May 10, 2011 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

Last weekend, I did the most courageous thing in my life which I ever thought I could never ever do it!

I carried a 7kg python!!!! 

My God! I'm so proud of myself because I didn't faint when I first touched this scary reptile. It IS really scary to me. I have a goosebump just by thinking about it. 

I often dreamed there were many big snakes attacked me when I was small, some snakes with 10 meters length at least, they are all dark, fierce looking and so poisonous. Since then, in my mind, snake is one kind of ugliest, most dangerous and useless animals, does nothing besides crawling blindly here and there and biting people.

I'm not offending those are born in the year of Snake, so don't be so sensitive :D. I'm only talking about snake as an animal, not years of snake. If anyone says in front of me, all Rats are dirty, fatty, ugly, harmful. Ok, kill them all if you can.

Back to the main topic, I bet not many of you have a chance to eat Snake meat but I did. Last Chinese New Year, I went to one famous snake village nearby Hanoi (Vietnam) to revenge my "dream-enemy" that disturbed my sleep many times.

I ate this! 

Hello! It's a Cobra and it's still alive ok! Scary or not? 

Wanted to blog about this awesome experience after my trip from Hanoi but I haven't had time to edit the video yet, maybe later when I'm free. 

I stood very far away to take this photo because I was scared if the cobra will attack me. It happened a lot in my dream *lolz, so drama*.

So you see, the funny thing is I dare to eat the snake, but I don't dare to touch the snake.

This one is a bigger one!

Close up shot!
Don't you see my face become fatter by the heavy snake or I'm rather too frightened.

Posing so happily but in fact I was shaking like mad and it was really scary. It took me almost 15mins to get this pose after many times, the snake master kept saying "No, he won't bite, he is very calm and friendly" and he tried to pull my hands to touch the snake, I ran away every time he carried the snake near me. Believe it or not, my finger touched the skin, I felt like there was a cold wind running in my bone.

The snake master takes care of the Python very well, the skin is so shiny and healthy. He must be bathing the snake once every day, feeding him with a lot of birds, chickens etc....*this is what I guess* but even how nice it is, it's still so scary. It's like you are touching a snakeskin handbag and the bag can move. Ewww! 

I don't know how all these models can pose with the snake around them. Salute with a bow!

I don't think if people pay me like S$1000 for one photoshoot with this python, I would be able to do it. Definitely, no! 
I don't even have any bag, shoes, accessories made of snake skin, so why should I touch snakeskin again. Funny! 
But one thing I must admit is that, after touching the python, my fear level is greatly reduced as I have passed a biggest challenge.
And this is the best thing I did last week so far! After that Friday night, I stayed at home the whole Saturday and Sunday. Phobia! Hahahhaha
No lah, I was just resting :D