Today's blog post is all about photos of...myself. I kid. 

Actually, I wanted to share with you some good stuff. 
Everyone knows that I'm a big fan of online shopping. Reasons?

- Convenient and time- saving. You can just stay at home & click the mouse, everything is done.
- The feeling of receiving and opening a parcel is like receiving a Christmas gift. I like
- Good, cheap plus unique stuff. 

Plus, I know my clothing size so I don't need to try them on, I just need to choose the design I want. So that's the reason why I always buy stuff online- especially clothes. 

A few weeks back, an online shopping website that sells clothing, accessories for ladies ONLY has just launched, and they offered me to pick up some of the launched items on the site. The website is called: PERRY AMBER. 

They have quite varieties of stuff from clothing, bags, accessories, etc...and the good thing is the price is very reasonable and affordable. Below are some of the items available:

Didn't I say the prices are cheap? Yes, I did!

I managed to find 2 pieces of clothes for myself. One is purple-black babydoll lace dress:

Purple + black = Magical romantically sexiness :D

The circle bottom makes the dress look so cute and dolly. I love the circle skirt/ dress. 

Scoop neckline is an ideal to show your  *ahem* cleavages. I know, men will love this.

If you want to go on a date, this dress with a flower as hair accessories is definitely a recommendation. 

The thing I love about this dress is the BAREBACK. OMG! I'm always going crazy over the bareback top, bareback dresses, etc....They are so sexy.

How much does the dress cost? Only S$28 including tax. See! You can still be sexy, classy even with the affordable clothes. It's all about STYLE!

The second item I got for myself was a blue looser sheer top or I'm wearing it as a dress because I'm not that tall. So here you go!

Blue chiffon material with brown hems and customized belt. These two colors surprisingly match pretty well together and I got attracted to it from the first look.

You can wear it like a top.

with simple straight hair style

It'll give you a dreamy and innocent looking.

or extra sweet look too.

And this is how I wear it as a dress.

Don't forget to wear a pair of sexy pumps to add more fuel into fire *roar*

in black 
or brown that matches the hem color :). It will give you credits for being a sophisticated Fashionista ;)

They have yellow color too in stock if you want to have different colors from mine :)

Love the looks I showed you? You can have it all. Just simply choose anything from there. They always have new stuff coming up. But guess what? Here is the good news for my beloved blog readers.

Simply key in "PACRYSTALSG10"  in the voucher code to enjoy 10% OFF total bill. Madness!!!!

So what are you waiting for?

Visit PerryAmber NOW!!!




I'm not sure if I should categorize this entry into a hilarious story or a horror story.

Last 2 weeks, I was invited to take part in one of the documentary movies called "Unnatural" by Channel5, Mediacorp- Singapore local radio and television broadcasting.

 The movie name sounds a little creepy, I know. And when I told some of my friends about the role that I'm gonna play, they laughed out loud.

Ok, never mind, I'm not going to reveal what role is that till the end of this post.

Some photos I took during the shoot!

Makeup time! 

Mediacorp is huge. It took me almost 20 minutes to find the makeup room. The best thing was, my make up took only 10 minutes to be done.

and finish!

Ok, this is me after the makeup with scary looking eyes. Guess what role yet?

It's ok, keep guessing :D

We did the shoot at one of the dormitories somewhere in Jurong East. That was the first time ever I entered a dormitory for foreign workers from many different countries. It's huge and super crowded. Everyone was looking at me as if I was an alien from the Mars just dropped down the Earth. 

This is the room where we had a shoot. How many floors are there?

6th floor without a lift!!!! And I wore my 5 inches heels claiming up all the way to the top with my costume. 

This is what I wore for the scene. Ok, I bet you probably could guess what role I was playing.

"I was playing a beautiful Thai ghost" 

I know all ghosts are unidentified whether she is ugly or pretty but that's what the director told me, "You played a very beautiful ghost role". 

So here is a beautiful ghost and a girl in the crew.

"Woooooo! Gimme back my life" 

That's my victim: a Thai worker

and the ghost haunts him every night after his sleep. At the end, I killed him. I mean, the ghost killed him not me. 

