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The pink collection: part II

I know i should have blogged about this long time ago!!! These are all things i wanted to get it on my own. I still remember the last 3 years, i was telling myself that I will try to buy stuffs on my own without asking for money from my parents: my camera, my handphone, my lappi, etc... I was calculating how much it would cost me in total: it was around RM6k- RM7k more or less. And I was thinking i don't know when i could buy all these stuffs. But yeah, for the last 1 year, I did it. I really did it on my own :=). Let's see what i have here! First is my camera. I got it in 2007 if I'm not mistaken. I love Sony- those pinky stuffs just drive me crazy :D
The original one and after I blink it up ;). Sorry for the blurriness of the photo.I should have taken it with a pro cam huh? Second: My HTC handphone. I've been searching for pink PDA handphone for so long but it seems so difficult. Those pinky ones in the market don't really attract me that much in their functions. Ended up, i bought this: HTC Touch 3G. I know it's BLACK color, so what? I can pinken it up ok? :D Put some shining crystals on it too :D
I vote 4 stars for this phone lor coz it's so light, convienent and friendly user especially for a lady with a small palm like me :D It just fits to my hands. With a lot of functions: email, diary, internet wifi, traveling tool (i love this most) ^_^. So what u are looking for? Third is this one. My pinky lappi ^_^. Again, it's in black color but, hmmmm....I have to make it into pink, lolz. Here it is
It's pretty, isn't? rather than just a plain cold black color :D
YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took me half of the day to do this cover. But i think it's worth :pSome of the lappi accessories that i've bought: Of course, they're in pink all. My pink earphone. Don't look at the earphone, look at my pinky crystal nails instead, heheheh e:D
Ok, here are they! The pinky USB hub ratti *love it. It's so cute*, pink USB, pink mouse, oh yah. I got pink cooling pad too *forgot to take photos of it*
A pink lappi bag, just so convenient to travel around with it.
I bought this too, the pink traveling luggage that i kept an eyes on it long time ago :D. It looks like couple luggage huh? :D And these are the things that i bought coincidentally : The pink hair straightener. It so damn hard to look for this type of hair straightener i think. Bought it on Ebay ;) Costed me RM100 ++
The pinky glasses, does it look good on me? ;) There are still plenty of stuffs with me that i've collected. It's not easy to collect those things in pink you know plus it's not cheap either. Haiz, but so far, i'm happy with what i got and still continiue collect my pink stuffs if i can :D Yeah, that's about it. Gonna ciao for dinner! Next post coming up soon! Stay stunned!



Crazy over....

