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April 10, 2010 Crystalicious 1 Comments

I've looked back my blog history and Goodness I didn't know that I've been blogging for 3 years plus til now. It isn't a big number to say anything but to me, it consists of many pieces stories in my life the past 3 years plus: happy, sad, lucky, unlucky, career, relationship etc...I've seen my blog growing from a plain Jane til it's so colorful as it is now, the increasing number of blog readers each day. I'm happy and I'm proud of it!

It's time to show my "spiritual kid" to the world!!!!!!

My blog was actually nominated to this Award!

How awesome!!!!!!

There are 4 categories that my blog were nominated for:

1. EASB Best individual blog
2. Best Lifestyle Blog
3. Best Modeling Blog
4. Most insightful Blog

Thank to some friends and my readers who have nominated. But it's NOT enough guys! I need more Nomination please!!!!!

So if you are my frequent blog reader, you love reading my blog, seeing my photos, watching my video, it doesn't matter if you hate me or Love me, JUST NOMINATE!!!!!

Click HERE! Choose Main Categories to nominate! You can either nominate my blog for one of these categories above or for any other category that you think my blog is most suitable for. And here are some recommended posts (click at the hyphenated link) that say why my blog was nominated for those categories:

1. EAS Individual Blog!

Of course, it's MINE blog , not yours and I blog everything about my personal life, my crazy pink addict, my super blinked gadgets, my haven't ended-love stories, my jobs, bla bla bla....Doesn't it sound personal enough? If Yes, Nominate and Vote!

2. Best Lifestyle Blog!

You say my blog doesn't seem to be Lifestyle Blog??? Hello! Say again! What you define Lifestyle as? I love traveling here and there, I love dancing, I love party, hanging out with friends and I love Shopping :D Is that enough of proof? Vote man!

3. Best Modeling Blog!

This is so obvious from the first glance at my blog, your eyes are flooded by all of my photos from various photoshoots, events, etc....
Read back some modeling Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.....Chose your most favorite yourself!

4. Most insightful blog!

Perhaps, it's nominated by one of my old-age blog readers, lolz...Whoever has been following my blog from the start, you probably felt surprised or shocked at some HOT topics I've blogged about and ever some of you guys asked "From where you have these kinda thinking? So profound, so mature". Well, the answer is from FACT, live experience. I speak frankly about LOVE, SEX, MAN-WOMAN relationship without any hesitation. Some said my words are harsh, but why are people still interested in reading and commenting? lolz. Weirdo!

Anyway, whatever you love most about my blog, do speak it out, nominate it and support it! Because who knows if my blog wins any prize, YOU might be the lucky one to win some awesome prizes below:

A Garmin ASUS M10 smart phone
Sponsored by ASUS

10 x Fabrix Laptop Cases (Worth $60 each)
Sponsored by Fabrix

5 x luxurious travel hotel accommodation
Sponsored by Asia Web Direct

Sounds too good to miss, doesn't it! So dont wait! Support me! I promise I will blog about the most interesting blog ever for you guys as whatever you request IF I'm selected for voting! Yay!!!! Am so kind to my readers, right? :D And the other reason is, I've been blogging like hell to entertain your daily reading habit, can't you just do a good thing in return to me by Nominating and voting please!!! Wtf, I felt like I'm begging people, lolz!

No, I think it's still not enough to move my blog readers. I shall give to whoever nominated for me a HOT- STEAMY KISS, perhaps!


For more infos about the Award, you can check it HERE. Nomination is still opened until 9 May 2010! So, do not waste time! 

Click HERE to nominate NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!

P/s: Some other infos you might need to nominate for me: Blogger name: Crystal. My email: That's all for now! Love you guys, xooxox!

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