I didn't know that this story is based on the real life story in Singapore, a group of foreign workers lived together, worked together. None of them had any sickness or illness symptoms besides homesick but somehow, some of them died mysteriously. 

Wanna catch the entire movie? Please follow the Channel5 program, I'm not sure exactly when though. Probably, it will take little longer for the movie to be broadcasted. So if you happen to watch a movie "Unnatural" and see the ghost. You know, it is the beautiful ghost ME. 




Sorry for the late update guys! I've been really busy with so many works, projects and stuffs which I couldn't squeeze any of my time to blog. Anyway, I'm back here for the review of the 2nd treatment with Marie France Bodyline as promised. 

Second treatment with MFB was really amazing, despite I only had very tiny time that day due to my super tight schedule. I had only 1 hour available and it had been 1 week plus after my first treatment, I was kinda missing the massage. Hence, I did not want to postpone. But know what? Without me asking, MFB arranged 2 beautiful therapists to do the treatment for me at the same time to utilize my time at maximum. 

I was like OMG! I felt like being a Queen, seriously! I was super excited and I texted my guy friend "Hey, guess what? I'm having 2 beautiful therapists massaging me now. So shiok". His reply- "WTF! Life is so unfair", lolz....That shows how professional and awesome MFB service is!!!! Never fail to satisfy me :)

During the second treatment, I had a chance to talk to my personal nutritionist, listen to her advice on my daily diet. And honestly, I learned so much from her. Sometimes, we don't really care about what we eat, how much nutrition that we consume daily, how bad or good our eating habit is. That is absolutely not good -_-. I used to think I'm a very healthy dieting person, I eat a lot of vegetables, fruits. I don't take fried, oily stuffs so I should be ok. But I was wrong. We need to balance what we eat everyday. These are some of the infos that Jin Fang (my nutritionist) shared with me, I'm sharing it with you. See, I'm so kind! 

Sources of protein we should get. 

This is extremely important to those who want to be on a diet. What are the bad fats to you? 

And these are GOOD fat that we can eat without worry! 

Consultation time

Obviously, I need to have a photo of me and Jin Fang- my personal nutritionist. Look at how healthy and beautiful she is!!! Jealous!

After consultation, Jin Fang helped me to get my BMI (Body Mass Index) Screening done before I started my treatment. As usual, stubborn fat on my arms and tummy are still the main focus. The 2 treatments I had this time are slightly different from the first treatment.

First, I had Cryocelle Phased Therapy (CPT) treatment like the first time. It's a must have treatment because it's super effective, according to the consultant.

Ultrasound therapy becomes one of my most favorite treatments too.

I like the hot-cold feeling at the same time. First, there is a layer of cold gel applied on my arms and tummy, whenever I want to reduce the fatness. Thereafter, the therapist will use an applicator to massage thoroughly the entire area for 7- 10 minutes. This is where the heat derives from. The longer the massage is, the hotter I can feel. It's hard to describe it in details, but the only thing I can assure you that, it feels GREAT!

Second, I had ISS (Intelect Spot Slimming) treatment. This is when I had 2 pretty therapists doing the massage for me at the same time. We had a pretty fun chat during the treatment as the 2 therapists are so friendly plus they met a talkative person like me. So, what can you expect? ;)

After the massage, I fell asleep for 20 minutes at the end of the treatment. That's the best thing ever because it's like a dream. When you wake up, you feel totally different: lighter, slimmer and fresher. :D

Lastly, MFB even let me try out their Paraffin Hand Wax. Super awesome max <3

My therapist was doing hand-massage for me. She is so cute and friendly.

Dipping my hand one by one into the wax...I love the feeling. 

The paraffin slowly started to cool off and conform to the contours of my hand. Looks like I'm wearing gloves :D
Once the paraffin gloves were peeled off, it gave my skin super soft and smooth feeling. It's really amazing and I'm somehow kinda addicted into it.

Overall, I must say I LOVE MFB SERVICES. Not to mention their effectiveness of all the treatments they have, but their services are so professional and good. All the staffs are experienced and friendly. I never feel bored every time I go there. Everyone cheers you up with a big smile, makes you feel home and warm. I love that.

