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Dancing with Crystal: Samba

December 02, 2009 Crystalicious 7 Comments

A short piece of Samba routine! This is just the teaching vid of mine, I'll promise i will upload my own routines soon :) 4TEZXWHXWSVP


  1. Gulp - your dancing is awesome.
    I learned it about 9 years ago as I wanted to participate in the Samba Festival in Brazil. Maybe I should brush up my skill after watching your style.

  2. N-I-C-E...!!!
    You should go to Spain dear... :))
    me want to learn..

    Raikkonious ;)

  3. @Rengamboy: Yes, you should but am wondering you are a boy (I guess), how could you apply my sexy style, lolz :D

    @pumpkin: Yah ya ya :D You go to Spain then later u come back here u must show me the Mattado's dance, bull-fighter :D

  4. You are right. It is funny I consider myself a boy even thought my numerical age is not. Maybe I was influenced by the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." When one is young, one wants to behave like adult, but when one is old, one wants to hide one's age. Anywhere, dancing always makes one fogets one's age.
    As dancing involves body contact and I presume it is this skinship or the human touch that makes the body to produce good hormone, hence you will experience the exhilarating feeling.
    Thanks for the response.

  5. You are rock, babe. Upload more videos, I want to see :D

  6. @Rengam Boy: Wow, such a technical explaination, lolz...Cool! I do not think of those that much when i'm dancing, i just feel the dance :)

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