I love Polyvore!

This is NOT an advertorial post!

Lately, I've been so obsessed with one website I happened to visit a while ago that I can simply spend days and nights on it. You probably think "That must be an online shopping website". Erhhh, YES and NO :D. Basically, this website allows you to create your own fashion styles based on available items to purchase online. You name it! From cheapest ones (unknown brands) to the most expensive ones like Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, etc.... And they have everything you could ask for: dress, blazer, sunglasses, earrings, bangles, wallet, hair accessories, make up....Anything related to fashion.

So all you need to do is to match which dress goes with which shoes, wallet, earrings and you call it your own style. Your style could be lousy one or a fantastic one, it depends on your taste, talent, experience etc... And if you are always creating many fabulous styles, there might be thousands people like it, and you get to be virtually famous. Who knows you could step out cyber world and be a fashion icon in reality one day like how some people sang few songs online and they became superstar for real??? :D Anyway, I'm just kidding.

Back to the story, the only reason why I love this website is because I have chance to see all latest fashion trends, new designs from all different brands and I (pretend to be) a fashion designer myself have an opportunity to pick any item and put them all in together. I'm gonna show you some styles that I've made, they tell my style of clothing that I like or I usually dress up. Best part, if you really in love with any style or item you see online, you can even buy it for yourself because the website has the link to all different websites that sell whatever they display. I was like "WTF! This is super cool"

Excited yet? OK, now I'm gonna (humbly) invite you to take a look at some styles that I created! The title of my first collection is: WEEKLY DRESS UP! A guide to fashion styles with Crystal :p

Here you go!

Stylish Monday!
Dressing up formal on Monday is one of my habits. It makes me feel more motivated when I go to work on Monday because I usually feel so lazy when it comes to Monday and I hate Sunday night very much. Thus, my rule is: You look good, you'll feel good. 

Stylish Monday

Gucci long sleeve blouse
£485 -

Armani Collezioni black satin skirt
£150 -

Giuseppe Zanotti peep toe heels
$1,495 -

Statement ring
€13 -


Madewell belt
$42 -

I even included the link to each and every item I picked in case you are interested in buying, you know where to click :) See! I'm so generous, I share!

Sophisticated Tuesday!
Second day of the week is actually my implementing day of whatever have been planed on Monday. I like to wear blazer with pants and loose top inside, it makes me feel very dynamic and active. 

Sophisticated Tuesday

D G white sleeveless top
$170 -

$29 -

Theory cuffed pants
$225 -

Rock & Republic platform heels
$247 -

Amrita Singh 18k ring
$40 -

1928 floral jewelry
$18 -

Marc Jacobs acetate sunglasses
£105 -


Nude Wednesday!
I love nude dress, nude top, nude lipstick...and it goes super will with black. These two colours are definitely must have items in your wardrobe. Nude Wednesday

Dorothy Perkins pleated dress
£20 -

Pour La Victoire leather pumps
$250 -

Christian Louboutin leather handbag
$898 -

Relic two tone watch
$72 -

Worthington black bangle bracelet
$8.99 -

Long chain necklace
$60 -

Ileana Makri gold filigree ring
€7.798 -

Sweet Thursday!
Weekend is around the corner and work is almost done. This is the day that you should relax and reward yourself with something sweet. At least, sweet looking to release the tension and stress at work. 

Sweet Thursday

Structured dress
£28 -

Yves Saint Laurent platform shoes
$625 -

Cole haan bag
$39,800 -

Crystal jewelry
€13 -

Monsoon black jewelry
£25 -

Louis Vuitton wallet


Effy Collection ring
$3,540 -

Sexy Friday!
TGIF! Friday is also one of my most favourite day in the week. I love going out at late night and partying with friends and people on Friday night. It's a good way to balance yourself between work and personal life. Time to draw attention in the party! 

It's Friday Night!

What do you think about my picks? Don't take it so personally though because whatever works for me might not work for you. What you can do is:
1. Visit the website
2. Sign up an account
3. Start creating a style for yourself
4. Buy the cloths that you pick (optional).

I know, before I finish this blog post, I gotta tell you what website it is: Visit:

and don't forget to check out my page: and follow me there. <3




From the title itself, you know what this blog entry is all about!

It becomes a habit that I must blog about my birthday party every year regardless it's big or small, happy or sad. I want to keep them as memories so that when I get old (like 50 years old), I have something sweet to share with my grandchildren.

