Party with Crystal!

December 12, 2008 Crystalicious 3 Comments

Ok, since i'm very lazy to take a new photo and lazy to write email to people. So i think it's better that way, I'm gonna use the photos i took on the day we went to Qbar with my close buddies. Not so long, just a week ago. And yeah! Here you go!!! You are invited to join my New Year Eve party on 31st December in KL plaza. Basically, this party is ideal my closest pals, and we just want to have some fun to chill out the year end and welcome the new one. Since next year, I can't drink so much and i also won't drink with any stranger and clients or newly known friends. So it's about time for closing up drinking session. Party will be all night long, starting from 6pm on 31st until next day 1st January until when God knows. We're gonna stay in KL Plaza, eat, drink, and dance...Sleeping part is NOT in charge by me, please be clear! So if you cannot dance, then just eat and drink, but do not drink too much coz i don't want anyone get drunk after that. I'm NOT responsible for any cleaning duty or taking care of anyone either. So, if you wanna join, you are always welcome! Please wear nicely, make up nicely, dress-up partily if you want to be presented beautifully on my blog. lolzzz See you all!


  1. Can i join :Dkekeke

  2. You seem very happening lately. Any reason ;)

  3. Anonymous2:27 PM


    happy early new year....