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I love Christmas!

I had an awesome Christmas celebration! What about you??? Sorry for not blogging during Christmas as I was damn busy with many things and some unwanted things happened so I gotta settle thou'. But anyhow, nothing could beat me down the mood for Xmas. I'm super happy and indeed lucky! Two days before Christmas.... I received my personal name card delivered to my office. It's personally designed (*of course I was the one throwing the idea of how I want my name card to be) and the designer just worked out on it. They put things together, printed out and delivered. So here is the piece of art work :D
Purposely mosaiced my contact number so that those strange people can't reach me. I'm not free to talk crap with you and over the cup of coffee, talking about the weather. So do not ask for my contact. Love me? Read my blog and click ads!
One day before Christmas! I flew back Malaysia to have celebration with my boyfriend and to have some important appointments with some people. It was great even though we didn't really do much things like partying out but we had great time together every time I'm back. Wanted to watch Avatar but tickets all were sold out! *blerk. Hate it! Christmas day!!! Woohoooooo! It's about Christmas pressie opening time. I've tweeted many times about my super chio Christmas toy that i have had. This is the one.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Introduce to you....
Inside view!
So mad love with this little cute toy I have! Love the chio size, the swirly flower printed on, the pinky shading keyboard and it's so light. It's even lighter than my handbag i swear!!!
Super cutie, isn't it? Compare to my first lappie, they look like mother and daughter, lolz... Now that people asking me, what are you going to do with 2 laptops? Of course, I need both. One is for traveling usage, one is for heavy usage i.e: Photoshop, music and video editing. Can? Not just that, I even got these for myself!
It's neither hand-phone accessories nor key-accessories. It's 4GB USB ok! Damn powerful capacity in such a tiny body usb lor.
Last pinky toy!
Tadah it's mini-speaker.
I'm super in love with this burger-mini speaker. Dont judge it wrongly by seeing its side. Damn loud! Some more it's pink. Hahaha!!! You guys should get these! I think, they are cheaper in Malaysia than in Singapore. Oh i think that's enough to flood u guys up with all the pink stuffs. I had best Christmas ever with all my loves. Can't demand for more! A day after Christmas. The most exciting thing was I, my boyfriend and Ida (my wedding planner) went to look for my wedding gown. OMGGGG! It was so damn fun! I had my special wedding gown which I can assure it's super unique, sexy ever that no one ever seen before :D So mad love it! Sorry, no photo taken on trying out the gown as the wedding gown only be revealed on the day itself. So you guys gotta wait for it then. But i'm sure it's gonna shock people, lolz. That's all for now. Enjoying the holiday everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


dancing with Crystal

Dancing with Crystal: Rumba

This is my favorite dance, woohooo! Anyone who doesn't know what the Rumba is. That is a Latin American dance which was mainly grown in Cuba. Rumba is the spirit and soul of Latin American music and dance. The fascinating rhythms and bodily expressions make the Rumba one of the most popular ballroom dances. I love Rumba because of its characteristics. It's slow, sensuous and romantic with many flirtations of the lady with her partner then immediately reject him. She teases her partner and run away right after the man addicts to her. She gives him the feeling of "I love you"- "No, I hate you" at the same time. What a game of emotion! In rumba, the spotlight focus on the lady and in particular her rhythmic body action and sexuality. The slower the music is, the better body action she needs to create. That's the most difficult part of the dance. That's also the reason why I love so much this sensual and romantic dance. Every time on the dance floor, when it comes to Rumba music I can feel every single cell in my body wants to move. How strange! Anyway, this is another piece of my dancing with my new partner for our coming- up coming competition. We have just done 5 dances, and present to you our first dance: The RUMBA!




I was invited to attend the FHM Early Christmas party "Santa Has a surprise party" at Movida, St. James Power Station for the first time. I heard of FHM Magazine and have always been a fan. So when I received an invitation to join their party, I was jumping for joy. 

I invited Cloudie Tan, a model turned friend, whom I got to know from ModelMayhem to join me. We were so excited that we discussed what to wear a few days before the party. Cloudie even went to RiverIsland to buy a pair of 5-inch heels (photo below) for S$279. 

