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Last week, I was invited to attend a beauty talk called "Enhancing your beauty" organized by The Sloane Clinic. As the name itself, the event was mainly talking about how to beautify yourself, enhancing your look without going through plastic surgery. Basically, I felt The Sloane Clinic is doing "charity" to everyone who attended the event that day which is awesome *Say thank to The Sloane Clinic*. By saying charity, I mean they are giving knowledge, tips, advices, solutions to all attendees for FREE. Of course, you need to get ticket to get in at only S$20/ ticket and S$36/ pair but hey, you got a goodies bag to bring home with many cosmetic stuffs which worth quintuple of what you need to pay for.

In conclusion, you learn, listen, consult anything with experienced doctors yet free stuffs to bring back. Need I say more??? I know some of you guys are reluctant, afraid and also bloody lazy to attend such useful talks because you think at the end of the talk, you need to sign up for a package or any service with the organizer. YOU ARE WRONG! This is NOT like those desperate so call "beauty-talks" that some cheapskate beauty salons did to get the customers. I know what you feel and I hate those to the max too. Of course every clinic or beauty salon needs to get more customers, but to what I observed in the event, The  Sloane Clinic is having no other intention besides educating people to understand truly about non-surgical make-over procedures, what are the new methods, technology that come out to maintain our beauty and youth. They scored at this point! 

Therefore next time, if I ever inform any event that they are holding, you'd better spare your time to attend. U'll never regret, I swear. Those who couldn't make it to join the last week talk, here is the chance for you to know what happened. 

Slogan at the entrance! Beautifully designed. 

C&T stands for Coffee and Tea :D

Light refreshment served after the talk. Cuteness and yumminess!

Time to get it started!
Dr. Low Chai Ling was the first one to present

She was talking about "Lifting your face with natural filler" which what I have done before. Read the old entry HERE!

What surprised me in her talk was when I saw many before- after photos of her patients at their ages of 40s, 50s after having their filler treatment done. They really look like 10 years younger than their actual ages, good God! To me, when I thought of filler, I only thought of enhancing my face features only like nose augmentation, chin augmentation etc....I was wrong! Restylane can do so much more than that. It can help you to maintain your youth for at least 10, 20 years, man.

Look at all these photos:

If you tell me the lady in the left looks like 40 years old. I agree  but NOT the one on the right! She looks like 30 years old at most. 

Now I understand why all Hollywood celebrities never grow old. Seriously, I'm thinking in 20 years later, I'll definitely need the help of filler to maintain my beauty. Thinking of having saggy skin, tons of wrinkles on your face...OMG, that freaks me out. I'm so damn scared of seeing myself becoming an ugly woman -_-. Noone can avoid growing older, but beautifully old, can? I even kiasu photoshopped my own photo to see how will I look when I'm at the age of 60s. And this is what I dont want to see 

Mad fugly and this is just 70% photoshopped done. Imagine if it's 100% -_-.

Everyone should go for Restylane and now you can confidently recommend this to your mother, grandmother, grandfather or even grand-grand mother.

Dr. Siew was the second speaker after that. He was sharing few solutions to lighten up our skin and treat pigmentation which most of us do concern about. Nowadays, you often to see some girls post up photos of themself in their Japanese chio style. What is Japanese trend nowadays? It should be fair skin, big eyes, cute pose. 

Every girl likes to have fair skin, so do I even though I'm born with tanned-skin. The problem is how to have beautiful fair skin which helps you to reduce 10 years of your age while we are everyday under hot sun. Many people smoke, drink, are having birthmark,  etc...However, not to worry because Dr. Siew is generous enough to share with us the 2 very effective methods to treat pigmentation and have glowy skin which are:

Luminous Program

Dr. Siew Tuck Wah with his presentation. 

Call The Sloane Clinic to consult Dr. Siew about all these skin problem, pigmentation, bla bla bla...He is the right one!

Lastly, it was Dr. Chua Han Boon to deliver his interesting talk about:

I personally like this topic :D coz there is nothing better than having your face transformed without going through plastic surgery ;)

Another handsome doctor. My God, all of the aesthetic doctors are so pretty and good looking. 

Dr. Chua was sharing about 2 new treatments: Thermage and Ulthera. Both are mainly used for face, neck lifting. When talking about these Thermage and Ulthera, you gotta mention about The Sloane Clinic because they are the leader and pioneer for these treatments in Singapore. Thermage is good for skin tightening around the eyes, cheeks and saggy jawline, stimulating collagen for smoother and healthier skin whilst Ulthera is well-known for face lifting. 

Here are some examples:

Look at how awesome thermage can do for you! Forget about big contact lens to have bigger eyes, now you can have it all, looking fresh some more. 

Isn't it that obvious different?

Wow! What do you say about this photo? Awesomeness! Faster bring your grandparents to see doctor ~_~

Everyone was focusing on the talk. The event took 1 hour and a half with a Q&A session at the end. It wasn't long at all, in fact I felt it's too short timing for doctors to answer all the questions. It's the proof to show there are many people nowadays do take care of their own beauty and youth seriously. That's the most expensive thing you have in your life, you'd better maintain it well. 

Look at Dr. Low! God! She is just so beautiful, isn't she? Not to mention that it's super nice talking to her. 

That's me with the 2 handsome doctors. Don't get jealous with me, ladies *lolz*

My most favorite stuffs from the event: Goodies bag with all the cosmetics. I thought they just gave some small samples of some unknown products but no, The Sloane Clinic is hell generous ok! And some girls got so jealous with me when they saw it. Who asked you never make it to attend. All these should have been yours!!!

Since the cosmetics are so nice and I love it so much, I decided to camwhoring with them, lolz

Cool feet airbrush catwalk heels!

This is what exactly I've been looking for. Everytime after practicing dancing, my legs get numbed and painful like mad coz of the high heels I wear to dance. And this Cool feet airbrush thing you are viewing here is just like my personal massager now. Just spray and all the numb feelings are gone! Super cool! 

Body cream! Love the smell, so sweet :)

Bronze airbrush face! One of my most favorite products. I'm happy to the max when I saw it because I've been looking for this tanning face spay for long time. Everytime joining dance competition, I need to get my whole body as tanned as possible and those tanning lotions are not advisable to use on face. So imagine, my whole body is tanned and the face is so fair -_- Now, airbrush face just settled my problem. Love it and love The Sloane Clinic too ^_^

Let me show you how awesome this little stick works!

Me with my make up on before applying tanning spray. 

First, I need to get my face cleaned up. 

This is not dirt, it's my foundation. 

Spray directly to your face if you are superb in doing it. 

Or you can spray some amounts to your hand and use sponge to apply onto your face. Look at the beautiful tan color!

Get it done!


Half face is tanned, half is fair. Which one you prefer?

Fair skin without any make up on. 

Lastly, Pixi eyes bright kit with 4 different colors! No longer worry about your panda eyes :D

So, are you getting excited yet? Or are you getting envious with what I'm having or at least ask yourself, do you really care about how you look and what you feel? Like I said, the first secret to success is to feel confident in yourself. I know, some girls want to look pretty and hot but they are lazy to change. Some don't know how to change and what do they need to change. C'mon man, all information is here! What you need to do is:

1. Call your doctor and consult them. If you don't have any doctor that you can trust yet, call Dr. Low, Dr. Siew or Dr. Chua at The Sloane Clinic. Get their phone number HERE
2. Join The Sloane Clinic Facebook page so that if you are born with laziness, at least you get frequent updates from them!

That's all for today! Thank you for reading. Do come back again!