Oct 28, 2009

Dancing with Crystal

Wooohooo, my first Youtube video ever, lolz...:D Not much, it's actually the piece of Chachacha choreography that I taught my student. Some of my favorite steps that I like, I want my students to dance those. This is the 3rd lesson of me with my students and they could do the complete routine. How good!

What about my Malaysian students??? Hello! Are you guys still on track? Anyway, I'm thinking of recording my routine each time I teach and uploading on Youtube as "Dance with Crystal" series. So do follow up with me on my videos and catch some favorite steps for yourself. How about it? And remember leave me some comments after u watch'em. That's all for now! :)

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  1. Annie Devi6:19 PM

    im shocked....oiii ur boobs look bigger...did u anything a ma?