SAUCEink Magazine interview!

I did an interview and photoshoot with SAUCEink magazine about a month ago, but I didn't write any entry about it until today when I saw, read the article was published on the net for real. What do you think about how I'm feeling right now???

Of course, super duper happy lahhhh! 

Magazine interview on 2 full pages ehh, what you expect? Even just a small local magazine but it also leaves a note in my career, right? And at least it shows I've achieved something or people know what I'm doing. *ehem*

So here you go, my beautiful interview pages and photo with Michael Badong, my dance partner.

Click on the photo to enlarge it! 

And I know, behind the scene stuffs are always interesting things to look at. Hence, I don't mind showing you some of the raw pics during my photoshoot done by Aylwin Lek

 Our favorite pose

. Mike looks so stone and tired, poor him for being tortured by me, lolz

 The front page photo

I want to thank to Sauceink team for doing a great job. I was really amazed when I saw the article, it was so professionally done and nice which is out of my expectation except for the only one tiny mistake on my name. I photoshopped to change it ;)

So if you are big fan of fashion, beauty, fitness, health, shopping...YOU MUST CLICK THIS LINK to subscribe. I'm sure, they're gonna step very much further in near future. I'm giving you all my support, xoxox



Special Christmas wish from me!

This is specially dedicated to all my beloved friends and my blog readers! 


My most favorite cutest dog on earth Boo is also wishing you a very happy, joyful, and fun Christmas!

And here is what I did for my blogders, I hope you like it!

*singing* "We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year"

P/s: Boys, girls remember to bring condom when you are partying outside on Christmas and New Year's Eve in case you might want to hook up with any hot boy, blonde girl in any club or party, hehehe.


clarke quay,

Party week!

Last week was such a busy week for me. Parties all night long from Friday night to Sunday yet I was still busy with loads of daytime works. Slept at 3am, woke up at 7.30am from Friday to Sunday night without fail, I was totally exhausted. However, the parties were all great, fun, happening.

I'm just gonna share with you what I did last week.

On the 5th December, I and Keef went to attend "Crazy Elephant 16 Rocking years party". It was a long time since Se7en1nch opened, we didn't go to Crazy Elephant anymore even though that place was where we first met. We bumped into so many friends around, I couldn't call all the names. I met Curtis who flew from Vietnam to Singapore just few hours ago and first time met up with Le Roi Jones. He came all the way from UK for some gigs in Asia.

 Curtis, I, Keef and Le Roi. God! I look so tanned in the photo, no wonder people keep guessing I'm Filippina, Indonesian or Thailand -_-

 I wore Le Roi's costume. It's so big on me and yes you can see how annoyingly tall he is. Headed up some more.

Friday, 10th December 2010, I went to FHM Christmas rock party @ Bar None. This was the second time I attended FHM Christmas party. The first one was at Movida, read the old post here. The second one this year wasn't so happening as I expected even though, there were some hot babes, hot emcee, and much more crowded than the first one.

 I and Claudie. We first met in the first FHM party, and now we are back again :D

 I and Keef. I love that he always accompanied me to attend such party.

Saturday, 11th December 2010, I was at Se7en1nch for a Curtis King feats Le Roi Jones performing night. This was my most looking forward show of the week!!!!

It was actually a jamming night at Se7en1nch bar by Curtis King band and Le Roi Jones from US. Everything went so well. I guess, that was the best performance ever in our bar. Le Roi is such a genius with all his sense of humor, natural and fun presentation skill on stage.

 Here he is! Up close and personal shot done by me with all the blink blink crystal on his pink sleeveless top. :D

 and when he is on stage with a fierce and serious look :D Or we shall call, A rocky look!

 The audiences enjoyed the show that much. I'm always happy to see them enjoy themselves.

 Outfit changed. He was the only singer who sang at Se7en1nch particularly took care of how his look on stage. I like it! That how a professional stage performer should be regardless how big or small the show is.

Can't remember what song he sang until his face looks so sorrow like that, lolz....

