Crystal's traveling episode: 3 days in Phuket (Thailand)

March 16, 2009 Crystalicious 3 Comments

I was back KL at 12.30am on Sun. Everything was returned on time except my mind and my heart are still in Phuket. I had a wonderful 3 days trip this time, i could say. I love the place so much that I couldn't want to come back KL :o(. Everything was fantastic. What should i say? See the photos to believe!

  Day 1: We arrived Phuket airport at 7.30am in the morning (local time) which means i had to leave KL at 3.30 in the morning. The night before, i didn't sleep at all. Not because of i was too excited. It's because i didn't pack anything yet until 11.30pm after reaching home from practice session, lolz. Phuket in the morning was so fresh and clean with a strong sea wind. We quickly got into the bus was waiting outside and headed to Patong beach town. As it's still early and the hotel could only be checked in by 12pm, hence the tour guy took us for a breakfast and here our tour began.

Surprisingly, they served us with Malays foods cooked by Thai people. And the amazing thing is, people here know Bahasa Malaysia well it seems. They spoke to us by BM, served us with BM menu, lolz. I was damn tired and sleepy so i ordered "whatever could eat!". After breakfast, we started our first destination.
Cashew nut Factory===> Honey shop===> T-Shirt Factory====>The Wat Chalong- old monastery

 The first stop: The Cashew nut factory. Now only i know how and where the cashew nut comes from: Here it is!
The worker was cracking the cashew nut skin out. Quite a lot of hard work and patience required.

Next destination was to the honey shop, I didn't take any photo of it coz there was nothing attracted me. Perhaps it might be because i was damn sleepy and tired. I got dozed off during the "testing products" time. They took us inside the aircon room, had a nice seat and drank some cold honey drinks...It was just super good to sleep, *meow*

We still had 2 more destinations to go before we had to go to hotel for checking in. The T-Shirt factory. T-shirts are normal, quality is good but the DESIGN is what i want to talk about. Damn cool, cheeky and funny! See this!And you know how much for each? BAHT149 equals to RM14.90. Bloody cheap hor? I wanted to take all these designs but too bad, they don't have size S :((. So I gotta buy at other shopping center which costed me much higher RM25. But mine is super nicer ;) Last destination, I'm sure whoever has been to Phuket will know what is this temple:

  This is the Wat Chalong- the century's old monastery. A recent addition to the temple is a 61.4 meter high chedi containing the Pra Borom Sareerikatta relic, a piece of the Lord Buddha's bones brought over from Sri Lanka.
Inside view! View from the top! So huge the area

Another temple:
Pretty tired after all! I hardly walked any longer. Thanks God! It's time to get back to the hotel! Our hotel is quite big and luxurious, located at the center of the town and 5 mins walking to the sea: The Patong Ibish hotel: Click HERE if you want to get more infos about it. Room rate from BAHT 3000 above (around RM300/ night).

Hotel facilities, view from the room

This is my room! Clean and cool! I love the washroom too! So nice huh?

It was almost about 6pm there after we checked in. Everyone was so tired! What i wanted to do was just take a good shower and sleep. But surprisingly after showering, all tiredness was gone, lolz. Perhaps we were too eager to explore the night life in Phuket! Things were so attracting us around. I rapidly changed, dress up and went out :D Yeahhhhhhhhhh! Here is the new look! So fresh as if i never ever had a sleepless night before!

Pretty women walking down the street :D The Patong beach town is pretty small, you can just walk for 45 mins to 60 mins, you could cover all the areas there. The most happening area is where i was standing as in the photo. This street is always full of music, lighting, people talking, laughing, dancing and shopping. The other side of the street is the sea actually.

  An open-air bar and restaurant where you can enjoy the live music, the nice seafood, the sea wind and the dance floor is waiting for you too!

Funny road sign! These types of road signs are quite popular there, lolz :D

  So nice, the wind blowed my hair, hehehe. There is anothing thing about Phuket that you should miss out. It's the paradise of seafoods all kinds. God! All the lobsters, the prawns, the fishes are sooooo BIG. Se this! Shopping session came on da away of course :D. There are so many hot stuffs, slutty stuffs around there and they are all cheap. The bag i was wearing here costs only BAHT 169, means RM16.90. Crazy! I bought one for myself definitely but not this one. This bag is for blogging purpose only, hehehe....

   The pinky Helly kitty shop! It was all pink, my Godness from the calculator the toys and all. I wanted to take them all home :(
  I couldn't count how many shops we've visited but it was plenty enough to make my legs and feet are so damn painful and tiring. It was 2am there, however Patong town seem not want to sleep. I had to :o( The next morning, we gotta wake up so early at 7am to start another interesting tour. We walked back hotel around 2am plus but we didn't even have to think of being careful and cautious. We just laughed, talked and enjoyed. It was really safe, I must say!

P/s: Day 2 and day 3 eps are coming next very soon, stay tune ;)


  1. you didn't eat the sea food there since the sea food is so cheap?

  2. Jacky4:01 PM

    Wow, your life is so happening baby :D Travel to Singapore then now to Thailand. What is the next destination ;)

  3. @Richy: I ate, but the seafood BBQ i didn't coz noone joined me :(

    @Jacky: Lolz, might be south of Vietnam, i still havent explored all places in Vietnam yet.