Fun on bed!

December 03, 2010 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

I know what you are thinking about when you first read this post title. ;)!!!
I'm not so brave like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton to have a self-made sex tape, I just  wanted to entertain myself with shit loads of camwhoring pics as I was having an awesome make up that day. :D

It was raining on Saturday before and after I went to the friend's wedding lunch, I had nothing to do at home. Lying down on bed but I couldn't sleep, so? The best thing to do is camwhoring!!!! And this will be the first lying down camwhoring pics after long time.

Acting drama abit since it's gloomy and rainy outside! Didn't I tell you my make up was mad awesome! Right?

This pic looks like I'm advertising for a watch brand but somehow I didn't get the watch in the photo, lolz...

The "pretend to be shy" look! :D

The "Wow factor"! I dont know what it's wow about! WAHHAAAA, anyhow name it :p

Tell me my photos are damn nice!!! I'm not talking about the model, am talking about the photo quality. I didn't do any photoshop with those pics, all are original from my.......iPhone4!

Good God! I think there are some photographers with their super big camera would die of shame to my iPhone. Their photos are so lousy sometimes and I got disappointed in looking into it. I used to hate iPhone4 because I thought it was just a game console and got people so addicted. Up to now, I still don't play game that much but I'm so in love with the HD function on the iPhone camera. Mad chios the pictures! Not to mention the video quality, omg! I'm speechless seriously! I can even just record the 2 minutes video and upload it to my blog instantly anytime, anywhere. And it's the HD Video, ok! Happy max ^_^

Saw my blog traffic has been increasing so much after i got the domain for it, readers network is expanding everywhere now *smiling happily*. Thank you for visiting and supporting me! I'll try my best to blog more often and will give you more and more quality blog post.

No shitty photos/ video, I promise *wink*