When we arrived at St. James Power Station early, there were already a bunch of people standing outside: photographers, guests, organizer and some Santa Claus girls. First thing first, we had to take some photos at the red carpet. 

There were many photographers taking pictures of us as soon as we walked on the red carpet. 

A photo of me and Cloudie taken by Lifestyle asia magazine.

Even the cup mat looked hot tonight. 

FHM is super famous magazine featuring 100 Sexiest women in the world ranking every year. Every woman wants to be on that list. When we are talking about FHM, we are talking about hot girls, beautiful cars and many other things that make the guys go crazy for. This was a door gift from Durex, the sponsor. 

MTV Asia VJ Dennis kicked off the party. She looked incredible, didn't she?

Then we had a beautiful magician on stage, "Magic Babe" Ning. She performed some magic tricks to entertain the audience. She was tied insider her jacket and managed to escape out without untieing the jacket. 

Then we had hot boys on stage dancing Salsa. Not to mention, free drink for the ladies all night long.  

Meeting a new friend at the party.  Cola, me and Cloudie! It was such a fun night we had. All thanks to FHM Magazine. 




How do you define a word "SEXY"??? Does it mean we have to wear less clothes, red lipstick, high heels, be called sexy? No it's not! A person is sexy, regardless what he/she is wearing, he/she will be still sexy from the first look. But I'm not just talking about the outlook in this post. Last Wednesday night, I was invited by to attend this event at Zouk:
At first, when I received email from Omy, I didn't know what this event was about. Thought it might be a party with some hot chics with music, dancing or something. It turned out to be a part with no dancing at all but singing. It was a BOOMZ concert organized by Get Your Sexy Back (GYSB) with many singing performances by local artists, i.e  Da Feng Chui, Project Superstar alumni Carrie Yeo & Chen Di Ya, singer & songwriter Jillian Marie Thomas, and a super star JJ Lin.
If you guys listen to many Chinese songs, you probably know who is he. I didn't know thus I didn't care much. But no doubt, he has a baby face with a cute dimple (like me ^_^) and his voice is sweet. Anyway, back to the event. It was actually a campaign to promote responsible drinking behavior among the youth in Singapore. This is the 3rd year since the first one was launched in December 2007, and the response have been very good! Look at the crowd waiting in front of Zouk, all are still very young.
When I got there, the first thing is....
posing at the banner :D Lovely pink!
After registration, I was sitted at the VIP/ Media area with complimentary drink for the whole night including some beers, fruit juices.
It was such a long time I didn't drink beer until that night.
Lovely and blink decoration on the stage. I'm always attracted to whatever shining and blinking.
Right after the party was heated up by many singing performances, the hottest show of the night was began with JJ's performances.

The tag line for this GYSB campaign is "It's not the drinking, it's how you drinking" which I found it so absolutely true. People, especially youngsters nowadays, like hanging out with friends in public, in clubs, in restaurants more than staying at home. Very often, we see many people (girls and guys) get drunk at the pub. "Ewww, that's horrible! Why the hell they couldn't control their drinking"- 

