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July 07, 2009 Crystalicious 6 Comments

I had a bad and ugly day yesterday after I came back from Malaysia. There are few stupid things suddenly happened that destroyed my day. And believe or not, both work- love- life coincidentally happened at the same timing. *Pissed*. Anyway, it's already new day today. Hopefully today will be better. I'm back to my blogging mode now since it's been few days i ignore it. I just can't wait to blog for you about my new "baby" just joined the Crystal family. It's been so long I'm wanting "him". I planned my budget to take him home probably next month of a month after. But he came earlier than i thought and know what I got it as a PRESENT. A super precious present ever, I'm so happy ;). Take a look at my toy!
The CANON EOS 450 Just my dream ^_^
Don't be so envious at me. I promise with this newbie, I will have lotsa beautiful photos for you to view in my blog. Happy? The first photos ever i took with this new camera is on Pui Wan's weeding (one of my beloved students). You are so lucky Pui wan, hehehe....
Here! The happy couple! Finally tight the not after almost 4 years dating if i'm not mistaken. So happy for you both. I was very happy that night too to come back and see all "old" faces, lolz. Super fun!
The Shall We Dance studio Gang.
The super actors and pretenders hahahah. Credit goes to Tonny Gan on this photo. He just held the camera and ask bunch of us turn here, turn there, lolz. Damn funny
And here, can see my heart shape finger ;)
After wedding dinner, i had to rush to another party with my colleagues girls. It's always like that every time i come back KL. :D So nice to see them all
Cam-whoring before entering the Beach club ;)
The party girls as usual. We lack one of the angel here :(
And ME!
Pretty simple, my trip back this time. And surprisingly, just a bout 2 months i stayed in Singapore, many people saying the same thing that i look so much different, much better than last time, lolz...Perhaps, Singapore air is cleaner then :D


  1. You might wanna learn up how to use the slow sync mode effectively. Look at the monitor and see how long the shutter stays open. This will tell you how long you (and your subjects) need to stay steady during the shot.

    Alternatively, use slow sync mode with rear flash. One thing about having a DSLR is to actually use MANUAL mode. Feel free to ask me for anything, I'll write up about it on my blog :D

  2. Crystal3:38 PM

    Yah, i'm still pretty new to this. Got lot of things to learn, i need an instructor, hehehehe

  3. Wa, so good, got new "baby" leh. how's it? is it user friendly? i wanna get one too ma. haha!

  4. Crystal6:22 PM

    Now all are still new. So not friendly yet, until i get used to all the function by heart, then i think it's should be ok. Still trying and learning how to shot, :D
    Too bad, that night cannot see u Rich

  5. Sob...sob... i feel sad too... even i can't see you that night, but u are always in my mind and my heart. (Feel touching or not :D)

  6. Wah, so touching :D You are my sweetest student cum. supporter. A big hug to you, Rich