As you guys know, I'm currently well taken care by Marie France Bodyline. They are my sponsor and also my personal consultant to help me to maintain my healthy dieting, slimming and body firming. Read my first blog post about them HERE

Last few weeks, after coming back from Krabi (Thailand), I went to have the first treatment with MFB. I was so excited. Reason? I ate too much during my holiday trip, you know I can't resist tom yum soup and Thai food.

It's also because I thought I would have a personal slimming expert who can take care of me, so I didn't have to worry much. I ate so much that I gained 2kg within 3 days. When I came back, I was super "round" at every part of my body.

You used to see my modeling photos I posted here or on my Facebook. People were nice to compliment me "You so hot"- "You look so sexy" but they had no idea, how many minutes I needed to control my breathing to tuck in my tummy, how hard I needed to arch my back to give a flat tummy to the camera. Plus with the help of Photoshop, it's easy to make my photo look slim.

So today, I'm gonna reveal the one and only true story that might disappoint you. Get ready!
I am
See to believe!  
Before I started my treatment, Fiona, the manager at Marie France Bodyline helped to measure my tummy

Quite depressing when looking at the result I must say.

No wonder, Fiona's face was like this:

I'm just kidding! I know she didn't mean so but somehow this photo turned out to be quite funny to look at and I couldn't help giving a caption to it.

Besides my tummy, fatty arms are another parts that I really wanted to work on. 

So here is the final result.

My waist used to be at 24, now it's gone to 26.

I must show all these confidential photos to tell you the fact that I actually needed to lose weight at some parts on my body. So if any of you say "You are so skinny, why you need to slim down?". Proofs are here!

After analyzing and assessing my body type and need, Fiona gave 2 most suitable treatments to me. 

First treatment: Cryocelle Phased Therapy (CPT) uses therapeutic heat rays to encourage the body to metabolize stubborn fats, resulting in inch loss. Circulation is stimulated with a thermo-regulating serum. With a body-molding mask, collagen and elastin production increase, skin is visibly tightened and the body is contoured.

First, I was given a body stocking and then once lying down, I felt like there was a machine trying to suck all my fat away. I'm not over-complimenting but seriously everyone should try their CPT treatment. 

Love this body-stocking  

Here I am waiting for my consultant with a happy face 

In the process! YES! 

Finished CPT treatment, I was led to another room for the second treatment called:

The Fat Mobilization System (FMS)- this is Marie France Bodyline's pioneer therapy which helps individuals to lose weight naturally by making use of the body’s own ability to burn excess fat. This treatment breaks down fat cells speedily, increases cellular metabolism, improves skin tone, contours and enhances the silhouette. 

FMS works by simply encouraging the depletion of heat energy from within the body. This forces the body to compensate for the loss of heat energy by tapping into its accumulation of fats to ‘burn’ off as energy. (*Source from Marie France Bodyline)

The treatment combines the traditional healing techniques of Egypt with state-of-the-art cosmetic developments. The approach is built around the use of wraps and compresses. Approved natural ingredients derived from leaves, minerals and mud have, of course, been used for detoxifying the body tissue for thousands of years. Marie France Bodyline utilises this ancient knowledge so that you, too, can benefit from the wonderful effects of the body-wrap technique – with no need for pills, fasting or invasive surgery (*Sources from

Here I am with my wrapped around body getting ready to burn my fat 

20 minutes passed by faster than I thought, I was so comfortable until I dozed off and I woke up with an extremely light feeling as if I had just lost 5kg. No joke! I felt my tummy was obviously firmer. Pretty amazing and this was just my first treatment, I had no doubt that MFB would be able to do a magical change once I complete every treatment they tailor for me. 

Feeling happy after the treatments

I couldn't help because the bathroom is just so nice


Thank you so much Marie France Bodyline for helping me to get my sexy back! 

Disclaimer: This blog post is proudly sponsored by Marie France Bodyline. Opinions are on my own. 



Now You Know!