Why people get drunk? You ask. It could be the following reasons. 
1. Girlfriend goes to the other guy! Drunk! 
2. Boyfriend dumps. Drunk! 
3. Bachelor party! Last night to be a single! Drunk 
4. Happy because just passed the exam! Tomorrow is school holiday. Tonight, we must go bottom-up! So drunk 
5. Wedding dinner! Bride gets drunk, the groom also wants to be drunk. Worst case, some guests are drunk too for the sake of "my best friend got married", they destroy the whole night. 
6. Gathering, farewell, birthday party, etc...
There are so many reasons for people to get drunk. Since many young people nowadays learn how to drink, it's time for us to shout out! Watch your drinking! That's the purpose of this party.
Tell me, have you ever got drunk even once in your life? You'd better be honest here! 
Let me confess, I ever got drunk twice in my entire life. The first time was at my friend's wedding party! The lady right next to me was having a crush with a guy next table, but she couldn't speak out her feeling because she was divorced before. So she drank a lot and kept asking me to bottom up with her. I thought I would be ok, but then I got drunk since when I didn't know. 
The second time was when I broke up with my ex! It's not a good thing to recall. It was damn shameful you know! And it's a horrible memory too! Until now, sometimes I think back, I can't imagine how terrible I looked when I got drunk. Promise! No next time! Keep your living style healthy is the best way to maintain your sexiness.
This is SEXY!
This is NOT!
So which one you want??? Of course, you want to be like me! Then here is the drinking tips for you!
  • Know your Limit!
  • Space Your Drinks—e.g. one per hour (two at the most). Know that all drinks are not created equal. For example, a Long Island Iced Tea may have as many as 3 to 7 shots of alcohol, which can take as long as 2 to 6 hours to metabolize!
  • Don't drink on an empty stomach. You are more likely to get sick and less likely to be able to control yourself when you do drink on an empty stomach.
  • Keep count of the amount of drinks you've drank.
  • Don't drink and drive--Plan ahead for transportation; Use public transport or call a taxi!
  • Stay with people you know and trust, but BEWARE, people's personalities are affected by alcohol use!
  • Alcohol and sex don't mix! The mixture often leads to humiliation, regret, embarrassment, STD's, pregnancy and sexual assault!
  • Never accept a drink from someone you don't know--You don't know what they could have put into it!
  • Careful what you combine! Pay attention to the warning labels on prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Combining alcohol and marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, speed or other drugs can be very dangerous, due to interaction effects.
  • Pregnant or think you might be? Alcohol goes straight from a mother's bloodstream to the unborn baby causing birth defects and other abnormalities.
  • Please don't use alcohol to make yourself feel better when you are depressed--talk it out, go for a walk, listen to music--make some connections. Alcohol will not solve your problems--even if it helps you escape for a few hours. Look at all the people and resources around you--there must be someone you can tell your story to!
  • Know your Limit
  • *from Drinkingtips
  • Again, drink responsibly! Enjoy your party and remember to "Get your sexy back". For more infos about this campaign, check it out HERE

    So, everybody are you ready to get your sexy back? I am!
    P/s: Thanks Omy for inviting me and thanks Sam- my photographer for accompanying me that night!




    This post was requested some time ago by some of my blog readers and friends, but I was too busy to post it up. They asked me: "What foundation brand are you using?", "What skin care products you apply?" "How come your face so smooth and flawless, what are the tips?" etc...

    As today I just received some new skincare products, so I'm going to blog about it and share with you my simple daily skincare routine

    1. Morning

    I clean my face every morning with this brightening rice water cleanser from The Face Shop. The sales girl told me that, this is the best selling item of The Face Shop!
    The cleanser foam is mainly made from rice water. So it's pretty safe and friendly for all skin types. Vote 3 stars for it.

     2. Afternoon
    I don't put much make up during the normal day unless I go to any events or photo shoot. Normally, I just apply a little bit of sunscreen, Aloe Vera Propolis Cream bought from Forever Living Products, blusher and lipstick. That's all for the day! :)
    Photo with no photoshop effect at all taken by my Berry!
    But if I have to make up, this foundation and face powder from Chanel is definitely my recommendation.
    I totally love this.  I've been using many other brands, but Chanel really makes my skin look significantly different. I have combination skin, so it usually gets oily after I wear make up for long hour. But with Chanel Mat Lumiere, I don't even have to worry about that. The longer I wear, the better it absorbs into my skin and makes it naturally smooth. Trust me! Not only that, it could control my oil level perfectly, I just need to use a piece of tissue to absorb the oil. That's it! Again, my skin is combination skin so if you have the same skin type like me, you can try out Chanel.

