June 26, 2011 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

I'm writing this entry while the Great Singapore Sales (GSS) was started not long ago, people are shopping crazily like I do. I just went shopping today actually and I bought a blazer from ZARA for S$129. Gosh, someone gotta either stops me from shopping too much or asks ZARA "Why you DID NOT give any discount during GSS?". And this GSS is one year once thing, wtf! So if anyone wants to buy stuffs at cheap price, do it once a year only? That sucks! 

Alternately, I decided to explore online shopping sometimes ago because things sold online are obviously much cheaper than the ones in store. Know what online shopping website I found?

It's called:

From its name, everyone should know it's talking about deal, pricing, promotion etc...But what kind of deals do they have? How good are their deals? I just can say: 
They have "Great Singapore Sales" ALL YEAR ROUND!!! Muahahahaha.....:D
Everything is super cheap yet super good! You gotta visit their website to explore it. Click HERE! 

Upon entering their website, you will be asked to submit your email address. Like this!

This is to help them keep you updated with all the latest deals. How nice!

I've done mine long time ago and now I regularly receive many hot deals from them and they are always making my life difficult because there are too many super-duper good deals that you could never resist. -_-OMG! You know I'm a traveling animal, I love traveling so damn much, yet they come out with many travel deals almost every single day.

Not only just a good traveling package but also damn cheap as if they are giving a free holiday like that! See this!

What??? Did I see the price correctly? It's S$50 to travel to Shanghai for 5D4N with 4 stars hotel and so many other stuffs. OMFG! Kill me lah, I want to travel tomorrow already. S$50 for a 5 days trip to Shanghai, even if I need to book my own air ticket, it's still so much cheaper than buying a trip through a travel agent or whatsoever. 

I am seriously amazed! 

Not only travel deals, they do have so many other deals as well. Talking about food deals, you ask for it, they grant your request

S$20 to eat at a high class restaurant, buffet somemore, lolz. You gotta be kidding me! I'm very sure, we're going to see many people will put on weight in near future. Why? Because they always eat good foods bought from *wink*. I sound like an advertising girl, lolz!

But don't get me wrong! I'm just speaking out what I feel and experience with this website. I even bought 1 deal to Batam and another deal was a facial treatment. 

2 hours of facial, skinning therapy for only $29 instead of S$208, I bet even you dig the whole spas or skin care shops in Singapore, you will not be able to find such a good deal like this at all. :D 

And all deals have limited time and limited offers, so the moment you see any good deal, you'd better quickly grab it before it's too late. Nothing will be left for you, that's sad.

Buying off a deal on this site is so simple and hassle-free. You just need to click Buy Now, the website will assist you every single step until you confirm the purchase. Hence, need not to worry so much, the only thing you need to do now is:

1. Following up on Facebook, Twitter so that you can receive the latest deals, infos from them
2. Refer your friends to join to win S$8/ each successful referral 

What are you waiting for???????

Quickly register an account and start shopping now! If you don't have any money to shop, then refer friends lor. They are paying you to shop with them too! Mad awesome and generous! 

I've done my part & purchased 2 deals. Both are beauty and spa related and my appointment for facial chocolate treatment will be tomorrow noon. OMG! Seriously! I can't wait to be there! Will blog about it later once I'm back from the treatment tomorrow. Stay tunned! ;)