Last birthday party, I spent my entire three days to celebrate with colleagues and friends. I went for a yummy dinner with my boyfriend and drank my night away at Se7en1nch til 4, 5am, danced like a crazy dancer on stage. It was the most insane and wild party I've ever had. You can read the old entry about the last year party here

This year, thing changed. I decided to celebrate with everyone in just one party, more like a small party with all close friends and colleagues and the best part? I brought my parents to Singapore to celebrate with me this time. It was my best birthday party ever. Believe it or not, this was the first-time parents celebrated birthday party with me since I turned 18, I know I've been away from them too long :( 

I booked a room at Ksuites in Orchard Parade Hotel for everyone to sing, dance, play pool, play Wii and drink yet still can be together. The manager at Ksuites was super nice, he offered us a VIP, huge and beautiful room and everyone screamed out loud when they stepped inside. That made me really happy :D It was a courtesy of Mike too. Mike was my boyfriend now. I broke up with Keef 6 months after my 26th birthday. We were looking at different things, so we departed. 

Guess I just need to share some photos instead of talking so much

The first group came to the party. From left to right: Me, my dearest boss- Hong, Nicole, mommy, Alicia and Yann. They are also my team-mates, we see each other everyday, share the same goals, missions, worries, and joys. That's how nice my working environment is, not forget to mention my nicest boss of all time sitting there :D

A candid photo of my parents! They were so cold when they first got inside the room and once given a blanket; they immediately shared together. So cute!

Second group joined the party later! Group size grew bigger and bigger! 
From left: Andy, Fiona, Nicole, Alicia, Yann, James, Hong, me, Mom, Dad & Mike. 

Champagne toast to start the party!

 Me & Fiona! 

 with my cute girl Charmaine who have left the company to further her study. I was so happy to see her again.

 Nicole, James & Me. 

 Mommy looked so happy next to Regina & Fiona. 

 with an ex- colleague: Lynn, who ever went back to my hometown with me.

Foods & drinks that night. I forgot how much they ordered, but nothing left in the end. All of us were like hungry ghosts.

Amber, Fiona, Regina & me. 

Mommy acted cute again with Lynn. Lolz! I can't express how much love I have for her.

 Sharon, Fiona & Regina. They are in different team with me in my company but somehow we click pretty well together. :)

 Wii time with Amber. I just love her especially her laughter.
Look at mom and dad laughing at the back. So happy to see them laughing. 

Game ended. I won, and Amber quit because "it's too tiring".

Leon & his girlfriend just arrived Singapore few days before my party.  

Alvin, Sharon, me, Mike and Regina didn't bother to take a photo with us because she was busy with her song

That's Amber being playful when I came to talk to Mike something.  

Lovebirds: Alvin- Sharon 

Mike dedicated a song to me, and I couldn't stop laughing at his singing. I'm sorry; I didn't want to be rude, but I couldn't help because Mom kept laughing next to me too. She asked me "He sang or he read the lyric".

with my beloved team: Nicole, me, Hong, Alicia, Yan, Lynn & Charmaine (standing)

Dancing time! Seriously, I have no idea what the hell I did with that kind of awkward pose. 

 Striking an ugly but cute pose! Loving my dress! 

Lastly, a group photo of everyone:

Thank you for coming to my party, making it memorable and happy one. I love you all! 

Of course, there isn't any birthday party without any

I still remember when I was a kid, the only thing I looked forward to was to receive many birthday presents. Kid's birthday gifts were all books, stationaries, dolls, picture frame, photo albums, sparkle "made in China" earrings, but it could make me so happy to receive it. 

Now when being an adult *I hate being an adult*, fewer presents, more cost, but I'm still looking forward to unwrapped all presents I receive. Guess, what important to me are not the presents anymore, it's who still remember my birthday, sincerely wish me all the best, laugh with me on my special day, that's most important. Sometimes, they don't need to give me any present, just their wishes from far away sent to me at the right time; that's the best birthday present ever. I received many those on my emails, facebook. Super happy! :)

Anyway, let me share with you what I've got for myself this year. It all came unexpected! 

Cute little Swarovski bears couple! So adorable, aren't they? I'm a super big fan of Swarovski Crystal, you know that?

Another Swarovski gift from Mike :)

Coach handbag. 

Diamond necklace from colleagues. I really didn't expect they would buy me this gift. Good thing comes in a small package! YES! Thank you, guys 

Earrings from Lynn. She apparently knows my style :D

La Senza sleepwear from Charmaine, and it's in pink. Love it!

That's enough to show how much people around know about me. :D Why am I so lucky? 
Not forget to mention an enormous bunch of roses sent to my office in the early morning. It was such a big surprise for me. 

Thank you everyone who still remember my birthday, who joined me in my party and who have been supporting me physically or spiritually. I will not be who I am now without your encouragement and support. You know who you are that I'm talking about, and I'm just so grateful for whatever I have. 

Thank you, I love you. And yes, I officially turned 27 in case you are wondering.