     3. Evening.
    REMEMBER to remove your makeup when you are home! I can't believe some girls even wear the makeup to sleep. That's so horrible treat for your skin. Your skin needs to "shower" like yourself and it needs to breath too! Don't use normal facial foam for make-up remover, it won't work much and leave your skin dried. Instead, try to use some organic oil based makeup removers. They are gentler on your skin. I'm currently using a bunch of products sponsored by V & M. They are fine to me so far.
    From left: Dead sea cleanser, Dead sear toner, Dead sea body and hand cream, Nail tool.
    I'm only using Dead sea cleanser for makeup remover and apply Dead sea toner after that. The Dead sea body and hand cream are used as a body lotion. And the 4 in 1 nail tool, wow super cool. It combines of 4 functions: cleaning, brushing, shaping and shinning your nails. Really like a magic! I also love this Ocean sandy mask:

    4. Night. 
    I used to think that when we are sleeping, we need to let our skin free to breath. Thus, I didn't even apply and thing on my face at all. But after that I realized that my skin in the next morning became dry and dehydrated. A skin specialist told me that because when we are sleeping, lacking of water intake and the air con will dehydrate our skin. Thus, you need to apply some sleeping mask or skin products to moisturize the skin, drink lot of water before and after sleep. It really works.

    I got for myself a sleeping mask from The Face Shop!
    This is one of my favorite too! I apply it in every evening before I sleep. The specialty about this sleeping mask is, no matter how hot or cold temperature you store this product in, it still gives you a very cool feeling in your hands and the smell is really good. I love to apply a bit on my eyes every time my eyes get tired. It will re-freshen my eyes and give me a good sleep during the whole night. My boyfriend always says "You sleep like a piggy, just lie down for a few mins you can sleep already!" Hahahah....I gave him once sleeping mask to use too, and he slept like pig too, lolz :D Go and get one! You will love it!
    The other reason why I like to use The Face Shop is because my favorite man Kwon Sang Woo- Korean actor is an Ambassador for this product.
    Super hot! Yum.....:D How could we ladies resist!
    Got this free product from The Face Shop too, while I bought the sleeping Mask. Pore treatment!
    Mad Love! xoxox
    That's all- my secret. If you want to have a good, smooth and acne-free skin like mine, you have to invest in it. Do it now and your skin will thank you later. If you don't take care of it now, you'll regret when you get older. Men need to take care of your own skin too. There are many skin care products for men nowadays that you can find. There is nothing more terrible than kissing on a congested and acnes face :D So thumb up for good skin everyone! I totally agree with the saying: "There is no ugly woman, just a lazy woman" :D
      P/s: Just bought a bottle of Tanning spray! I can't wait to be tanned! Love it!


    dancing with Crystal

    Dancing with Crystal: Samba

    A short piece of Samba routine! This is just the teaching vid of mine, I'll promise i will upload my own routines soon :) 4TEZXWHXWSVP


    New Year resolution,


    Have you guys noticed what? It's December 1st today! OMG, it's the last month of 2009, I've just realized. It's so damn fast the time flies. What you have done so far? What have you achieved in this year? Have you made any resolution for next year yet? I don't know why but every end of the year, I like to sit down and think back of what was happened to me, what I've done and what's not for the whole year. Remember I have the previous post about: Plan and prediction for 2009? Some forecast about what happens to me in 2009, and what should i do, bla bla bla...Now it's time for REVIEW. It's gonna be cool! First, the Prediction said that overall 2009, I need to guard myself for Sexual trap. Thus, I controlled myself lot from alcohol intake. But fuwk lahhhh, where got Sexual trap!!! Made me scared the whole month only, lolzzz.... Second, Career is said to be booming for me this year. Probably right, because I changed my job, I had a lot of new things coming up. Work seems good and flowy. So thumb up for this guess! Third: "Love is in the air in 2009". Yahoooo! I didn't expect this at all, but yeah it happened. So, no comment on this :D Fourth: Wealthy year gained by LOTTERY *pffffff, that's bullshit. I didn't even pick up any single cent on the road by chance. How to win a lottery? False! Anyway, look back my 2009, I think i have done lot of things so far:
    1. Changed my job! No, exactly I changed to a new country. What an unexpected HUGE change ever! And my current job? Can't say anything besides the word GREAT! I love my job. Internet can make money, that's for sure. 
      2. Exploring a new path of career which is modeling, entertainment industry which is totally happening and awesome. I met lot of new people here 
     3. I think I'm successful in making myself look fitter and chioer (it means cute and adorable :D). Proof here!

