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Post- Jakarta story

Guess, many of you have been waiting for this post. I'm now to inform all of you that
in a way of gaining experiences, memory, and good start of our partnership. That was our first dance competition together marked our partnership 4months old. We had fun time, FREE stay in 4 stars hotel, FREE food and even had money to shop. Tell you about it later. Let's me start with the positive comment first. We landed in Jakarta at 9pm local time which means 10pm (Singapore time) and were picked up by the organizer to our hotel: Twin Plaza hotel. Here is our hotel room!
Not bad though, big 4 stars hotel. And here I was after my hot shower, waiting for the dinner to be served. Nom nom~
I have no comment on the hotel service, basically all were good, the staffs all are very polite, decent and nice. FREE wifi in the hotel room and room service charge was cheap too. So most of the time, we ordered room service. Foods were fantastic! My partner was super in love with the food in the hotel, lolz....
That's my food and he even ate mine too.
Oh, know what? I tried Vietnamese beef noddle too. Not bad taste even though it wasn't exactly Vietnamese style :D Next morning, I was waken up by a noisy alarm and "noisy" boy in my room at 7am coz we had to rush for our breakfast and registration for the competition before 9am. When we arrived competition venue, there were many people dancing on the floor at all age from 12 years old to above 50 years old. Such a good atmosphere that woke me up.
We quickly ran through our dance to test the floor and got back hotel to....sleep. My event was only started at 8pm in the evening so we had plenty of time to rest, do my make up, put on tanning on my body, hairdo, and nail polish bla bla bla.... I did some video recording during the make up, tanning and hair do session but it's kinda long to upload up here. So i'm gonna just share with you the result!
Here you go!
Me after my make up! Make up for dance competition is always scary and fierce, lolz
Can you all see my tanning skin? I applied instant tanning a night before the comp and it turned out so great. Love love love it so much! And believe it or not, it took me 3hours sharp to do all these things done! Mad bloody long preparation for just 20minutues on the dance floor. We danced 3 rounds. First was semi-final for Rising star category, it was 4 dances and right after was Queen cup category which was 5 dances one short. There was a break in between each category probably around less than 10minutes, lolz...So imagine, we just walked in, walked out and walked in again. Pretty tiring but it was fun! And here is what we achieved! .
. . . . .
. . . .
6th placing in Queen cup category (Latin Amateur Open) with a cert and most importantly: MONEY for shopping. I meant cash prize, lolz... That was good enough for our first competition together even though we didn't manage to get into final for Rising Star, but yeah we did try our best. With the cash prize, we treated ourselves a good meal at American Grill restaurant at the largest shopping center in Jakarta! Sounds great! I love the food there but i dont like shopping in Jakarta!!!!!!! So damn bloody expensive! I was so wondering that Jakarta currency is so much lower than Singapore one but why the hell all shops put up the price higher than in Singapore. A same dress like this:
you could get in Singapore probably about S$150 to S$180. But there it was S$250, wtf???? I love that pink dress so much, got into the fitting room to change and wanted to buy. But when i saw the price tag, I wish I could have a scissors to cut the dress off. Mad angry! Who gives them the right to be so expensive? It destroyed my mood til I didn't want to buy anything AT ALL in Jakarta. Daryl did! He was so mad crazy at the Crocs shop and tried to convince me to buy one pair. I tried on to satisfy him only, that's it.
Yah, i know it's pink, it's cute. But it's mad expensive lor. S$80/ pair while I could get the same one in Singapore for only S$50 Food are not cheap either. Basically, nothing is cheap in Jakarta. I would never want to come back Jakarta for traveling or holiday again. Not to mention about messy, confusing airport, crowded street, etc...
Only can be seen in Jakarta!
Don't believe? You can go there and explore it yourself. I dont want to complain so much here. Luckily, our trip was sponsored partially, so it's still acceptable :D
Now it's time for random photos!
with Malaysian couple. The girl ran to me and ask "Are you from Malaysia last time?" bla bla bla....then we started talking to each other. We were our competitor during the dances.
Another Malaysian senior couple who won Champion of Senior above 50 years old. Excuse me! they are over 50 years old ok and the lady danced damn good. I love her style and the way she was smiling to the audience. So sweet! Who says old people can't dance? See them!
cam-whoring at the airport while waiting for boarding.
that's Jakarta viewed from my hotel room. I tried to take a best view photo of Jakarta as I could.
and I was trying to snap an artistic photo of me looking down to the street. Last, cam-whoring at the airplane as usual. I feel kinda fun doing so, is that your problem?
Sorry coz i dont have any video of me during the comp, but i'm trying to look for it and if i do get it, i will share it out here. Now gotta back to sleep, dont know why i'm so mad sleepy while writing this post. P/s: Btw, thank alot guys, whoever wished me luck during the comp. Love you!




