Ok, I guess people are going to get jealous with me even more after this entry . "Why do you keep having free holiday trip, party all the time?" are the common questions that I received recently. But trust me, there is NO FREE LUNCH in the world, you gotta work your ass off to achieve something in your life. I've been working so damn hard, now it's time for me to relax and enjoy. At least, you all still can travel for free though...my blog, lolzz. So stop complaining!

Last 2 weeks, I was offered a 1 day trip to Bintan (Indonesia) to attend 16 hours non-stop Foam- Beach bikini party by FashionTV. So, this was the second time I visited Bintan, stayed in the same hotel  *FML and my first visit wasn't exciting hence I was very reluctant to go at first. However, since FashionTV arranged everything from ferry, pick-up service, hotel, food, drink etc for me, I finally tagged Felicia Neo to join me and party together. 
Poster of the event was circulated online months ago. Nicely designed and happening looking :D

Felicia and I at the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, waiting for boarding. Just woke up face, Felicia and I still got hangover from partying at the night before. Party animal, lolz

Reached Nirwana Resort Hotel. People were busy preparing for the party at night, we quickly ran into the backdrop for a quick pose. 

Desert after buffet dinner. So yum! This time, I gave 7/10 mark for the foods at Nirwana Resort Hotel. 

Talking about FashionTV party is talking about their significant F-Vodka. Love the bottle color, design and of course the taste of the vodka too. 

Camwhoring in the hotel room before heading out for a videoshoot. 

Debbie, Felicia Neo and I: happy- go- lucky girls. We didn't know Debbie til we checked in hotel room even though she was sitting right behind us on the ferry. At first, I thought this girl is pretty kinky but actually she is not, very cool and fun girl to hang out with. Lesson: don't just a book by its cover!

Time for the party and works! 

We actually gotta dance and be models for FashionTV filming to promote Nirwana Resort Hotel also FashionTV party. Like I said, nothing is free but thank God this wasn't a tough job at all. In fact, what we did was partying while filming. I bet everyone wants that. 

Me striking a pose in front of the restaurant. 

with FuFu- Artistic Director of FashionTV. We communicated over emails most of the time and I kept thinking he was Thai guy, lolz....Surprised!

Zai- videographer of FTV on duty. There are numbers of videographers that night but he was the one filming us most of the time. 

As 3 of us is the first group started, hence wherever we went, we drew attention of everyone around. I'm not sure whether we looked weird, strange or sexy, lolz.

Paparazi :p I snapped photo of them while they were shooting us. So fun!

After our introduction shoot, this was when the party started.

Beautiful model in their bikini show. The catwalk was built in the middle of the swimming pool, super beautiful 

Like VS's angels

Another creative lingerie collection. 

G-String and Ass for you, pervert! Go and masturbate yourself

Ok, last photo of the models. It just so depressing to look at those legs, wtf! 

Now, it's time for short-legs to show
Shoot by Fufu, photoshopped by Crystal. I edited the color, lighting only. Curves are original *ehem*

Thank to Fufu who made my legs look damn long now, hahahaha...This photo was taken at approximately 3am in the morning, the party was still going on til 7am. I couldn't stand any longer, feeling sleepy plus tired of standing and walking too much, I left the party at 3 plus to my hotel room to sleep. Felicia was completely drunk and already deep in sleep :D

Next morning, we had a breakfast and a walk around the resort before going back Singapore. It is a pretty beautiful resort indeed.

After party.

Blue sky + blue water

Beautiful view from here. Love my camera GH2, it doesn't trouble me to edit or enhance the color at all, so smart ass gadget

Walking along the beach, the heat was crazy that time. 