    Somebody even came up to ask me: Have you done any plastic surgery! Lolzzz.....
     4. Traveling. Oh tell me about it! I travel once every month or sometimes twice. 
     5. Blogging? Earn some cash from my blog which is totally cool! Got invited to attend some events, function through my blog. Readers are more and more and the thing i was happy most is: I managed to change my blog design myself. A non- IT girl knows nut about web, html or whatsoever can create this website. 
     6. My photoshop skill is madness powerful now, lolz...I can really do many different things with photoshop now without going through any proper training. I swear! Look at this, I don't bluff you! Mad awesome huh?

    7. Got my hair color changed with blond highlight. Love it! 
     8. Gadgets collection: laptop, DSLR camera, Blackberry, HTC touch, and many others which I couldn't recall now. 
     9. Love? Of course, I'm always surrounded by Love from many people who know me, I'm so blessed. 
     10: on the way to achieve til 31st Dec 2009: Attending FHM Party, few shootings for Christmas which i will be a Santa Claus girl, blogger event on 9th Dec "Get your sexy back", 2 dancing shows on 19th and 31st Dec. That's how I closed 2009! :)
    Not so much, but I'm pretty satisfied by now. And another 2010 is on the way, here is my

    TO-DO LIST in 2010! 
    1. My prediction! 2010 is gonna be a year of traveling for sure. I can see it already! January: Jakarta, Feb- Vietnam; March- Thailand; April- Australia (in planning); May- Malaysia; June- Philippines. Half of the year gone! lolz 
      2. Career: Gonna have a lot of things new which I couldn't reveal here yet. But I'm super happy that I got an invitation from Big Foot Entertainment to go to Cebu (Philippines) for underwater filming and modeling for 4 months. A great opportunity I could say and I'm working with the director now to find the best suitable timing for me. More than excited! Thanks to Steve and Mick ;) 
      3. Dancing! I hope I could join some targeted competitions by early of this year. 
     4. Blogging! I promise I will blog more often! There will be lot of new things coming up which you just need to patiently wait to see. 
     5. Blogging 6. Blogging 7. Blogging 8. Blogging 9. Blogging 10.Blogging
    Lolz, such a huge change of my life. I ever wanted to become a teacher, a diplomatic, a CEO of a company, a singer, and now blogger. Sounds nonsense at first, but you will never imagine how powerful cyber world can be and one day a blogger could be recognized as a celebrity and blogging will become an official career! :) It is now! This kinda planning and resolution is pretty P&C (Private and Confidential) actually but I'm so nice, I shared mine! So if you want to have a productive, wealthy, healthy and happy year, you gonna plan for it by now. Nothing drops down from the sky for those who are lazy sitting down and waiting. C'mon! make a plan and let's work it out! I'm sure 2010 is gonna be a good year, I can feel it! 

      P/s: Continue my booking a flight ticket. I'm gonna travel again in Christmas time! Yeahooo! :) Happy Christmas everyone! P/p/s: Dancing with Crystal vid is out soon tonite! :) Watch for your favorite samba routine




    I bet many of us, especially women are not satisfied with at least 1 thing on our body. Some are not happy with the short legs, small boobs, small nose, thin lips, whatever....So if you are not happy with it, what are you going to do? Of course PLASTIC SURGERY.

    But I'm not going to advise you to choose this method because I personally think that it's risky, and  of course expensive. I'm recommending you a better method ;).

    Last Friday 13th Nov, I was invited by to attend the event "Face to Face with Dr. Moon Hyoung Jin- an aesthetic doctor from Korea". What attracted me most is Dr. Moon's profile and experience. He has done so many face transformations for many Korean celebs before. I have been always wanting to make some changes to my face, and have been searching around for a trusted doctor to do. So when I received the invitation, I was more happy than to attend. I asked one of my girl friends to attend with me. It was held at Novena Medical Center! The light buffet was just right waiting for us!

    There are some goodies bags for us too. Only for invited bloggers! :)

    I was pretty hungry when I got there, so while waiting for the event to start, I quickly grabbed some cakes, pudding, and sandwiches to eat.

