It was such a long time (almost a year) since my first bikini contest at Singapore Import Night 2009, now only I joined the second bikini contest. Receiving an email from the organizer one month before the contest date, I didn't apply until the last submission date as I wasn't sure if I would take part. Half yes, half no. 

Honestly, I felt lazy and reluctant in joining such contest. Not because I don't have any confidence in myself, just we all knew the winner had most probably been pre-selected which we called it "politic issue" *sigh*. However, no doubt, the fun, the joy, the networking, the girl-ish moments were there among the contestants themselves.

All of my Se7en1nch girls joined too, hence I decided to send my submission email at last without any hope of winning -_-. I know where I'm standing and what I'm good at, that's good enough for me. I joined just for fun.

And YES, I had really great time with my friends at Wave House, Sentosa yesterday!!!!!!!!!! 

I and Keef had a little argument in the morning but we managed to settle the problem positively, sweetly, lovingly as usual before I went to work. *wink*. I'd been thinking past few days about how to talk to him about this event, whether he would encourage me to join or he would not like it. To my surprise, after we ended our cold-war, he agreed to go to support me. So damn touched and happy, I swear!
We headed down to Sentosa at 3pm when the sun shined like mad. My self-make up almost wanted to melt out on the way.

I thought I was late but when i arrived none of my girls was there yet, gotta wait for them! Many other contestants were waiting there, WaveHouse staffs were running around on duty, hot boys, girls in their swimsuits, bikini were either wave surfing or sun tanning. Crowded!

We were having some beers and...looking at people, lolz! Half an hour later, the girls arrived and we started our...

I and Keef
With this kinda quality, seriously my iPhone4 makes other killer DSLR cameras used by some so-called photographers die of shame. It's either the camera is suck or the photographer is damn lousy.

I, Christina, Wyn (our supporter), Rebecca.

Rebecca and I.
And now, 
contest time!!!!

We started up with catwalk session. I'm a pro at that haahaha...Used to cat-walking when i was 5 at...home :D after every dinner just to entertain mom and dad. And now, I'm on a real stage!

 Walk to the left

and walk to the right. 

Interviewed by Vernon (Muttons on the Move), the two DJ from 987fm who also hosted the 987fm turns 21 party which i attended last 2 months.

They asked me such a weird questions and I got stuck in finding the answer right on the spot. My questions were:

"On the freaking hot day like today, I will you do to cool yourself down"
I: *huh?* "Errh, most probably I will go swimming since I'm at beach now, having some drinks with friends and chilling out"
"How do you swim?"
I: Awww, I dont really how to swim well, so I will just (showing some actions)
"No, no I meant what will wear to swim"
I: Topless!
"Hah? Here, in this beach"
I: Depends, maybe a private beach *laugh*

That's all my Q&A session, sounds stupid, doesn't it? When I heard the question, I really didn't know what to say so I just answered randomly.
Look at my face when I heard the question from the MC. WHAHAAAAAA!!!!

I regretted not to answer "Probably I will get my favorite drink called "Duck My Sick" and go topless sun tanning". Purpose is to advertise for Se7en1nch bar's special drink *wink*

And that was the only thing we gotta do on stage besides posing untiringly for photoshoot.

 Posing at the banner!

 Photo by xinmsn.com. 

From one random photographer I found on facebook. 

Waiting for my catwalking turn! Tucking in your tummy all the time is a MUST. :D

Waiting for Top 10 announcement. 

All the contestants that day! 

I wasn't in Top10 as what I expected earlier :D but my girls did! Rebecca and Felicia got into Final FHM Top10. I'm so proud and happy for both!

Anyway, it was still a good and fun time i had. By joining such event like that, I actually gained more than I lost: the confident level in speaking in front of the crowd, presenting yourself in public, meeting new people,  new friendship, etc...It was all good! 

Who knows you might see me somewhere in any coming contest??? ;) 
That fun party has added something happening in my weekend. I'm ready to kick start a new week. Have a great week everyone! xoxoxo


boo dog,


Oh my Goodness! I'm seriously dying while Im looking at his adorable face. His name is Boo and I happened to find him on...facebook.