I'm sorry for neglecting my blog again *shame*. I've been so busy with so many gatherings and parties and traveling this 1 month and a half, and of course with some new business coming up soon. I went to Singapore on 13th April and went back Vietnam on 16th at the same month. Since then til now, i've been flying Vietnam- Malaysia 4 more times, i think. God, i don't know how much money i have spent for this airline businesses MAS and AIRASIA :o( *bankrupt*. But so far, no complain at all. I just felt that i am so lucky right now. I have so many good friends, good students, good life, everything turned out from bad to good so unexpectedly and I have very good time to rest and have a very long holiday. Perhaps, it's just a reward for me for working so hard last 2 years. Everyday, 8am til 11pm :o(. Now it's time to relax, to chill out and to recharge my battery. I need to get full of my energy for the next journey working again. I'm just too excited!
See what i have done these few weeks???
As posted earlier, i went back Malaysia on 4th May and i had immediately the trip to PD on the next day. *refer to the previous post*. I was under medication that time due to some serious allergy with seafood and bad coughing in Vietnam. Doctor said I had to avoid alcohol and seafood and chicken and kangkong and whatelse? God! All the good things in life i had to avoid :o( I was trying my best to follow what doctor said but sometimes, things was just unresistant. I gotta the next hangout with my gals in Mojo pub, KL.
8th May:
1st session: Drinking and Dinner with my senior students in one restaurant, after that i gotta rush back here for 2nd session. These gals were terribly happy in drinking and dancing that nite. Only 5 of us!
And we finished this! No left over!
Those heavy drinkers and enjoyers, lolz. 9th May: Studio farewell party with students. It was so great to see this group of students again. They are sweet, they are lovely, they are passionate about dancing and they are hardworking. Even though i just taught them for few months, but what we had are sweeter than whatever i want to tell here. Just super! James, Me and Ui Jin- My boys :) Sharon, Joanne and Me. 12th May: Karaoke session with another group of student in Neway, Subang :D I have so many students so far, yeah tell me about it. Just a small group, 4 of them in a class, 3 gals, 1 guy but i could feel how sweet they treat each other. So fun and happening too! I love it and i enjoyed so much with them. Wanie, Alfie & me. Wanie was showing her singing skills. My Godness! This lady is so happening that surprised me :D She enjoyed singing and knows most of the latest songs. When she sings, she will sing until time up, lolz A sweet and small 13th May: Dinner at Friday, 1 Utama with....students again :D. That's why i said, i'm so lucky ;) Camwhoring while waiting for the late arrivals. People commented i looked good with this hairstyle and dress up. That's what many people said, not me. And here we came! This was my food. STEAK! What's the name of it? Am wondering why the heck the Friday owner had to to think of so many difficult names of the foods for us to remember? Can it be simpler? This is what? Don't ask me the name, please. I just ate it only! 15th May: Company farewell party! We got cake, we got drink, we got hug and tears. Most of my colleagues are girls but we really love each other like sisters in the family. It's my luck to know them, they are super sweet and caring. In fact, i had 1st farewell with all of my colleagues in tear on 10th April when bosses weren't around. That really a big farewell in my life. They cried and they made me cried too! This 2nd farewell party for me was organized by bosses. They gave me a gift which is PINK PERFUME WITH THE SHINING CRYSTAL DECORATE ON TOP. ^_^ I was just happy to leave! I don't loose anything. In fact, i got so many things in return which i don't expect it at all. How surprised? :D 16th May Flying back Vietnam for a short vacation and some personal reasons. It was a super happy trip for me. I can't tell much about this because i know MY BLOG HAS A SPY. They want to check what i do, where i go and start making noise and scarcastic. Lolz, damn! *so free and so fu@#@#g irretated* Whatever, what goes around will come around to them. I don't really give it a damn! Back to the journey, perhaps you could realize this? Yup, this is PHO BO (beef noddle), the famous food in Hanoi. I had a very nice walk and shopping night at the old quarter of Hanoi. I don't know how many thousands of people were there but it was just enough to make the 2km streets was bloody crowded. Full of people and noise. If you want to shop in Vietnam, you should go to those places like this. Just right for the tourists: cheap and lotsa things especially for ladies. Drinking coconut jelly at the street side. Yummy and tasty!
I could tell you that i'm very fresh and happy right now after all. How lucky i am? Still have almost 2 weeks togo. Need to find the new desitnation for vacation before i really start work in SG. I'm so looking forward to start the new job but also so looking forward for the holiday to come.
Does it sound crazy????
Yes, it is indeed! It's 4.28am now and i'm still photoshopping for the new banner of my blog. I want to change the cloth for my blog. Very soon, you will see!



Hi Malaysia, I'm back!

Updated! This is my latest look, all! How is it? Lotsa people said that i look so much different from before, lolz...Hopefully it's positive comment :D I was back Msia 3 days ago in the evening under pretty bad health condition. I almost had to cancel my flight to Msia just because i was too sick, heavy coughing until now, gastric pain, serious allergies which God knows where the hell it came from. I was just so tired and pained during my flight. But it's getting better til now after 4 days. I had a good sweet time with my loved one in Port Dickson a night before i reached my house. This is the first time i've came here. Not so much activities and people around, perhaps it's low season, but still i could enjoy the peace, the beach, the wind so much. Just perfectly sweet and nice! This is the hotel where we stayed: Avillion hotel. I love it so much. Speacial huh? You could check it out HERE
The bedroom! It likes a princess bedroom. I was thinking how wonderful it is if it would be in PINK color :D The open air bathroom where you can see the sky and the sea is under you. So cool! The signs lead to our room, special designed.
So yah, basically. I was back safely in one piece. Sorry for not answering some of the calls of you the 1st 2 days i was back. I just want to have my own time to rest and enjoy my holiday. Walking along the beach in the sun set with my love.
Enjoy the nice foods and the nice view.
Yesterday and today, i received so many calls/ sms from my friends and students, they seem know so well exactly when I'm back Msia. :D So sweet of them.
Even though i'm not fully recovered yet, but i'm very ready for all parties and gathering from today til the last day i leave Msia.
Coming up next: Mojjo, the happening night life!