Muahxxxx from Bintan 

So that's how my trip ended. It was just 2D1N trip but it had so much fun, memorable things. Thank to FashionTV especially FuFu for arranging everything. I can't wait to watch the FashionTV clip about this party. I'm very sure it's gonna be very entertaining. 
I shall end this entry here and make you hate me more with this holiday schedule

June: 4D3N trip to Krabi (Thailand) sponsored by FHM (Singapore)
July: 3D2N trip to Hongkong sponsored by Streetdirectory (Singapore)
So damn excited :D


audi fashion festival,


Last week, I  was invited by Omy.sg and Marie France Bodyline to attend Audi Fashion Festival in Orchard, It was such a memorable event after all, I had a great time watching Francis Cheong's collection and hanging out with some other young, cute and lovely bloggers. My God, I feel so old standing among of them. -_-

So, that was my first time attending fashion show and lucky enough, all the designs that Francis made are what I'm totally in love with: Spring/ Summer couture. At least I didn't feel bored during the show. Thank to Omy.sg and Marie France Bodyline for the invitation :)

Beautiful thing comes from a small envelope :) That's my invitation card for me. 

We reached there at 9pm but the event wasn't started, I and few bloggers have chance to do camwhoring shoots. Girls can never stop camwhoring, anytime, anywhere. :D

Isabella, Tsuriki and I

Check out this chic, *weewee :D 
Can't stop myself from posing with the backdrop

and one more...Sorry lor, it's one year event thing, so I gotta terror the camera abit, hehehe

Ok, these two are hotter than the chic above I guess. The beautiful Audi displayed at the main entrance, love the car

getting inside.
Everyone was busy looking for their seats and settling down before the show started while I was busy snapping the photos, lolz. 

I haven't heard or noticed much about Francis Cheong until I attended his fashion show and I must say this was really impressive and it hit my interest. There were so many designs shown, but generally I most prefer those dresses below:

Gorgeous chiffon blue with white deco. Simple yet sophisticated! 

Long and flowy green gown. Not too bright, not too dark, it's just nice green tone to attract attention. I'm a big fan of such design. I love the soft, flowy and smooth feeling that the gown has.

Not too much about the dress but perhaps the hairstyle and accessories come along that caught my attention. Just perfectly match. Hey, but this is for show only hor, don't go out with this hairstyle, unless you want people keep staring at you or end up with a bird lying on top. The bird might mistake your hair with her nest.

Black and white combination with a very well deco flower embroidery along the dress. The black flower made the white dress less boring, indeed it looks classy and sexy at the same time

Simple yellow tube gown with a big flower on the waist. And again, a big "wing" to create the wind when you walk :D Feeling like an angel when you wear such dresses.

Did i mention I love this particular design? I did!

I love this gown too because it's rosy pink and it's pretty creative when Francis combines the Chinese traditional clothing style with the modern one in this dress

Purple rocks the catwalk :D Simple but hot

All of sudden, it's Irene Ang as a model on the catwalk. You gotta be kidding me? No I don't. I was very surprised when I saw Irene in this show as a model. I thought she would be doing MC job or something like that. When she walked out, i got shocked. Hell sexy and gorgeous with her pony tail hairstyle, fitting dress with blue dragon printed on. Plus she looks so sexy. I then found out Irene was actually one of Marie France Bodyline successful clients. That means this slimming company is not bullshitting. They have the products and methods that work!
Anyway, talking about slimming and losing weight later. 
I was communicating with Irene over twitter for few times and to my surprise, she was so friendly til death, lolz....You all should follow her on twitter too. For that, I show you one more photo of her :D

Super models on the catwalk. Hate them, why they are so beautiful and tall -_- So jealous! 

Guess whose back is it?
That's her
Who else but Christy Chung- international actress and also an ambassador of Marie France Bodyline. No need to write much about her already, she is so famous. Just google her name, tons of websites will be shown.

Last but not least, the man behind the catwalk:

Francis Cheong
He looks so much younger than I thought, good looking too. So young yet so talented. I don't know how old he really is but to me I think he looks quite young and I admire people who are successful at young age. I'm sure he is gonna come out with many crazy and brilliant designs.

Last shoot before we left.

