2008 Crystalicious 3 Comments

I ended up at last post where I visited Dai Nam, the little China in Vietnam. After that place, the next day very early morning around 7am, we took a bus to Da Lat. I've been so eager to know this place as it's said that this is the city of Love, Honeymoon, and Flower.
Finally, I managed to visit this place. The bus from Hochiminh to Da Lat took us 4 hours to arrive. It was gloomy, rainy during the time we traveled. I booked a three days two nights tour to explore the city. There were many other tourists from different countries joined together. It's quite fun! But I couldn't talk to anyone during the time we were on the bus. I slept the entire bus journey.
After 4-hour drive, WE finally ARRIVED!
Da Lat City. The city was so peaceful and fresh. It was raining the whole day; thus the weather was cold. But I had to admit that, it's so different from the busy and chaos Hochiminh. I love this city so much. It looks so green because it's cover mainly by the trees, river, flowers. The first impression about Dalat is COLD and QUIET. It's cold. I had to buy winter clothing after that.  We went to the night market after that. Everything is so cheap here, around RM10 to RM15. It's hard to believe! I bought quite a lots of things ( will show you later at the last post). Cam whoring in front of the hotel room. These were the only clothes that I brought with me! Next morning, we started our tour. Our tour guy is a young man about 34 years old; he looks cute and quite talkative. Of course, he must be talkative since he talks for his living. The first stop was Prenn waterfall. I've seen this waterfall so many times on the TV, but it looks so surreal up close. Just lovely!
Riding elephant! Have you tried? :D
Blue of the sky, green of the field, yellow of the sun, how beautiful was the weather! I couldn't expect more than that. On the way out, we found out so many flowers on the road. I couldn't control myself to cam whore with these beautiful flowers.
And here!
Next destination! Dalat Temple.


  1. Whenever i have time, i'll write something for you dear :) Don't worry. So how is your birthday plan?

  2. You are great, Jacky! Thanks :D
    My bday plan is up to almost 1 week, lolz...:D


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