    My friend, Joyce, accompanied me that night and she had a goodie bag for herself too :) Notice something in white color stick on my left hand? That was actually the name tag for invited blogger who turned up that night. Let's me zoom it out


    So, what exactly this event was all about? It focused on the product called RESTYLANE.
    Restylane is Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid (NASHA). It creates volume for the treatment of lips, lines, wrinkles and facial folds. It results are immediate. It consists of complex sugar chains which have been stabilized for longer lasting effect on the skin. It's Crystal-clear, biodegradable gel is injected in target areas using a fine needle, where it fills out the “depleted” areas and restores that youthful plump in your skin. The treatment takes about 10-30 minutes, depending on the amount/area treated. Restylane is safe because it contains no animal proteins allergens or chemicals. Local anesthesia may be administered to avoid discomfort, though many describe that the procedure is only slightly uncomfortable. Patients can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure. You may have slight redness on your skin and some swelling at the injection site. This however, usually disappears in a few hours.

    Here you go, the Crystal-clear biodegradable gel Restylane:

    And Dr. Moon showed us how he has transformed the Korean celebrity faces. Look at this to believe what could be done under his magical hands:

    Korean celebrities!

    Proof 1: He changed the nose to become sharper, the lips to become slimmer and the jaw to become smaller.

    Proof 2: Perhaps I don't need to explain what are the differences in the before and after photos

    Proof 3: Dr. Moon said, there are many men who came to look for him. It's not because they want to look more handsome. They wanted to look for a job. Because in Korea, if the guy is ugly, the boss will not want to hire him. Besides Dr. Moon, there was another female doctor from Singapore also shared with us about why do we need filler. The presentation was delivered by Dr. Low Chai Ling


    A beautiful doctor I must say. But she spoke so fast that I couldn't catch fully her presentation. Just the main highlight: why we need a filler injection? To restore our volume, to restore our balance and symmetry, and to augment facial features. But how do they do that?
    Let's follow me to the surgery center for a demonstration:

    There was a patient waiting in the treatment room when we entered. She wanted to do filler injection to remove her eye bags, and basically to make her look younger and tireless. So the doctor just did some injections to her face.

    The lady was still awake and it seemed not painful at all. After few injections, they massaged her face with a special cream. The whole process took about 15 minutes to complete. I couldn't stay until she was done because we still had something on at the other room. So I got back to the main room for an interview session. Oh ya, want to know who was the doctor did that demonstration. Here he is, our handsome doctor.

    Few of the girls there were looking at him. I'm not so sure whether they snapped the photos of the patient or the doctor, lolz.... Ok, here is another interesting part of the event. I got interviewed by :D Wooohoooo! :D The guy who interviewed me is so cute :D He was asking what did I think about the event. 

    I couldn't remember exactly what I talked, hopefully I didn't talk crap, lolzzz...I looked like I'm a primary student answering the teacher's question.  

    After interviewing, there was another Q&A session before we wrapped it up. I didn't ask anything because it was pretty much clear information we had. Just had some quick cam-whoring before we left.


    With Dr. Moon Hyong Jin and one of my model friends whom I met that night too.

    That's the end of the event. We were all happy, especially with some pretty helpful information that we got that night. We were all educated with new things that we never knew. If you guys decide to make a new change to your face, do not think of plastic surgery, think of Filler injection because it's safe. I heard from Dr. Moon the cost for it about USD$600 and it would last for 18 months. So if you decide to do, let's go and check it out at the 18th floor, Novena Medical Center ask for Dr. Low Chai Ling.

    Here are some stuffs we got from the event.

    Some magazines, blue make up pouch and blue foldable make-up mirror.

    I just love the mirror. It looks so cool!

    P/s: When I and Joyce walked back, we discovered a very beautiful opened-air garden in the 18th floor of Novena Medical center. And this forced us to have to take some cool photos here!

    See how beautiful it is, especially at night, after the rain.

    Ok, it's 12.21am now. Time to sleep and I'm going to see u guys in the next post. Have a great week, everyone!