April 19, 2009 Crystalicious 1 Comments

I'm sorry for late update. It's been 4 days since i arrived Vietnam. Everything is still fine so far. The only thing i did during the last 4 days were: waking up at 11am in the morning, having lunch, having a afternoon sleep and going out for shopping, eat again and sleep again. Super fatty i feel, lolz but it was cool, yeah! i'm not sure if it still continues this way, will i be getting on weight? Whatever, time to relax huh? Yeah it's me here, the latest look :) The weather here is super hot and humid as it's summer time now. Arggghhhh, so much hotter than in Msia. Rite now, i'm having a cup of vietnamese coffee and blogging... no stress, no pressure, no worry...How nice! :) Wonder what is my plan in next 2 weeks? Hmm, you're gonna envy me: My brothers and his friends will bring me to the beach, this is the beachy season in my hometown. Lotsa people will go there, i will eat seafood until i get fainted coz eating too much, lolzz...go shopping with my friends. I will be teaching of course for 1 week plus and will have a short vacation with my students. Not sure where about but i'm sure it's gonna be very fun and happening. Can't wait for it. So yah, basically, i'm enjoying so much my time right now. It's so good to be home after 4 years plus i've been living far away from family. This is the longest time i could spend with them ever. But no doubt, i miss Malaysia too :o(. I miss all my students, my colleagues, my works, my life there :o( Will be back soon, I can't wait for the gathering with all my lovies :)

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    sound like you really good there...whatever....don forget...take care your healthy espacially your stomach.....

    i always wish the best for u....