Police report for Degree certification lost.

Tell me, this is super RIDICULOUS people!

I lost my Degree certification somewhere in my old house around Dec 2009, and I only realized it 2 months later when i needed the cert for some of my applications. It's gone missing even though i still remember exactly where did I place it. Anyway, it was really my bad luck and my fault too for not being so careful on this.

I emailed to my instructor in the university at first for help. He then passed me to one of the ladies whom he thought she might be in charge of those matters.

I mailed her:

She then replied me a day or 2 days after, it was 8th March.

Such a nice and helpful lady but I DID NOT receive any email/ reply from her colleague at all until today which is 29th March, so means I have been waiting for 21 days for a reply. Good God!

And it's not she replied to me, I made a phone call to her office and thank God she was in.

Me: Hi, can I speak to Pn. R.n

RN: Yes, i'm speaking.

Me: Hi, I'm Crystal, referred by Ms. Zaleha to contact u for the degree cert reissue matter. I have mailed to Ms. Zaleha and she told me you are the right person for me to talk to. My name student ID is:.....

RN: Oh, i remember. But I have replied to you regarding this matter. (*thanks God she still remembers)

Me: What? Sorry, I didn't receive any email from you so far. So may I know what is your advice about this matter and how could I get another copy of my cert.

RN: Oh, you have to go to police station and make a police report.

Me (with both eyes open super widely on the other line) Huh???? Police report? Why I have to do a police report about the Degree certification that i accidentally lost. I thought I could just make a request from the university itself

RN: No, you have to go to log a police report first. You bring the police report to us, we will issue to you a LETTER OF CONFIRMATION that you have studied in university.

Me: So it means, without a police report, University wont be able to re-issue any certification for any special case?

RN: Yes. We need a police report.

Me: But I'm in Singapore now, how could I make a police report in Malaysia
RN: That's why! (*what did she mean?????) Do you have any friend here? Maybe you can ask friend for help.

I didn't want to write up til the end because until this part, I was so pissed til I couldn't want to continue the conversation, I said "I will try" and bye her off.

Can anybody tell me: What does police gotta do with a Degree certification lost???? This is the very first time in my life i heard this. I can't understand and I can't tolerate it.

I put myself into their shoes and elaborate all these rules: Maybe they are afraid of i'm lying to them to get a copy of the certification? Maybe they are freaking of their copyright cert design will be stolen? Or what?
Even though if I have so much free time to create all these stupid shits, logging a report to cheat the university,  what police can do to investigate that i'm telling a lie or a truth? It's basically NOTHING.

Can't it be so simple as such: A person makes a request to the university for degree cert copy, pays some amount for penalty and wait to collect the cert within period of time????


And yet they dont even give another copy of original cert, just a piece Letter of confirmation saying that i've studied here, when to when, what course, etc....For God's sake man, If somebody was in same situation like me and they are living in US or Europe, how the hell they could make a police report in Malaysia? Probably, getting a new Degree cert is just a dream then.

I couldn't take it when it comes to all administrative procedures in most of SEA countries. So mad annoying, redundant and complicated! Why could they just make people's life difficult for a small matter? Not just yet, they even think they have the right to suffer people by all ways, bla bla bla...

Hate to the max...@#@#$%$%^$%#

P/s: This is the second time in a month, I go to police station for different situations. Wtf!

Singapore Entertainment Award 2010

Advertorial It was my honor to be invited by to attend a HUGE event on Saturday night: Singapore Entertainment Awards 2010.
I wanted to wear a nice gown to attend the award, but when i came it wasn't appropriate as it's outdoor show. Hence, I quickly changed into another one. Here I am at the backdrop posing for SEA2010 as usual! :D
The event was organized by Singapore Press Holdings’ Chinese media Lianhe Wanbao, Radio 100.3, and UW (U-Weekly. When I got in, i was shocked at the crowd which mainly are young people.
This HUGE!
The award was organized at The Float @ Marinabay where we can see the Fullerton, Marina Bay, can enjoy the view, the wind and watch the show. I'm kinda falling in love with this windy place.
Camwhore for a while with my girl- Kate
Love her! But hate her dress! So damn nice, lolz...
This year, they have 45 awards in 11 categories which are: Most popular Male/ Female singer Most popular Group/ Band/ Local Singer Most popular regional newcomer Most popular music video Best album/ Lyric/ Local lyric/ Music composition/ Local Music composition Best Male/ Female/ Local Singer Best TV/ Actor/ Actress/ Director/ Taiwan Actor/ Taiwan Actress.... ........... OMG, am so confused and lost here. Anyway in general, this is an HONOR achievement to any artist that works hard on their career and I think they deserve it so well. The show started around 7.30pm with an impressive RED carpet moment of all celebrities. The crowd was screaming when they saw their star. I screamed too when I saw my most preferred celebs: CHEN HAO and JJ LIN. They all looked so great on that night and all the performances are superb. I was enjoying so much the music, the atmosphere there. Sharing with you guys some of the pics taken that night!
That's my boy on stage! Chen Hao! HE doesn't look much different from the movie and the real life. Sweet and charming smile! :)
and here the close up!
*Photos by Robin @
JJ Lin with a romantic song, singing while playing piano!
and dancing with his fans! Mad friendly!
Korean band: SHINee created a crazy noise of fans that night when they just walked up to the stage!
and here they are: Close up shot by Robin @
There are many other artists on stage that made the night more happening and fun i.e:
Budak Pantai feat. Liu Ling Ling
Super fun and hilarious performance yet very creative too. They just mixed up Chinese Oldies songs with some modern Lady Gaga typed of songs so naturally and perfectly matching. I love this performance most! Other famous male/ female singers of the night i.e: Olivia Ong, Liang Wenyin, Tanya Chua, Xiao Gui (cute boy), Eason Chan, By2, Yoga Lin, Ah du, Zhao Youting, etc.... Overall, it was a successful event and organizer did a great job. Everything was perfect and so professionally arranged: the lighting, the MC, the performances, etc...even the weather was awesome for a night outdoor show too. I'm sure all the photos, videos are flooding over the internet now as I saw the newspaper delivered news in the next morning itself. However, if you want to watch more vids and see more photos. You might want to click HERE P/s: Thanks once again for the invitation. Mad love~ :)




I'm back to my blog again after a long holiday. Here is my week in photos. 

Attending Launch Networking Event at Helipad, I've met all great people: actors, actress, film directors, and models. Such a fun night.

Me with my model friends

Me with a famous professional photographer in SG (Willy Foo) and actor, film director-Jason

Went for Salsa  dancing at Movida

with my girl- Lorraine


and a professional dancer from Philippines, hot boy Michael.

Before I flew back to Vietnam.


A beach photo shoot at Sensota with Phill- Switzerland photographer. We did some artistic shoos like this
You might see one of my photos in International Fine Art Photography Exhibition in Switzerland, as what he told me. *roll eyes*

I did an awesome shoot with Willy Foo whom I mentioned from the photo above. He always has some crazy ideas with an amazing technique like shooting in front of the ION Orchard Mall where there were thousands of people. I had to jump up and down so many times to capture these two photographs.

I came back to Singapore at 2 am on Friday, and 3pm, having a pre-bday celebration with a friend.

@ Marina bay. Love the wind and view.

A girls' night out.  I hope everyone had a great New Year celebration, I did! And now it's time to start working again. A brand new journey ahead!