Sep 20, 2010

The parties never end!

The photos/ videos taken from the last two weeks til now that i haven't had time to upload them up -_-. Sorry I know it's bloody long and I swear, I wasn't lazy. I didn't have much time to blog like i used to do before. Don't tell me the word "Time management" neither teach me how to manage my time unless you are such a busiest person like Obama, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and bla bla bla...because I'm as busy as they are, hahhaaaa....

Anyway, I've already prepared for a next post, it took so long to finish it for God's sake coz i started learning video blogging and i tried to be my own director cum. actress cum. editor, lolz. I know it will be horrible but just wait to see and laugh. Worst case, you will be just laughing at yourself in front of your computer and people will laugh at you back. 

* OK, stop talking nonsense now. I gotta quickly finish this post and zZzzzZ*

Last 2 weeks were  busy weeks for me, so many invited parties, events to attend. I was so busy and forgetful that i even forgot one big Official opening party of a fashion brand called Cufflinkz which I was chosen to be their brand ambassador. Fml! How shameful was that? Did I ever mention that I need a PA before? I really do >_<

In the same week, there was another party which I managed to attend coz i kept reminding myself like zillion times before :D. So here it is!

LAUNCH 2 - Singapore's Premier Networking Mixer for CREATIVES

Remember the first Launch event I attended somewhere in February this year? Click here if you forget!

This is the 2nd Launch party which is organized mainly for people in TV, film, creatives and art industry i.e actor, actress, director, dancers, etc.... I must say I love it! It's a good time to catch up with old friends and get to know new one as everyone in entertainment industry is busiest person on earth. Believe or not? I haven't had chance to catch up with my girl for almost a year and we are like 15 minutes drive away from each other.

Share with you some of the photos that night. The photos and video haven't been updated yet so I only have few which i found them on some websites they upload it :D

with Claudie Tan and her unique style that night. Credits to Jeri Soh (photographer)

Claudie, me and Dan another photographer

with Kate on lifestyleasia.com :D She is super busy as I am :D

Jason, me and Willy Foo. On Launch1, we had the shoot together and this is the 2nd one :D

with Billy, videographer of the night! The one who interviewed me at the red carpet moment

Overall, I gave Launch2 event this year 8 out of 10: great performances, great preparation, great people. Everything was awesome and well planned. Oh ya, i forgot, i even won a lucky draw on that night itself and my name was called out right after I told Willy "I've never had any luck in any lucky draw before so I'm volunteer to be out of this" :D 

I left the party at 11pm and went to Se7en1nch with an empty feeling and a bit sad because my boyfriend went to Manila on that night itself for 4 fucking days which meant I was alone from Thurs to Sun and it was holiday. Can you imagine what i felt? It's suck to be alone. Thanks God, he is next to me now while I'm writing this post :D

987fm turns 21 party

Mediacorp radio station 98.7FM celebrates its 21st birthday this year and they threw out a birthday party at Silk Club. I was one of the 21 hot girls they selected to join the party. At sharp 8.30pm, I managed to find my way to Silk for the hair do and make up!

I finished everything pretty fast as I did my make up my own at home so the hairstylist just gotta take care of my hair.

Me and him- my hairstylist with my hairstyle of that night :D

Basically it was a contest for all of us, 21 hot girls. They gave us a T-shirt which i was wearing in the photo, a super ordinary T-shirt with 987fm logo and our mission was modifying that ordinary T-shirt to a extraordinary one. 

Second mission: Doing a catwalk in front of the audiences (* Good crowd wasn't it?)

 and show your talent in only 21 seconds. Many girls chose to sing, I danced.  

This is my T-shirt after being modified and I was in action of my 21 seconds talent contest :D

I didn't win, she did!

 I've never had any luck to win in any contest, competition before (exclude my dancing) so I wasn't surprised at all. I joined for fun and also it was a very good time to catch up with Rosalyn Lee and Shan for a short conversation. Rozz is so friendly and cheerful omg, i love her characters. 

Shan and Rozz on stage

RazorTV interview
Last thing i did last week was having an interview with Razor.tv at Se7en1nch bar. It was a short interview for less than 10 minutes but I gotta stay at the bar until 1am to finish everything. The shoot was in weekday, it means I gotta wake up at freaking 7.30am next day to work. Now you know how tired I was!

Is it happening enough to entertain you? If yes, share the link to your friends too and come back here often to read my tweet if my blog isn't updated yet, lolz. I'm getting tired and sleepy now. 
Bye all!

P/s: Oh btw, I bought this

and got this as a gift :D

so you can expect another happening blog entry from me after this. Now, bye!

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