A quick post before the snail internet connection dies on me. Can't believe how slow it could be and i wasn't able to update my blog last night at all as promised *pissed*

Anyway, this post was supposed to be written on Monday about my Bintan trip. Initially, it was 2D1N trip, but end up we only spent a day there to explore some places. Nothing much happening to attract nightlife persons like me and Keef. We went back at 8pm on that day itself. 

Overall, below is my rating about Bintan, it will be good for those who want to visit this place.

Traveling time: 1 hour by....ferry. 1 hour is bloody long to travel by sea for God's sake. Even though, it was good, comfortable sitting, I just simply couldn't wait that long. I dont know about you!

Hotel: I stayed in Nirwana Beach Club hotel which quite disappointed me at the first place. It is located near by the sea but toward inside a garden which appears like a forest to me with many big treas around. It could be quite scary at night because there is not much light except your own room, lolz

I don't know whether the owner of this hotel wants to create a vintage, foresty feel of the hotel or it's called the combination of nature and modern kind of theme as all furnitures are made by wood like a table is made by a piece of raw wood (not polished yet) and there is 14" TV (those types from 1990s). Nothing else to entertain us! Everything is small and old. When I first stepped into the room, I thought i was a Snow White stepping into the 7 dwarfs' house, hahahaha...I don't mind if it's clean tho' but unfortunately, hmm.....Overall, I think Singapore Hotel81 is still much better -_-

Nightlife: zero! Seriously, there was a bar bistro by the beach but not many people, I counted there were only 4. The road is dark with no light at all. I was quite scared when I was on the cab even if Keef was with me. Imagine, if the cab driver wants to rob us. That's it! 

Food: Ok only! Not really extremely fantastic or what. So 6/10

Currency: All prices are in Singapore Dollar!!!!!!!!!!!! And yet, it's even more expensive than in Singapore. For instant, 1 mango juice in Singapore food court costs you about S$2.50, yes? There? S$4.50 without fail. WTF!!!! Asking yourself this question TWICE before you go over "Why must you spend so much more while you can get the same thing in much cheaper price in Singapore?" Doesn't make sense to travel to Bintan and things are even more expensive. It's not like in US or Europe or what. I rate 2/10

Scenery: Pure island, still. I see the potential in this island if only there will be more investments in the future. I like the beach scenery here. Rate 7/10!

Activities: Ok, this is the only thing I'm excited to share about. There are quite many interesting outdoor activities for you to do the whole day. I could say, this is the best place for team building, outdoor activities purposes provided that you are going in a group, not a couple. The only thing is all activities are chargeable and in Singapore Dollar, again! Rate 8/10

I think my comments are covering pretty sufficient so far. Now,


Arrived at Bintan Ferry Terminal! Immigration checkpoint

Hotel room! Failed!

On the shuttle bus to some places! Blur photo but I find it's quite artistic, ehhehe...

 With Keef as usual

 One more! 

Like I said, scenery is rated 7/10. Worth seeing!

 ME playing rifle shooting, first time! Posing is nice but playing is SUCK, hahahaa....I think men are born to be shooters, not women! :D

 But I gained point in playing archery. Yeahhhhh!!!!

 Dont mess with me, hor!!!!! 
 Look at my awesome score for the first time playing!!!! :D 

Last pic to cheer you up for all the negative comments, flower and it's white *in case any of you are color-blinded, lolz.....

I wanted to put a video recorded me during the games, unfortunately, haven't had time to edit them yet. Wait til it's done.

For now, off to go drinking at Se7en1nch, it's Friday night!!!!!!


Happy Rabbit Year!

Since Rabbit Year (according to Chinese horoscope) is coming closer, I shall have one topic talking nonsense about...the rabbit.

When we are talking about rabbit, the first thing comes to your mind is...


What else? But does  anyone know why did Hugh Hefner choose rabbit as symbol of his magazine? Oh well, you may say "Because rabbit is marked as a sex symbol?" And why is it so? Why not pig or monkey?

Pig is sexy too! :D

After searching for a while, I managed to find some answers on the internet!

According to Hugh Hefner chose rabbit because "Rabbits are know how quickly they have sex". How quick??? 30 seconds to 40 seconds ONLY. 

Not only that, to your surprise "Rabbits have a very rapid reproductive rate. The breeding season for most rabbits lasts 9 months, from February to October. In one season a single female rabbit can produce as many as 800 children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren" (From

I'm like "WTF!!!" No wonder, it's called sex symbol. But when does a rabbit have sex? I've never seen, have you? Or maybe it's too fast, lolz. 

Most of the time, when you see a Western girl in rabbit costume especially Playboy bunny girl, you have no other words besides "SEXY" 


They look just so effortlessly sexy! My God! I hate them! 
But somewhat, when rabbit costume arrives in Asia, it has been transformed from sexiness to...cuteness which I dont know why! Or either, we call it "cutely sexy" 

like this! lolzzzzz!

or better one is like this

Maybe, it's due to the culture or what. It's same like Westerners never forecast what's happening in Rabbit year but Chinese do. What is your prediction of this year?
My prediction for the year of rabbit is: World population will increase rapidly since it's the year of sex! 

HHAAAAHAAAA!!!!! *Oopps! Who is born in Rabbit year??? :

Dont take it seriously! I'm just joking while I'm so bored at home alone and I've already told you that I'm talking nonsense here. 