Third outfit! I laughed, No. We all laughed out loud when we saw him in this so called costume. Leopard print and legging, lolz...WTF! :D He wore that to dance with the pole, can you  imagine?

Definitely NOT Le Roi. That's me dancing while Le Roi was signing.

Oh I love this pic

and this one too.

 After the show, Keef, I, Le Roi and Curtis posing at Se7en1nch main entrance.

 I and Shane! He is such a talented guitarist too! 
 He is sweet, kind, decent, good looking and most importantly single and available too. So ladies, he is up for grab, hahahaha. Want to watch his performances? Go to se7en1nch on every Wed, Thurs and Sat from 10pm til late.
Sunday, 12th December 2010, I was really tired after 3 nights in a row. But because I promised Le Roi to give him a CD of all photos and videos I took also that was the last night he jammed in Craze Elephant. Hence, I made my way down Clarke Quay, met up with him and watched his jamming session. I thought i would stay for a while but ended up I left the place at 3am. The next day is blue Monday and I gotta wake up at 7.30am as usual. FML!

That what I did for the last week. I'm sure Christmas and New Year week is gonna be crazy again with loads of events, parties and so on. If you guys want to join me for party, you'll know where to find me. Head down to Clarke Quay and look for Se7en1nch bar. I'll introduce to you many nice people around :) 

Btw, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Holiday is coming soon, woohooo!




I accompanied my friend, Amber to go to Queensway shopping center this afternoon to get a new pair of glasses. She wanted to buy, I didn't. However, after trying few different designs, colors, I ended up buying one for myself. It's always like that. When I wanted to shop for something, I could possibly spend half of the day digging up the whole shopping center and leave with empty hands at the end. But everytime i accompany somebody to shop, I will always be the one who buys load of stuffs. What logic is that?

Anyway, it's been looooong time i haven't worn glasses when I go out and I feel like doing it to get a new look of me. I picked one design which I think it looks best on me!





So, what'ya think? Doesn't it look different? It's so different that I couldn't believe that's me in the first photo. :D I'm gonna pick up my glasses this coming Monday. Excited! But you are lucky because you already saw my new look when I have not even had chance to wear my glasses yet. *Thumb up for Crystal's blog readers ;)





Ever tried any acupuncture treatment in Singapore?
There are tons in Singapore, which one I should go?
Where is the best acupuncture clinic in Singapore? Is it safe? Is it painful? How much does it cost?
And lastly, Is it effective?

Seriously, I never give a stare at any acupuncture clinic at all. Neither in Vietnam, Malaysia or Singapore -_-.

You can say I'm coward but I'm scared of the pain. What's so wrong with that?

I had phobia when I was bitten by a big dog when i was at 15 years old (his height was up to my waist for your info) and I gotta go for a vaccine once every week for a  month or two without fail. Every vaccine day was hell to me because I was freaked out when i saw that long needle pricked into my body *Ouch*. And that when I hated doctors too.

Since then, I have been being so scared of acupuncture because It's the treatment done by the stupid needles and I thought it must be very painful too.

Cut the long story short, I meant I have never gone to any acupuncture clinic for the past 27 years.

Only after I hurt my arm during the badminton games, it was painful for the whole week and every morning I woke up, pain. Carry heavy thing like a laptop bag! Pain!. Raise the arm upward, pain! I thought my arm was useless already -_-.

Coincidentally, I went to see my client on Tuesday last two weeks and he owns a acupuncture clinic called.

Never had any intention to go for acupuncture either, but I talked to him about my arm pain after we finished talking about the business, he then offered me one session to cure the pain. Swear to God, I didnt know why at that point of time, I had enough courage to try out the first time acupuncture. I trusted him as he said "No, it's not painful at all". Ok! Fine!

Here is my client, Mr. Kuo getting prepare for all the necessary stuffs.

Those needles were stung into my body. Ewww*

There, he was about to start...

I couldn't take a clearer photo because I couldn't move. 

