modeling episode

Modeling part 2: "The Phoenix" collection

The second modeling part of mine which supposed to be posted earlier time ago but i was busy and i couldn't get the soft copy til now. It's so been delayed. The theme for this shoot is called "The Phoenix", probably come from the red color gown that i wear. I, at first, rejected to wear this super hot color because simply i don't like red but since the photographer kept saying "You just try, this will look very good on you". Then ok, i tried it. And that is the result as you view below. Not so bad, hmmm..... Looking at the photos, they look so simple and easy, but you know what? In order to have the good shots, we all have to have the long preparation earlier: Make- up (45 minutes to 1 hour) depends on how heavy and complicated the make up is, hair do- probably 30- 45 minutes, Studio light setting, accessories, costume changing....Not only that, during the shooting time, you're gonna pose and many poses as possible. Body keeps twist, turn here and there, head up and down, eyes glance at left and right......You might shoot up to 40 photos to filter out 5 to 10 best among all. God! I'm super tired every shooting time after long hour standing on the super high heels and twist my body.....*yuck*. Anyhow, i believe HARD WORK WILL PAY BACK. Looking at the results, I'm happy ;) And these are the best 5 photos of all the shooting i want to share with you all. Photos are strictly inhibited from saving or copying without my permission.
The Valentine feeling- I'm feeling in love
"The attraction"
"The sexy Sunset"
"Crystal at night" feeling" ;) Love this pose!
"I'm ready to dance"
How do you think? I'm waiting for my photographer to pass me the next bunch of photos. I love this 3rd shooting so much. Hmmm, you're gonna be surprised because there is a caution labels on it "SUPER HOT" ;) Stay tuned!


modeling episode

Modeling part I: Shooting at Katong park.

Been busy lately with many things coming up: my dancing classes, my works, photo shooting, my fashion business, etc...I have very tiny time for myself and I'm still thinking of new design for my blog but yet to be done. Last week, me and my girls went for photo shooting at the Katong park, near by my house. It's quite big park and quiet. We went there around 4pm, not much people around that time as it's on Sunday. It was just so good for our shooting to be done. Here are some of the nice shots that i want to show you. Some I've posted up on my fb not all and many of my readers don't have fb too, maybe. So i posted up again here.
The first pose with Merc :D Are you fan of it?
I think the car is look better when taking photo with me, hehehe
With this shot, now only i notice that my hair grows pretty fast. It's quite long now huh?
Love the shoes and the dress :D
This one....hmmmm So so, I mark it 7/10
One of the nice shots too!
I love this shot! Of course, it's already photoshopped the color but still the original one looks not bad though. I just photoshop the color so that it makes abit dreamy :D
The close up
Me and my girl- Bonnie from China. We live in the same house, works in the same office. She is so tall 174cm compare to me, but this little girl is so shy and this is the first time she poses for photoshot i guess, lolz. Love her!
Another close up view! Many people like this post and i have no idea why, lolz....
Coming up: Modeling part II: tobe cont...Stay tuned, guys!


cute pet,

I want to have the little Maltese puppy

Exactly! I want to have a cute little Maltese dog, they are super cute and adorable, you know. I actually accidentally browsed through some websites and read some news, and come to this Maltese dog. Gosh! I can't resist myself from their cuteness. See this!
Cute or not? Some more with the ribbon and pink cloths ^_^ This one must be MALE Maltese puppy :D
According to Wikipedia:
The Maltese is a small breed of dog in the toy group, known for its silky white hair, though many owners of pet give them a short "puppy cut" for ease of grooming. The Maltese breed is descended from dogs originating in the Central Mediterranean Area. Adult Maltese range from roughly 3 to 7 lb (1.4 to 3.2 kg), though breed standards, as a whole, call for weights between 4 and 7 lb (1.8 and 3.2 kg). There are variations depending on which standard is being used. Characteristics include slightly rounded skulls, with a one-finger-wide dome and a black nose that is two finger widths long. The body is compact with the length equaling the height. The drop ears with long hair and very dark eyes, surrounded by darker skin pigmentation (called a "halo"), gives Maltese their expressive look. Their noses can fade and become pink or light brown in color without exposure to sunlight. This is often referred to as a "winter nose" and many times will become black again with increased exposure to the sun.
Whatever it is. I just love to have this little cutie so much. I've been always wanting to have a pet if later i have my own house, my own family. I will dress her up in pink from head to tail, lolz....:D There is a forum which MALTESE FOR SALES in USA with many various types, sizes of Maltese puppy but i think i only prefer the small one. The smaller, the better huh? I know the smallest 8cm length one in the world has been recognized by Guinness in Auckland, New Zealand Wonder if any place in Singapore or Malaysia have? And how much is it?



The breezy Sunday

I love so much the weather today. It's has been raining heavily the whole night before and leads to Sunday very cool, breezing and beautiful. I woke up at 2pm, lolz...been sleeping for 12 hours at least, God. It reminds me of the autumn in Hanoi in October onward. The weather is somehow similar like this. I love so much ^_^
The clear road and windy, cloudy sky
The big greeny park in front of my house makes the feeling is even cooler :D
The classical look of the street.
I love the Canon :D
Who says short people wear Short not nice? :D :p


Crystal gadgets

The newbie in Crystal's family

I had a bad and ugly day yesterday after I came back from Malaysia. There are few stupid things suddenly happened that destroyed my day. And believe or not, both work- love- life coincidentally happened at the same timing. *Pissed*. Anyway, it's already new day today. Hopefully today will be better. I'm back to my blogging mode now since it's been few days i ignore it. I just can't wait to blog for you about my new "baby" just joined the Crystal family. It's been so long I'm wanting "him". I planned my budget to take him home probably next month of a month after. But he came earlier than i thought and know what I got it as a PRESENT. A super precious present ever, I'm so happy ;). Take a look at my toy!
The CANON EOS 450 Just my dream ^_^
Don't be so envious at me. I promise with this newbie, I will have lotsa beautiful photos for you to view in my blog. Happy? The first photos ever i took with this new camera is on Pui Wan's weeding (one of my beloved students). You are so lucky Pui wan, hehehe....
Here! The happy couple! Finally tight the not after almost 4 years dating if i'm not mistaken. So happy for you both. I was very happy that night too to come back and see all "old" faces, lolz. Super fun!
The Shall We Dance studio Gang.
The super actors and pretenders hahahah. Credit goes to Tonny Gan on this photo. He just held the camera and ask bunch of us turn here, turn there, lolz. Damn funny
And here, can see my heart shape finger ;)
After wedding dinner, i had to rush to another party with my colleagues girls. It's always like that every time i come back KL. :D So nice to see them all
Cam-whoring before entering the Beach club ;)
The party girls as usual. We lack one of the angel here :(
And ME!
Pretty simple, my trip back this time. And surprisingly, just a bout 2 months i stayed in Singapore, many people saying the same thing that i look so much different, much better than last time, lolz...Perhaps, Singapore air is cleaner then :D