I'm going to Jakarta in 16 hours and will only be back on 24th Jan.

Most likely I won't unpack my luggage at all coz then I will head to Malaysia on 25th til 28th. This is the first time I visit Indonesia. Not for work. Am representing Singapore to join:

Queen Cup International Ballroom Dancing Championships!!!!

So excited right now! + Must do dark-tanning on whole body a night before + My hotel is located in the largest shopping area. So, must shop. But I promise i won't exchange lot of money + Must think of what hairstyle should I have for the competition? Bun? Braid? pony tail? or wig... + Must check out some nice places for cam-whoring. I guess I won't be able to tweet, blog or Facebook during my trip unless I can connect to Wifi. So see you guys in the next 6 days. Dont miss me so much because you know, I miss you all too. Muahxxxxx

Some photos were taken by DStudiolab just before the competition. Too beautiful not to share.

The bullfighter

or the Paso Doble dance


That's the dance of love

 Love the photos, don't you???


Crystal gadgets

The mad love BLINK

Hello guys, I'm back! It's 7 days, yah i know but I was busy traveling though. So here I am, got a good news for you ALL!!!! I finally bought a new camera after so long consideration and it's kinda SEMI-PRO camera even though it's not DSLR camera, but it's totally awesome. It's Sony Cybershot WX1!!! My previous camera is Sony T20 and I wanted to get a new different brand. I thought of getting a Panasonic Lumix LX3 with Leica len. Heard that camera is powerful too. Last week, I went to Plaza Singapura to have my dinner and since there was still little extra time til the dance class, i walked to the electronic gadget store. They were having some promotion period. There was a chubby Malays guy came to talk to me: "How may I help you, Miss" ME-"Oh, I wanted to look for a LumixLX3" -"Ok, it's over there. Are you using MF (manual focus) alot while you shoot?" ME-"Errrh, no actually. I just use AF (auto focus). But i like the Lumix LX3 because the photos come out are so clear, they have nice macro mode, soft skin mode. That's what i'm interested" -"Ok. But if dont use MF, then it's gonna abit wasted coz Lumix is more useful if you use those. Let's me show u the new one"
He left me there camwhoring myself with the Lumix LX3, I was so mad happy snapping the photos of myself by that Lumix and thought most probably will get it. The sales guy came back with another model which is NOT Lumix, It's Sony Cybershot.
They have 3 different colors to choose: BLACK, SILVER, GOLD I was kinda disappointed and told him: "No, I have 1 Sony already, so i just want to get the Lumix". -"Ok, but this one is totally new and different from what you have. Just let me show u the differences" And yes, it's really different! Much more powerful, more functional, lighter than Lumix LX3. Not just that, it does have all functions that Lumix have but it's even more. Mad crazy is It's much cheaper! I bought it only for S$599!!! I always wanted to get a handy good quality camera for camwhoring purpose. The DSLR i'm having is just so unable to self-camwhore because it's bloody heavy and big. Somemore, it's not convenient to bring it out all the time. Most importantly, i need a good macro and soft shooting mode which Sony WX1 has. WX1 has cemos censor which according to the sale guy, it's the best sensor for camera nowadays. 10.2 mega pixels, 5x zoomable with G-lens, the best lens of Sony perhaps :D What should I ask for more? Ok, just leave all the dried technical numbers aside: Here is the HOTTEST stuff.
Bling time!
I think I'm kinda addicted to blinking my gadget, hahaha....Whatever i buy (handphone, camera, usb, lappi, usb...) my main interest is to blink them up. And here is how the work done. First, you need to pick up some swaroski crystal size and color that you want. There are many different colors which suit ur taste, just mix and match. I personally love CrystalAB (rainbown color)
Hot pink swaroski!
Here is the artistic close-up shot of crystals
And you need a good glue to zhng all these crystals up:
I'm using this Deco glue, powerful though. Sorry for my unpolished nails
You need a piece of paper to put on your crystal, a tweezers and a towel to clean up unwanted glue areas. That's all for preparation, and now, it's zhng time....
. . . . . . One hour. . . . . . . . . . Two hour. . . . . . . . . .I'm here now presenting to you: My new blinked Sony WX1
Mad chio and blink, isn't it :D
I didn't bring my other camera to snap my WX1, so i took it through the mirror :D I shall camwhore more my WX1 by my Canon450D when i'm back home then. Right now, i'm gonna tell you WHY i'm in love my new camera.