After approximately 15 minutes, all was done and the pain was even much more until i barely stood up. Thank God, I just had to stay in place for about 20 minutes, after that he withdrew all the needles out and told me. "It's done!". At that point, I felt I was alive again! 

It wasn't so quickly effective that my arm could move easily again at that time but I loved the feeling of the needle stung into the right painful part. The pain kills the pain, that's kinda feeling :D

Two weeks later which is now, i only have time to write a blog about his clinic. Mr Kuo must be wondering, "when the hell this girl is going to write something up since I offered her free service", lolz....*I'm just kidding.

Seriously, this is the statement I have to make! The next day after my acupuncture treatment, the pain was just completely GONE like a magic! :-O 
I'm not joking neither giving extra words because he sponsored me the service. No No No! I even told my boyfriend about it. It was just so amazing! I kept asking myself, how could all the needles do that work? I dont even need to apply any medicine, cream. Nothing!

For that reason, I think I need to shout out to his clinic to public. Check it out!

Mr. KUO was rearranging the pillow, bed sheet as one patient had just left. 

A small clinic but very clean and tidy! I like :)

Many tokens, trophies, certificates he achieved a long the way. Fyi, he is also the director of Singapore Chinese Acupuncture Research Intuition. Got name and title ok!

Chinese medicine for those who need

Feng shui kitty welcomes you at the entrance! I put the fake eye-lashes for her. Doesn't she look much prettier now?

Reception area!

Last but not least, the man who runs the clinic! Mr. Kuo T. H or you can call him Thomas. He is very nice, kind-hearted person, you'll feel warm when talking to him, he looks like my grandfather :)

There are some questions you might want to ask:
- How much does it cost?
Around S$60/ acupuncture treatment. Am not sure if it includes the medicine. You might have to ring him and ask. Tel: 6227 1303. And oh, don't forget to mention to "CRYSTAL PHUONG" when you see him, he'll treat my blog readers as special as how he treated me. :)

- Where is the clinic located?
It's next to Novena Medical Center, Square 2 #03-47, 10 Sinaran drive, Not difficult to find his clinic at all.

- Does he has website?
Nope, currently he doesn't have any website. But he has put up his clinic profile on Click HERE!

That's all for now! Any question, you feel free to drop me a comment here!



Fun on bed!

I know what you are thinking about when you first read this post title. ;)!!!
I'm not so brave like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton to have a self-made sex tape, I just  wanted to entertain myself with shit loads of camwhoring pics as I was having an awesome make up that day. :D

It was raining on Saturday before and after I went to the friend's wedding lunch, I had nothing to do at home. Lying down on bed but I couldn't sleep, so? The best thing to do is camwhoring!!!! And this will be the first lying down camwhoring pics after long time.

Acting drama abit since it's gloomy and rainy outside! Didn't I tell you my make up was mad awesome! Right?

This pic looks like I'm advertising for a watch brand but somehow I didn't get the watch in the photo, lolz...

The "pretend to be shy" look! :D

The "Wow factor"! I dont know what it's wow about! WAHHAAAA, anyhow name it :p

Tell me my photos are damn nice!!! I'm not talking about the model, am talking about the photo quality. I didn't do any photoshop with those pics, all are original from my.......iPhone4!

Good God! I think there are some photographers with their super big camera would die of shame to my iPhone. Their photos are so lousy sometimes and I got disappointed in looking into it. I used to hate iPhone4 because I thought it was just a game console and got people so addicted. Up to now, I still don't play game that much but I'm so in love with the HD function on the iPhone camera. Mad chios the pictures! Not to mention the video quality, omg! I'm speechless seriously! I can even just record the 2 minutes video and upload it to my blog instantly anytime, anywhere. And it's the HD Video, ok! Happy max ^_^

Saw my blog traffic has been increasing so much after i got the domain for it, readers network is expanding everywhere now *smiling happily*. Thank you for visiting and supporting me! I'll try my best to blog more often and will give you more and more quality blog post.

No shitty photos/ video, I promise *wink*