August 01, 2011 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

Finally, it's August! A new month again. I have been desperately looking forward to August so much. Reason? July was just suck, to me. So many serious bad lucks happened that month which I couldn't explain why must it all fall in July. 

First, grandma passed away! -_-. It was pretty sudden to all of my family members especially my mom even though we were all expecting worst things might happen anytime due to her long-sickness. My grandma was such a brave and strong woman, I'm so inspired by her. Since the Vietnam war til her last day in the world, she was suffered by many wounds that French and American armies gave her. They hung her upside down, tortured her, beat on her head to seek for information about the Vietnamese communist, etc...That lead to her lost memory when she got old. She couldn't remember anyone of us last 2 years :(. 

My mom told me, 3 days before she passed away, my mom fed her some foods but she couldn't eat and she kept saying "Please take me to the temple, my mom is waiting for me there. It's time for me to go with her". And then, she passed away as if she fell into a peaceful sleep. No pain, no tear, no regret!

When I first heard the news from mom on Friday, I was in the meeting with my client and immediately I lost my words. I didn't know where was I in the conversation, what was I supposed to say. Nevertheless, I managed to finish all the works and booked a flight to fly back the next morning. In my mind that time, all I wanted to do is to go back home, look at grandma one last time and give my mom some supports. I could understand how tragically painful she felt. And I did what I was supposed to do. 

Second, my work was really bad. It's just bad and unlucky for no reason, wtf. Kinda testing my patience and temper. Anyway, let not talk about the bad stuffs here. It's so depressing! 

I want to share with you a good thing I have. There is an idiom "Every cloud has a silver lining" and it truly is. 3 days before my grandma passed away, my nephew was born

Thank to God and whoever blessed him, he was 3.8kg, super cute to the max. Here he is, adorably sleeping!

Heart shaped lips, long eyes, button nose. Confirm later will be very handsome, lady-killer and talkative. 

Baby has nothing to do besides sleeping so he sleeps like 20/ 24 hours i think.

Look at the cute chin, lolz

Long toes and very long finger nails too. My dad said when he grows up, he probably will wear shoes size 41 at least :D

I love looking at him, taking photo of him with many different cute facial expressions. 

Angry face. I think he wants to shit or eat, lolz. Else, he will not act like that. 

Sleeping and smiling at the same time. Must be dreaming something

Yawning face! Hahahaha, super damn cute! Look at those lips, I want to bite :D

Ok, let aunt carry you! I need to practice first in case I might have one in future, I'll probably not know how to take care, lolz....I find it's quite hard to carry a one week old baby because their bone and everything is still very soft. I'm scared I might turn his neck to the left or right permanently by accident, lolz....But my nephew is so damn good boy, he didn't cry when I carried him around. He just opened the eyes to look at me. Wow, heart melted. 

But i think he got annoyed by me because every time I hugged him, I would kiss him non-stop to his chubby checks :D

C'mon baby, let aunt give you a kiss! 
Now, camwhoring time. 


I said "Baby, act cute" and coincidentally, I caught his mouth opened, lolz

3. Kiss

4. And kiss
Now only I understand why all the parents like to show their baby's photos so much. I found it's pretty annoying at first. "C'mon, one is enough. I knew how your son/ daughter looks like". But now, I gotta shut up. I can't stop posting my nephew pics online to show to the world, oopss!
And by the way, his name is Danny Bui Dai Quang which means a smart, handsome and kind-hearted man. I hope he will be, in the future!