I was so inspired by a Japanese movie called "Hachiko". After watching the movie, I even had a dream about the Hachiko dog and his image was hunting me til the next day at work. I wanted to travel to Japan to pay him a visit. If you haven't watched "Hachiko" movie, please go to Google it and watch. And then I happened to see Boo on some websites. I want this dog so bad -_- Look at his face, who doesn't want to????

A fashionista!




Sorry for the late update!

Been busy with many works after the parties and also I had to wait for the photos from my photographer to get all these beautiful photos below. Now they all are here with me.

First of all, thank you everyone for coming down and celebrating with me on my birthday. I had three night birthday celebrations (from Thurs night to Saturday night) with many friends that were totally out of my expectation. Super duper happy! ^_^

Thank for all the happy birthday messages, my Facebook wall and inbox were flooded, but it's alright! Acceptable :D
Thank you, Se7en1nch bar for holding my actual birthday party and allowing me to have my dance performances on my birthday.

Thank you, Dan Yeo- a professional photographer who took many lovely photos of my party. You guys will love these photos he took. Anyone who wishes to engage Dan's services, check out his own White Room Studio website

And last but not least, special thanks to Keef- my boyfriend for many presents he bought, two candlelight dinners, the earliest birthday wishes at 12.00am sharp on 5th, and before I even opened up my eyes the next morning. How sweet!

Ok, now...

Posing at Se7en1nch bar entrance before the party started.
It was raining on 6th Nov (Saturday), and I was so worried that not many people would come. But it wasn't like what I was afraid!

Me and Whiskey Tiger Band

with my girl- Rebecca, Se71nch dancer

Whiskey Tiger on stage

With my BFF- Ida. Proud to be her image consultant. Does she look hot in this type of dressing?

The drink of the night! Absintheeeeee!
From left: Keef, me, Fung and Kelly.

We drank four to five shots of black absinthe that has 85% alcohol. Tell me about it!!! It's so crazy yet so fun.


Most of us who drank absinthe got pretty tipsy that night except for Fung, who was totally knocked out.
Apart from drinking, some friends of mine were looking forward to my dance performances that night too. It was also the anniversary of my ten years dancing career.

Along ten year dancing, I've achieved numbers of awards, titles, certificates but somehow, I still feel there is something missing. There is something I still haven't achieved yet, and I've been dreaming about it since I started competing til now. I wanted to have a good permanent partner to go for as many international competitions as possible. We might win; we might loose, but the satisfaction is most enjoyable and beautiful feeling ever.

This year, I got a new dance partner, a real professional one. We competed, performed and practiced almost every week when he was in town, and I felt so alive. But, we still couldn't compete and practice as much as I wanted because my partner needs to travel in and out Singapore every month. So, a dream is still a dream. *sigh*


Back to the birthday party! I decided to throw a mini live show to celebrate my birthday; I performed solo on the stage. Since Se7en1nch is the rock bar, hence I danced to the rock music with a Latin technique and moves, it's kind of cool and unique indeed. No video recorded; there are only photos!

First outfit!


was dancing to a Rumba song "Drift Away".

Third outfit that I changed it on the stage itself :D

Fourth and also the last outfit I wore

one of my most favorite photo that Dan also chose it as the CD cover.

Regardless his super busy schedule, he still spent sometimes to make this CD for me which I felt so touched. OMG! Why am I so lucky to have so many good friends around? :D

Look at the CD that Dan passed to me :D
Random photos:

I and Debbie were acting cute!

From left: Kate, me, Rebecca.

My birthday candle light dinner at East Coast. Keef brought me to eat some western food and some special seafoods which are all my favorite. White wine, romantic music and only two of us that time, what could I ask for more? Not to mention the foods are so fresh and yummy
Look at the Canadian oyster, *nom nom* I can never say No to it.

Second birthday dinner at Japanese Restaurant :D

Birthday cake, bought by my company :)

Last but not least, the man at the backstage :)

I think, this entry is pretty long enough to tell how happy I was on my birthday. I looked back my previous 26 birthday celebrations, and I must say: My 26th birthday party was by far THE BEST!
Thank you, everyone who loves me, has been supporting me and believing in me. You know, I love you all too.
Want to view more photos, please click HERE