The show was short but not disappointed at all. I guess everyone was happy especially the ladies with gentlemen with them coz they can just point to the model walking on the catwalk and say "Oh, I love this dress"- "Oh, this one is even better"....next day the dress will be in their wardrobe already. 

So the tip is: when you go to watch a fashion show, remember to bring your boyfriend/ husband/ fiance/ admirer along :D

At least, if you don't get a dress, you also get some free stuffs from t he organizer, not one but TWO. How awesome! 
No joke! This is what I got after attending the event:

Body contouring treatment and facial treatment worth S$700. Thank to Marie France Bodyline and Bella Skin

Perfect serum for body from Marie France Bodyline too. They are so generous

Eye cream. I tried and it's awesome. The smell is super damn  nice

That's about it and I'm kinda looking forward for more fashion shows coming up :D It's pretty fun  and interesting. Thank to Omy.sg again for the awesome invitation, they always manage to get some good stuffs for bloggers. Jealous with what I have? You might want to start blogging now and join their blogger community at www.omy.sg
Now thank God I managed to finish this blog entry before heading out party tonight. It's Friday!!!!! 
Happy weekend to everyone! xoxox
 Photo courtesy of omy.sg and zimbio.com. Plus some are mine too :D




Last weekend, I did the most courageous thing in my life which I ever thought I could never ever do it!

I carried a 7kg python!!!! 

My God! I'm so proud of myself because I didn't faint when I first touched this scary reptile. It IS really scary to me. I have a goosebump just by thinking about it. 

I often dreamed there were many big snakes attacked me when I was small, some snakes with 10 meters length at least, they are all dark, fierce looking and so poisonous. Since then, in my mind, snake is one kind of ugliest, most dangerous and useless animals, does nothing besides crawling blindly here and there and biting people.

I'm not offending those are born in the year of Snake, so don't be so sensitive :D. I'm only talking about snake as an animal, not years of snake. If anyone says in front of me, all Rats are dirty, fatty, ugly, harmful. Ok, kill them all if you can.

Back to the main topic, I bet not many of you have a chance to eat Snake meat but I did. Last Chinese New Year, I went to one famous snake village nearby Hanoi (Vietnam) to revenge my "dream-enemy" that disturbed my sleep many times.

I ate this! 

Hello! It's a Cobra and it's still alive ok! Scary or not? 

Wanted to blog about this awesome experience after my trip from Hanoi but I haven't had time to edit the video yet, maybe later when I'm free. 

I stood very far away to take this photo because I was scared if the cobra will attack me. It happened a lot in my dream *lolz, so drama*.

So you see, the funny thing is I dare to eat the snake, but I don't dare to touch the snake.

This one is a bigger one!

Close up shot!
Don't you see my face become fatter by the heavy snake or I'm rather too frightened.

Posing so happily but in fact I was shaking like mad and it was really scary. It took me almost 15mins to get this pose after many times, the snake master kept saying "No, he won't bite, he is very calm and friendly" and he tried to pull my hands to touch the snake, I ran away every time he carried the snake near me. Believe it or not, my finger touched the skin, I felt like there was a cold wind running in my bone.

The snake master takes care of the Python very well, the skin is so shiny and healthy. He must be bathing the snake once every day, feeding him with a lot of birds, chickens etc....*this is what I guess* but even how nice it is, it's still so scary. It's like you are touching a snakeskin handbag and the bag can move. Ewww! 

I don't know how all these models can pose with the snake around them. Salute with a bow!

I don't think if people pay me like S$1000 for one photoshoot with this python, I would be able to do it. Definitely, no! 
I don't even have any bag, shoes, accessories made of snake skin, so why should I touch snakeskin again. Funny! 
But one thing I must admit is that, after touching the python, my fear level is greatly reduced as I have passed a biggest challenge.
And this is the best thing I did last week so far! After that Friday night, I stayed at home the whole Saturday and Sunday. Phobia! Hahahhaha
No lah, I was just resting :D