Hey guys, I know it has been a week and I'm finally back here. Been busy as a bee for God's sake since last month until now. I don't know why there must be so many events going on these 2 months.

Just a quick entry from me highlight what was going on with me last few weeks. I'm kinda unable to retrieve it all immediately now.

Ok, take it slow!

1. Singapore Blog Award VOTING period was over. So now, it's COOLING OFF period for judges to read through our blog contents and see who will deserve to be winner on the final award presentation. I've done all I could so regardless any result, I'm happy. :)

2. Guess what, this is the big news that I can't wait to share with all of you. I've joined my friend to start up a new dance studio 2 weeks ago. YES! A NEW DANCE STUDIO. It's called:


Our studio logo!

Sounds little sleazy, hahaaha but that makes people curious. "What does it mean"- We say "It's a Secret"! So if you really want to know what is our secret? Well, join our studio! ;)

I'm giving a 3 TRIAL classes this coming Sunday 17th July at 3pm onward out of 8 classes. If you are free and interested, do not forget to drop by our studio to join.

Details can be found HERE!

I'm giving a special discount 20% OFF to all of my facebook fans, twitter followers and blog readers whoever signs up my classes. Hence, if you come this Sunday, do mention this to get the special offer from me. Yay!

Our studio is still very new, please give some supports by liking our Facebook Page or join us on Twitter.

3. A month back, I was invited by Don Richmond, a local singer, song-writer and a host of Now You Know to teach him exotic dance for his new episode of Now You Know. After 2 times of postponement due to his sickness & studio location, we finally did it at our Secret Base Dance Studio which happened to open a week before that. Super lucky!

Don is such a funniest guy that I've ever met. He always amuses me with his weird & hilarious ideas, facial expression etc...It was tough filming with him because every time I look at him, I feel like laughing very hard and I just don't know why. You gotta watch one of his episode Now You Know, you'll know what I meant.

Click on the video to watch!

4. One of my photo was chosen to be in HTC LIKE AWARDS for voting. Again, I know you hate this word but I got no choice -_-. That's how people are doing marketing for their sites nowadays.

This is the photo:

and it's listed under category: Most Stylish

So, what you need to do is:

Click HERE to vote!

Registration is required but not to worry coz it's the easiest and fastest registration form ever. Just like this:

Please please please register and vote for me. I promise I'll think of some interesting stuffs to entertain you guys!
Thank you very much, muahxxxxx! 
Next blog post will be: I'm going to reduce my fat :D. Stay tuned! 




Hey dolls, good news for anyone who is currently living in Singapore. You have been reading my blog entries I posted about the HTC phones and probably know how good the phone is. I know everyone is tempting to get a HTC phone for yourself. So now, I'm giving a best news ever:

A HTC phone could be YOURS!!!!


HTC is organizing a HTC LIKES AWARDS on 22 July 2011. By submitting your photos under categories below:
you could be their one of winners who walk away with a HTC Chacha/  Salsa phone + S$1000 cash and many other prizes. 

All you need to do is to

1. Create an HTC LIKES AWARDS account here!
2. Choose a best photo of yours that you think it fits the category most
3. Submit!
4. Ask as many friends to vote for you as possible
5. Pray God that Luck will strike your head to win it.

If you win, Congratulation! Do remember to say thank you to me on my blog

For now, hurry up! The submission period is still on until 14th July. I've submitted mine already but don't want to tell you what category I submitted yet, lolz. Need to be a bit secretive, else later my photo is not even listed in the final, damn embarrassed, lolz...

More information about the awards, please click HERE!

Ok, good luck everyone!




I bought the 2nd deal on DealGuruSG and went for another attempt in case any of you may say that my first deal was successful because of my LUCK. So here I am to prove you that there is no such thing called luck or risk in online shopping if you know how to chose the right website to shop. 

This time, the deal i bought was a Herbal Detox Footbath + Lymphatic Drainage Head + Face Detox Massage + Swedish Detress Massage. 