Photos testing time!
Non-flash photos never be blur. It's just super natural, ok! Even though, I was on the bus, moving while i snapped this shot. Super duper awesome!
Another shot of moving objection. You can never see the blurriness on the photo
The macro test shot! This is my most favourite!
Unknown flower nearby my house! The color is just super vibrant and WX1 macro mode is awesome. Mad love!
Who says only DSLR can capture my blink crystal on my fone? Sony WX1 can too! I swear i didn't do any photoshop work at all. The color is 100% real natural.
My chioest bag hanger! Never got to worry where to keep your bag while you attend dinner! Tadah~ Super dark test shots
Do you guys agree with me that shooting photos in the dark is extremely difficult for a normal tiny compact camera? You need a flash, but sometimes a flash either gives you a very harsh photo or it's not effective at all which makes you very pissed. I was pissed off many times i wanted to take dark landscape photo. It turned out so blur and dark still. So this time i wanted to test my new camera. And here you go!
A super dark shot WITHOUT flash. Can you even see the cloud on the sky? It's real clouds, excuse me! Sony WX1 has a shooting mode for FOOD too!!! So i tried anyway, since some people said i didn't shot any photos of food in my blog. Here you go!
Kailan with different types of mushroom. Made in Malaysia!
Tepanyaki slice beef! Made in Singapore :D
Both are yummy
Not food, but food menu. That's sushi! The camera even has the PET SHOOTING MODE. Wtf! Lolz...Shooting pet is usually difficult too coz they dont know how to pose and like to jump around. That's what this mode is made for. So if you have dog, cat, rat, snake, cockroach, flea, tick, pig, etc...just snap them off. Now, here are the most awesome function of this camera. It include UNDERWATER Shooting mode. Omfg! I was so mad love when i discover this. *Ofcourse the sales man didn't tell me so. I always love shooting underwater and this tiny camera even has recording movie underwater. Die die, hahahhaa...This gonna go with me to Phuket for sure!!! Wheeeee Not just that! There is one more incredible thing about this camera! Look at this photo:
What is that man? It's PANORAMA shooting!!!! When the salesman demonstrated to me this function I was totally stunned. Speechless! I knew I was sold. I wanted to take a look at the camera at first. But after his effort of showing me so many different things, I decided to buy a camera immediately. How could not I??? He even gave me extra PINK pouch besides the original one. and 8GB memory card Couldn't tell you how much excited i was and i was twittering like crazy along the way home. Movie shooting could never be better. It's so clear, clean and good lighting. Show you the vids later.
Random photoshot.
At sushi restaurant with Daryl after our photoshot!
Testing my camera zoom lens. Pre-blinked period!
On the airplane, waiting for departing.
Looks like i have my own private jet? lolz
Another self-portrait!
You have no idea how much photoshop i have to work on skin beautifying on my previous photos taken by my previous compact cam. But with SonyWX1, i didn't even do a single work. Soft-skin mode is great!
Landed after 1 hour. Babe picked me up! Couldn't wait to camwhore with him with my new camera.
Kong& Meng's wedding dinner 16th Jan!
Cam-whoring on the go! I dont know why my skin turned out to be so fair in the photos,lolz
Me, babe and the lucky groom of the night!
Me and my boy- Daryl. Our duty for that night was to give a best dance performance to the groom and bride!
Puiwan, MeiYee and Me. They were kinda surprised seeing me. I wasn't :D
Another couple shot! Bought for babe a new shirt in Orchard! He looked so mad happy and funny too, hahahha
Our table! I love Panorama, hahaha
Back stage photo before performance started!
One more!!!
Random: Babe's wine collection at home mini-bar
Random: Kitchen! White-grey color makes it look so clean. I feel like cooking when i enter the kitchen, lolz :D
What's a long post entry ever, lolz... I guess, that's enough to show you how awesome my camera is. I'm gonna try to take more clearer photos for you guys to see, i promise. No shitty, no blurry, no shady photos given. So bloody excited! Gotta back to pack my stuffs right now. I haven't packed anything yet and for God's sake, my flight is at 10pm tonite. I shall blog at the airport later then. Maybe :D P/s: For those who are curious. Total of big crystals on my fone are 348 pieces (not including the super tiny one around the lens). Total cost: Camera: S$599 Crystal: S$100 Glue: S$3++ Tweezers: S$2++ So you sum it up!!!