Hong Kong,

HongKong trip- day 3

Read my blog entry about Day 1, Day 2 if you have not before you continue reading this entry.

So I'm flying to Los Angeles tomorrow like super early 7am and now (12am) I'm still sticking my ass on the chair to write blog.  Such a bloggerolic

Also because I might not have chance/ time to blog during my trip and that means my blog is gonna be super quiet for 14 days. That is why I'm now making a HUGE effort to blog before I go off *dedication*

Back to the trip!

Evening of day 2, after a rapid shopping at the Industrial Wholesales Center, I went back hotel, quickly changed and headed to a must-go- tourist attraction: Victoria Peak!

Victoria Peak is considered the highest point within  Hong Kong and occupies the western part of the island. It's 554 meters (1,817.6 feet) about sea level. We went all the way up to the Sky Terrace 428. It's the highest viewing platform in Hongkong offering a stunning 360 degree panoramic view across the HongKong 

Presenting to you, the beautiful spectacular view of Hongkong at night! 

Simply breathtaking! 

At the same time, my teeth impinged continously because of the strong and cold wind kept blowing non-stop. It was really cold at night! There were many tourists too standing and taking photos, one next to the other. 

Me with the Peak but unfortunately the Peak can't be seen in the photo :D

Compensate you the other one!

Nothing much I could do there besides taking photos, and it was freezing so I quickly went down to take some photos at the red carpet with some famous celebrities :D

With Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt at their movie premier in Hollywood!

*just kidding* HAHAAHAHAHAHA

Gues where I was at? 

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong 

A freaking awesome museum exhibiting the wax likenesses of world famous people in many different areas: Hong Kong Glamour, Music Icons, Historical and National Heroes, World Leader and The Champion. 

 Pretty Taiwanese actress, singer Barbie Hsu 

HongKong famous actress: Cecilia Cheong! 

Hong Kong R&B singer, Janice Vidal

Who is the fan of Team Edward? 

Say Hi to Madame Tussauds the one who opened this Madame Tussauds 200 years ago. She is so small, smaller than me yet so super talented and brilliant. RESPECT! 

Touching the wise man's hand Mahatma Gandhi so that I have some of his wisdom :D. He is also well known as famous Indian freedom fighter. 

Albert Einstein- with his significant hairstyle without any effort. Nowadays, boys need a lot of hair gels, mouse to create this hair style. Is it that difficult?

with Johny Deep- He is simply awesome actor, I like all of his movies

 Wooohoo! Lady Gaga is here too! Why is she so short? Is that her real height?

There are many other figures, celebrities, world leaders wax statues around but I couldn't take photo of all of them, plus not all I like so I didn't take. Best is you should go there and experience yourself. It's pretty fun to see all your favorite celebrities standing still and you can "molest" them as much as you want :D

I left The Peak and went to the most exciting place ever: NIGHT MARKET! *Woots*

Every single country I've been to, I always look forward to visit their night market (if any). It's just so fun to shop in huge open-air space, lot of stuffs with many colors, styles, sizes, plus prices are damn cheap. I can never get enough of it. I shopped from 10pm to 2-3am and overall, I bought 10- 15 items and most of them are to give away. Lost the photos I took of the things i bought so can't share with you here -_-

Gonna share with you some photos of the Night market

Super colorful, bright and chaos market. It seems the most popular night market in Hongkong coz I saw there were many tourists there...like us :D

And guess what? Shopping is never enough. The next morning (last day), we went down to the market again. It means, this should be called 20hours market since they open from day til night. :D

The shoppaholics gang got ready with big & small empty bags to fill them up. From left: Fiona, Liya, Sharon, me, Joey, James

and Vivian (next to Fiona) joined the group.

Having yummy breakfast in the restaurant near by our hotel. 

Happy people :)

HongKong street in the morning. Look at what I found here!!!

Vietnamese restaurant!!!!!

So happy to see familiar thing in other country 

Food stall along the street! 

Smelly taufu. I literally got stunned when I smelled this, my God! So smelly! I know smell foods do taste good sometimes but this smelly taufu is beyond my imagination. 

The street is crowded even though it's early in the morning. 

Cam-whoring with Fiona! 

one more

and three of us: James is such a lucky man. 

Me and my early in the morning face.

Took a candid photo of this couple. What were they trying to do???

I knew it.

Fiona and me again. 

Last pic of Hongkong before saying goodbye. I miss this place >.<

It was such a memorable and fun trip and I simply love HongKong. I will definitely come back again, not sure when yet but hopefully see you real soon! 

P/s: OMFG! I only have 3 more hours to sleep before heading down to airport. FML!
Btw, happy holiday everyone! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Will blog more when I return from US but if you wanna check it out what I'm up to there, simply follow me on twitter @ncrystalicious. See ya!

It's Christmas time!

Exactly! There are only few more days to Christmas and the winter is finally here!!!

This year, it is gonna be the most memorable and important Christmas to me because I'll have chance to celebrate Christmas in United State for the first time ever in my life. Woohoo!!!! :D

Can't tell you how excited I'm feeling right now and I already started counting down til the day I leave. I have in my mind and already planned so many things I'm gonna do there. Gonna exchange gifts with everyone, play with real snow, make a snow ball, dress up for winter even though I hate winter so much and take a lot of photos and videos to share. :D

I know it's gonna be crazily cold but I'm still excited and looking forward to it. Last two week before Mike flew off, we had entire weekend to shop for my winter clothing, mainly from ZARA store. I just love that brand.

There is another reason why not only me but many people hate winter too. It's because we have to wear many layers of cloth to keep outside warm and sadly say it's ugly -_-. Hence, style is just an secondary option. And sometimes, we look funny and ugly in winter clothing. But that's NOT gonna happen this time.

Remember about my first blog entry about Polyvore? It allows you to create any style, pick and brand that you like and put them all in together. I've got my own style for this season and I purposely bought some of the items that I picked up here. This year, it's gonna be a stylish winter :D. Check it out!!!

1. Dress up like Kim Kardashian 

It's Kim Kardashian Style

It's not difficult to dress up like a celebrity, is it? I personally love Kim Kardashian's fashion style even though I hate all of her crappy scandal stories. Her style is purely sophisticated, elegant and sexy and there is no reason why we should not learn from her.

2. It's Christmas time

It's Christmas time!

Just a piece of skinny jean, long sleeves top which costs you less than $50, a pair of black boots, long jacket, sunglasses and handbag, you are ready to walk down the street.

3. Believe in the magic of Christmas!

The Magic of Christmas

Long sleeves white top with orange pants, black thick blazer, a pair of leopard wedges and a sun-glasses, you definitely nail it. Curl your hair and leave it free to let the wind blows it, some guys are just gonna turn their heads back when you walk cross them.

4. Chic Street style

Chic style

Wanna wear a dress for winter? Sure you can! Try to find a fitting dress with thick material, a pair of legging (thick material too), knee high boots and a thick jacket to keep your self warm enough. Some accessories can go with the outfit are hat, shawl, long necklace, ring etc...

So that are my choices. If you want to purchase any of the items I listed, simply click at the link of individual item displayed. This is not an advertorial post so don't think I got paid to blog about this Polyvore thing. It's simply because I'm nice and generous enough to share good things to my blog readers ;)

Let's get trendy and stylist with this season! I'm ready, what about you?