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Apr 15, 2011

Split personalities.

Totally not in the mood at all.

Things are just fucked up by people whom I love, trust and care. I hate it when they make me down by their stupidity yet they don't want to open their eyes, don't want to listen to advices to get better. Worst thing is when your best friend is acting like betraying you, choosing the boyfriend over you *sigh*.

Since I'm not happy, I don't feel like talking, don't feel like going out, I feel like drinking but tomorrow I still need to work early. It's gonna be a long day for me tomorrow, so I can't stay up late, I can't get drunk to release my anger. FML!

Don't expect me to write too much here coz If I do, all is cursing words which are not nice to read at all. I respect people who read my blog and I can't throw my anger to you, can I?

Keef is out, as usual! I'm having so much time (2 precious hours) to be alone in the quiet room to think, to do what I want. I edited the video about Vietnam trip half way then I stopped. *too bored to continue*. I then decided to photoshop some of my old photos from the last year photoshoot which I haven't uploaded yet.

I'm showing to you now! Different portraits with different moods and feelings






Some friends said I look chubby in this photo. Don't bluff! I think, they want to say I look fat. Indeed, it's true. This is the face before I did my filler -_-

What do you think of my portrait photos? I feel they all look the same, of course I'm talking about the same mood not the model. I see any photo of mine, the best shoot is when it captures the sad moment in me.

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