Natural make-up tip!

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Since I haven't updated any tutorial post at all yet plus many girls were asking me about how to do a natural make up for a normal day out! Well, I'm not a professional  make-up artist but somehow my make up skill has been passed the professional make up artist's judge so I think, I'm good enough to share with you girls how to do a good make up! *ehem* Yeah! Else, if you think i'm not qualified, consider you are reading a crappy blog entry :D

I am personally a BIG fan of natural make- up. To me, make-up is the tool to make a women become more beautiful in front of the men, not to scare the men off. The good make-up should hide all the unwanted "mistakes" on your face. Hence, the more natural it is, the better you look! I only wear a heavy make up (with dark eye-shadow) if I have to attend some events, parties, clubbing etc....Or you can only see me on "scary" make up when I'm about to start my dance performances. Other than that, Natural- Natural- Natural! 

You must look beautiful as naturally as if there is no make up at all on your face ;) So here is my tips for you girls!

I skip the washing/ cleaning/ moisturizing steps because it is a MUST before you put any make up on! Choose your own brand that suits your skin. I'm using The Face Shop fyi

So I shall start with the first step:

1. Applying foundation

Squeeze small amount of your favorite and most suitable foundation brand to your palm or hand (as i did), do not apply directly to your face. This is what a professional make-up artist used to do. 

Use the sponge to apply the foundation evenly all over the face. I'm using Chanel foundation because i found it super damn long-lasting and suitable for my skin. 

2. Face powder.

Better choose the same brand with your foundation for the best result. You can either use brush to apply the powder on your face or use the sponge too. 

3. Eye-liner

Put on a very fine eye-liner on your upper eyelid to make your eyes look bigger :D and it looks more natural if you want to put on the fake eye-lashes later. I'm using the Gel eye-liner from Maybeline. 

4. Curl eyelashes

I hate my stupid short-straight eyelashes! It looks so ugly, overtime I need to curl them up before putting up the fake eyelash or else i will look like a monster with 4 eyelashes, 2 are straight and 2 are long and curly. 

5. Mascara

As usual, you want your eyelashes look thicker and keep the form after curling them, you need a good mascara.

Looking up while you doing it!

6. Fake eyelashes

My most favorite thing i want to do and my level is up to 30 seconds to complete putting up the fake eyelashes for both eyes. Is it pro yet?

Make sure you use the black glue so that it wont look so obvious the white line on your eyelids and in other way, the black glue can acts as your eye liner too!

7. Blushering time!

Little bit pinky to make your face look healthy. I dont like a girl with a super dark eye-shadow, no lipstick and no blusher at all. They look so damn pale and Ghost-alike, Godness! Why didn't they know that? So remember putting on the blusher before you go out!

8. Lipstick

Am  using natural rose pink! Mad love with this color :) Remember to put on some lip balm before you put on the lipstick. 

9. Lip gloss

This is not compulsory unless you are going out at night and you want people to look at your shiny lips, make it look sexier, thicker. Else, in day time if you  have to go out, under the sun, it's not advisable. I dont wear lip gloss in day time because i dont want my lips become dust-magnet 

My favorite lip gloss of all time: Dior! So lovely the pink. 

Make it more artistic while putting on the lip gloss, hehehee.....

So that are all 9 steps together i've been  using everyday! Simple and easy to do! it will take you not more than 30 minutes to look beautiful. So dont be lazy, women! I used to go to work without make up at all because i was super lazy woman before. I love sleeping on bed even just for extra 5 minutes. But then when you go out everyday, meet many people, you'll realize that how important the beautiful look will bring the confidence in you. So do it as I say! You will see the result 



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