Two more treatments to go for me, but I already feel that my body weight has changed a lot. The proof is every single friend I met, said: "OMG! You look so slim and fit. What's the secret?". I answered them in return: "Yeah, I've been undergoing some slimming treatments with Marie France Bodyline and I have a personal nutritionist to help me keep fit" and smiled. :).

If you really want to try out their service, they are currently having FREE TRIAL! Sounds good? All you need to do is to check out their WEBSITE, or join their FACEBOOK fan page or TWITTER to get more updates.

Stay tuned for the last blog post because I'm gonna reveal the before-after photos after all the treatments. See ya!




Finally, it's August! A new month again. I have been desperately looking forward to August so much. Reason? July was just suck, to me. So many serious bad lucks happened that month which I couldn't explain why must it all fall in July. 

First, grandma passed away! -_-. It was pretty sudden to all of my family members especially my mom even though we were all expecting worst things might happen anytime due to her long-sickness. My grandma was such a brave and strong woman, I'm so inspired by her. Since the Vietnam war til her last day in the world, she was suffered by many wounds that French and American armies gave her. They hung her upside down, tortured her, beat on her head to seek for information about the Vietnamese communist, etc...That lead to her lost memory when she got old. She couldn't remember anyone of us last 2 years :(. 

My mom told me, 3 days before she passed away, my mom fed her some foods but she couldn't eat and she kept saying "Please take me to the temple, my mom is waiting for me there. It's time for me to go with her". And then, she passed away as if she fell into a peaceful sleep. No pain, no tear, no regret!

When I first heard the news from mom on Friday, I was in the meeting with my client and immediately I lost my words. I didn't know where was I in the conversation, what was I supposed to say. Nevertheless, I managed to finish all the works and booked a flight to fly back the next morning. In my mind that time, all I wanted to do is to go back home, look at grandma one last time and give my mom some supports. I could understand how tragically painful she felt. And I did what I was supposed to do. 

Second, my work was really bad. It's just bad and unlucky for no reason, wtf. Kinda testing my patience and temper. Anyway, let not talk about the bad stuffs here. It's so depressing! 

I want to share with you a good thing I have. There is an idiom "Every cloud has a silver lining" and it truly is. 3 days before my grandma passed away, my nephew was born

Thank to God and whoever blessed him, he was 3.8kg, super cute to the max. Here he is, adorably sleeping!

Heart shaped lips, long eyes, button nose. Confirm later will be very handsome, lady-killer and talkative. 

Baby has nothing to do besides sleeping so he sleeps like 20/ 24 hours i think.

Look at the cute chin, lolz

Long toes and very long finger nails too. My dad said when he grows up, he probably will wear shoes size 41 at least :D

I love looking at him, taking photo of him with many different cute facial expressions. 

Angry face. I think he wants to shit or eat, lolz. Else, he will not act like that. 

Sleeping and smiling at the same time. Must be dreaming something

Yawning face! Hahahaha, super damn cute! Look at those lips, I want to bite :D

Ok, let aunt carry you! I need to practice first in case I might have one in future, I'll probably not know how to take care, lolz....I find it's quite hard to carry a one week old baby because their bone and everything is still very soft. I'm scared I might turn his neck to the left or right permanently by accident, lolz....But my nephew is so damn good boy, he didn't cry when I carried him around. He just opened the eyes to look at me. Wow, heart melted. 

But i think he got annoyed by me because every time I hugged him, I would kiss him non-stop to his chubby checks :D

C'mon baby, let aunt give you a kiss! 
Now, camwhoring time. 


I said "Baby, act cute" and coincidentally, I caught his mouth opened, lolz

3. Kiss

4. And kiss
Now only I understand why all the parents like to show their baby's photos so much. I found it's pretty annoying at first. "C'mon, one is enough. I knew how your son/ daughter looks like". But now, I gotta shut up. I can't stop posting my nephew pics online to show to the world, oopss!
And by the way, his name is Danny Bui Dai Quang which means a smart, handsome and kind-hearted man. I hope he will be, in the future!