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First of all! 

Hopefully, this year will bring a lot of luck, happiness and success to everyone especially to all my blog readers. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog, I don't know all of you personally but thank you :D

I couldn't blog much earlier to wish you before the new year started because I celebrated my new year in the sky with Mike and all of the flight attendants. So now, I'm finally home! (God! I miss my house) and going to share with you load of photos and fun things from my first trip to United States! 

Excited yet?

Here you go!

I was all by myself on the airplane for 26 hours to Japan- Los Angeles- Phoenix and Tucson (final destination) as Mike had gone back a week before my trip. I was so excited yet so lazy and reluctant whenever I have to go on a long flight. Many other dramas I could ever think of: "What am I gonna do there in the air"- "My legs, knees are going to be numb". But when the date drew closer, I just closed my mind to not to think of that and did it. And i did!

After 7 hours, I reached Narita International Airport in Japan!

Konnichiwa, Japan! (*means Hello in Japanese)

Pretty clean airport! A small duty-free store for transit passengers to shop while waiting. 

I only had 25 minutes there, thus I didn't have time to shop for anything in the airport. On the way back Singapore, I did though! Bought a bottle of Japanese traditional whisky for my dad.

After Japan, it took me another approximately 16hours to fly across the Pacific Ocean. Landed in Los Angeles at 12.30pm local time, took another flight to Phoenix, waited there 4 more hours and boarded another flight to Tucson (Arizona). I arrived Tucson (Mike's hometown) around 9pm local time and that I finally completed my traveling mission. I felt alive again the moment I saw Mike at the exit and I could never forget my feeling of how much I wish I had my bed to sleep on the airplane. It's like the most precious thing to me that time. Anyway, forget about the hardship, time to celebrate with joy.

The next morning when I got up, everyone was preparing for the breakfast. I was a bit nervous as that was the first time I met Mike's family but the nervousness didn't last long. Everyone was so friendly that I felt like home.

Mike's parents prepared and decorated the house nicely to make my first Christmas celebration very special and memorable. 

One of the many Christmas toys in the house. They look so cute and happy everywhere

Just a random shot of the lights that I found it very attractive :D

Handmade cookies that Mike's mom did. I and the kids just helped to decorate it, I have never made any cookies like that before, it's so fun to do

Caitlin was like little chef in the kitchen, busy decorating her cookies.

and when she got bored of doing so, she asked me to take photo of her. Jesus! Can you tell how professionally she poses? Like a truly supermodel but a cute one.

After cookies time, it's playing time. We went to play some games while it was freezing outside at 0 degree Celsius. I barely stood it, only managed to snap some photos and went inside. 

Caitlin, Jared and me. Look at the snowy mountain behind us, it's so beautiful. 

I just love seeing Caitlin striking her model pose so here is another pic of us with the blinking Christmas tree.

and a cute pic of her. Too cute for words!

Caitlin, me and Kenzie. Mike's most favorite photos. 

Another picture with the Christmas tree. I think the camera just loves us. And hey! Look at Caitlin again, didn't I say she poses like a supermodel at the age of 6?

Next day, Mike took me for a ride to explore the place he calls home. It's a peaceful, big and quiet town in Arizona with low life-speed. People seem enjoying their life here, no stress, no worry much not like in Singapore. 

A cam whore shoot in the car. On my left, the guy looks like a gangster in some action movies. I'm just kidding. Mike was looking so serious with his sunglasses on so I just made fun of him.

Spectacular mountain! 

Took an artistic shoot through the mirror! Pardon me! The mirror is quite dusty.

Hello! Another selfie shot.

Walking up to the hill. The weather was just so perfect, sunny, bright and shiny. The only thing I didn't like is dryness. It's so dry that i felt my nose, through, skin and lips were all dry out. Hate this. 

Took a shoot with Jared. 

and one with Mike again with the huge valley behind us. 



Just a random tree in front of the house that I found so beautiful.

Evening! It's Christmas Eve!!!

The kids got so excited to open the presents from everyone in the house, especially from Santa Claus. 

Look at the amount of gifts we had in the house!

I used to think Christmas is the time you will exchange the Christmas gifts with friends, family or whom you care about. You go to church, and you go out with friends on Christmas Eve. And that's why every Christmas Eve, I just went out with friends for fun, ate and drank.
Mike's parents explained to me in details while I was there and having a chance to celebrate the first real Christmas with full of customs made me understand more about it. 

Basically, what we did was: Mike's mom cooked a nice dinner on Christmas Eve, everyone got together, ate and talked. After a delicious meal, it's time for the kids to open the presents from grandparents, parents, brother and sister. Once finished everything, kids gotta go to bed early because Santa will come at midnight, to give a surprise to everyone. So who is Santa Claus?
He is four of us: I, Mike, Mom & Dad :D. We all quietly brought out all the presents that were already nicely wrapped up to put the Christmas tree. 
I and Mike's Mom wrote name of the person that the gift on each gift. So I wrote on my gift like this: To: Crystal- From: Santa Claus.

Each of us has 12- 13 gifts from Santa Claus in total. This is to make the children to believe that there is Santa Claus in Christmas who gives gifts to every good kids around the world as a reward so that they will try to be better next year to get more presents from him. How sweet!

It doesn't matter how old you are, Santa will still give presents to everyone. 

Caitlin, Jared and Kenzie with their presents from Santa. :D

For me? Of course,  I'm always a good girl plus last year was my first year I received presents from Santa, so he was very generous, he gave me plenty :D Look at what I got!

Victoria's Secret kimono robe in hot pink. 
This kimono robe is worn by VS angels during their fashion shows in New York in 2011. I knew it because I just watched VS fashion show an hour ago; all the models wore this :p

Angel wings at the back made by shiny sequins. *Heart*

Pink bathrobe. Super soft and comfortable

One of my favorite gifts: Juicy Couture pink Hoodie set

Especially with my name embroidered on it. Woohoo! I love Juicy stuffs.

Another favorite item: Coach passport cover

Super pinkie inside. 

Versace handbag and perfume! in Pink too :D

Mike bought this perfume for me not because of the smell; it's because my name on it. How sweet he is! :D

Victoria's Secret pajamas set from Mike and his mom. All is in pink. 

Hoodie and sweater bought to me by Mike's mom. 

CK Euphoria perfume and sling bag bought to me by Mike :D

Travel make-up set palettes as small as my palm.

Diamond necklace bought by Mike. He loves "decorating" me with all these stuffs and, unfortunately, I love wearing them too.

And there are many other stuffs I have but it's too long to display all here. So here is the final pic of my Santa gifts

Seriously, I didn't expect that I would have this bunch of gifts on Christmas. I felt so thankful and happy for whatever Mike and his family have done to me. No words for that. That's what I have for Christmas, how about you guys? Did you have a good Christmas yourself? I hope you do.

Stay tuned for the next blog post when I'm going to share with you so much fun about my stay in Los Angeles. ;)

Again, Happy New Year all!