I didn't chose Slimming & Contouring Treatment because I'm currently endorsing for other slimming company, I don't want to confuse people :D. *talk about professionalism* ;)

S$46 for the 4 services above is too cheap. And guess how many deals they sold out? 827 

The voucher i bought can only be redeemed on 1st July onward but Eden Spa Management was just so nice to me, they allowed me to redeem earlier after I told them I need to finish my blog entry before 30th June for Singapore Blog Award. So lucky or what? :)

And here I am!

Striking a pose at their reception area :D

Receptionist area.  
The heat from outside was left behind completely the moment I stepped in (it was Sunday afternoon). It is such relaxing and super cozy environment. 
The staff gave me a shoes tray to keep my shoes. 

So cute! 

 I didn't know that Eden Spa is the first and only spa in Singapore that exclusively uses award-winning  Clarins products in their body therapies & massages, which meant I had chance to try out products of a famous brand in the world at only S$46, woohooo :D So excited, lolz!

Clarins massage oils. 

There are 3 types of oil they have
Anti-Eau Oil
Tones & Nourishes. Hazelnut, Broom, & Geranium combine beautifully to eliminate toxins, stimulate the skin, firm tissues, and reduce water retention.

Tonic Oil
Firms & Tones.  Mint, Rosemary & Hazelnut blend perfectly to improve skin elasticity, and help prevent skin slackening and the appearance of stretch marks.

Relax Oil 
Relaxes & Soothes. Petit Grain, Camomile & Basil work in harmony to relieve stress & fatigue, and promotes a sense of well-being.
. I chose the Soothing & Relaxing one. :)

Besides the massage oil, they do sell many other type of beauty products as well 

Cleansing products which need not to tell how good it is. Branded stuffs! 

Whitening! I always love whitening products.

"Shaping Facial Lift" serum won Her World Beauty Award 2011 just recently! Well, honestly advertising for a good branded products make me proud too :D

Luxurious lounge where you can sit down, have a chat and relax or you can shop for your favorite Clarins products at Tester-bar. 

Foot massage room!

I'm having my Herbal Detox Footbath to kick start the session. The ginger herbs and lemongrass were told to help me relieve wind, remove toxins and relax myself. But the best part is:

The entire massage room was mine!!! So privileged :D

Pardon me for my plain face without any make up on coz I just finished a facial treatment earlier.

After the Footbath, I was taken to upstairs for body massage.

They got me so surprised for their huge and charming premise together with many well-equipped facilities are ready to use. 

Washroom area and some bathrooms at the back! I felt like I was at a 4 stars hotel at least. Super luxurious! 

Massage room! 

I really liked the  Swedish De-stress Massage (60mins) and Lymphatic Drainage Head & Face Detox Massage (20min)

The masseuse really knows how to do the job well. Wherever she moved her fingers on my body, she found the right place to massage. It was so relieved, omg until I fell asleep during the massage.

A picture of me during the massage. This is call "Enjoyable" :D

No other pictures to be shown because it's all naked, hahahaa....So don't wish for it, perverts! 
You guys should definitely try out their services but too bad, the deal was already over. What you can do is to request DealGuruSg to bring the deal back. I'm sure you  will not be disappointed. 

In conclusion, after my 2 attempts shopping with DealGuruSG, I'm more and more confident now in buying anything on their website. No hassles in purchasing deals online, no hiccup, no cheating, all the products & services that DealGuruSG are selling it online are very good services from good merchants. I'm not trying over-talking to con you but we must give them credits for their hard works and effort in keeping their promises.

Say thank to these young and energetic people! 

I'm still having some credits left over on the website, most probably I'm gonna buy something soon: a manicure and pedicure service perhaps? 

Everyday they are having many awesome and irresistible deals which should not be missed at all. What you need to do is join them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to get an instant updates. I'm very sure that they will bring good stuffs to you! :)

Last but not least, there are only 3 days left to the Singapore Blog Award presentation, I still need to ask for your VOTE, so please don't be lazy, give me some support by clicking the photo below and VOTE!!!!!

Thank you very much! Have a great weekend everyone! xoxoxo