Less than a month to Lunar New Year, I'm so excited and looking forward to my Vietnam trip again...with my *ehem* fiance'. I'll write a New Year resolution post soon before new year either before or after I go off. 
Til then, happy Rabbit Year eveyone especially you! Rabbit born people :D


New Year resolution,


Joined the dance competition in Jakarta, though I didn't win any trophy, but we received a free trip and some cash back for shopping. We were in top 6 in the competition. Not bad though. I bought my Sony Camera after a while consideration and blinked it up to satisfy my blinking addict, at the same time, I sold my old Sony Camera and an extra Acer laptop. I'm such a good buyer and seller, am I not?. Did the first music video with Mirage Film "Autumn Leave" one of my most favorite songs of all time.

Here I am! Look beautifully sad in the video, lolz.
Featured on Mediacorp Channel5, the TV show called "Sport@SG" for 2 minutes about my dancing activity. The actual shoot for that 2 minutes video took us 2 hours and a half to complete. 
I flew back Vietnam for Chinese New Year celebration with family. I looked happily in the photos but, in fact, I was at the worst time of  my life. I just lost my job. A company I worked for decided to quit the project I was handling due to business loss. I had no clue what should I do next? Stay or leave Singapore? If I stay, where should I stay, if I leave, where should I go? This was the most stressful and headache situation ever. I hate it and until now, I don't know where could I get so much energy, motivation, strength to sustain and solve it. But I did!

Realizing my original degree certificate was stolen, and I knew who did that. But having no proof is not going to help me anything. Before I lost other things, I had to move out as soon as possible. Thank God, I managed to get a verified true copy from my old university. 
Attended Singapore Entertainment Awards 2010 invited by, a Launch Networking event for all actors, actress, media people and Singapore Blog Awards 2010. My blog was nominated in Best-Modeling Category but somehow, it was just humbly stopped at the nomination level, will try harder for the next year.

Broke up!!!! -_- I considered my breakup to be one of the 1% rare case in the world because we are still good friends of each other until now. Break up in peace! Then few months later, I got a new job, and everything went smooth as what I prayed it to be. Life is still very fair to those who has a good heart. One door closes, the other ones will open. Just have to keep your mind clear and your heart pure.

Was invited as one of the lead dancers to do the video shoot for an MTV music video by Monkey KingChanged my dance partner by chance and luck, and he is so good! I love dancing with him. Also, I slowly stepped into a new relationship. Went to Hue (Vietnam) for the first time to watch the biggest Hue Music Festival. I won lots of money from playing games the casino in the hotel there. FREE trip!

Won Championship in an International Dance Competition in the dance competition with my new partner in Singapore after three weeks practicing. It was an amazing moment for me to turn into professional in dancing yet achieved something from the first attempt.

Se7en1nch was opened after a month plus renovating and preparing. It's our new joint, new home, new playground for all of us who drinks responsibly and not puke out all over the place like others. 

Beautiful photo of Se7en1nch taken by me. 
Traveled to Thailand with Keef for his annual praying to 4 faces Buddha, I've never been there before and I heard lots of stories about the super powerful Buddha there.

Thailand is amazing with many hot spots, nightlife activity, delicious foods and especially lots of stuffs to buy at a can-not-be cheaper price. I love Bangkok! Will visit it again.
Got an iPhone and two iPads. Flew back Vietnam again to attend my brother's weddingMy God! It was like an event of the year kind of thing. I, Dad, and Mom were happy that my funny, immature brother (to what Dad always says about him) has finally got married.

Picture to prove what my Dad saying is always RIGHT.

There you go, a happy family photo without my Dad because he was busy with guests. 

Halloween party at SE7en1nch!!! It's also one of the most looking forward to attending party of the year. For the first time, I dressed up and celebrated Halloween as a Vampire Queen.

Made my Halloween costume. 
My happening 26th birthday party! I had three birthday celebrations with different groups of friends on different days and the biggest one I threw out was at Se7en1nch. Dance, drink, drunk, and laugh are what we all did to celebrate. Must say a big thank you to my dearest boyfriend again for his understanding and supporting me, always. 

Wanted to get a Boo dog so badly, but I couldn't do so. Hence, I could only adopt, talk and dream about him on my blog. Another reason is, I couldn't take care of him because I'm always out of the house almost 18/24 hours a day. So, it's not a good idea to keep Boo starving at home alone and what if he might fell down from our balcony. FHM bikini contest and SOL beach party,

Bought for myself a new glasses to home. Fanpage hits 1500 plus fan, party at Se7en1nch again for the Curtis King live show and most importantly, my honor two full pages interview with SauceInk magazine.

That what I have gone through for 2010! I must say, it was a tough and challenging yet very eventful year for me. I faced many difficult situations in which I thought I should have given up. Tear, sadness, sorrow, worry, anxiety, release, happiness, and surprise... all came in a different shade, moment, and circumstance. And I'm very happy that I did not give up so easily that time. Else, I wouldn't have had what I'm having today.

Every cloud has silver lining! After a heavy stormy day, sun will shine above us. Just keep telling yourself not to give up, you'll reach the destination in the end. So far, I'm happy with my 2010, what about you?
And now, I'm looking forward to a better 2011. You'd better be! :D