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I know, it's super late, irrelevant topic and I'm super out-dated to write it as it's already the end of second month of New Year now. I've been thinking of doing a Vlog about this entry to make it more interesting but I didn't have much time and because of that reason, it drags me 2 months to write it up. Anyway, since it's a must- have topic, I can't run anywhere neither pretend to forget about it. So here I am, slowly recalling everything happened to me in 2011.

If you follow my blog long enough, you know I usually write "Planning & Prediction" post before every "New Year Resolution" entry. Last year, I predicted many things.  and to my surprise, many things did happen as what I predicted. So this year, I'm predicting again, in the future I might quit my current job and open a Fortune Telling business. Lolz.

Let's take a look back at 2011 and see what I've achieved so far.

1. Career.
I thought it was a bad year for me, but turnt out it was absolutely good beyond my expectation. I predicted I would have had many difficulties at work, been involved in some legal-related issues. Hell No! No legal, court, lawyer problem. Here and there, there were some difficulties, YES. But no matter how difficult it was, I overcame it. Not only that, I fore-said that I would be promoted at work. Indeed, NOT ONCE BUT TWICE. I won 2 awards for my work performance last year *humbly smile*. What can I say? 2011 was my super fruitful and productive year at work. *big smile*

2. Love
I feel like skipping this topic but because last year, I swore I would review of what happened in 2011 in early 2012 so now I have to. Last year, I said "There will be a stupid, ugly girl or guy that has the intention of breaking my relationship! This is like WTFFFF! Tell me, what do I need to do now??? 
Speaking of this, I want to jump down from the bed to the floor already. Imagine, there is a sexy and innocent pretended to be girl (with little cloth on) comes to talk to your husband, tries to flirt him, hugs him (in the polite manner excuse), what would you do? I'm assuming a girl because if it was a guy who would flirt with me, I would not mind to kick his balls off ". 
The truth is there really was a guy walked into my previous relationship at the decadent period of it. I was hopelessly salvaging my previous relationship after many arguments, pain, and tears. Then I realized, I wasn't deserved to be treated like that. I would rather end the love to save the friendship than go on ending up looking at each other like strangers. I needed to move on. I wanted to move on, turn my life to a new page. That's the reason why I didn't kick the balls of the new guy off as I said. He ended up being my boyfriend few months later and I'm so thankful that everything has fallen into places. You ask me: "So who is your new boyfriend now?" 

That's him who almost got kicked his balls off at first time. :D 

For over 20 years existing in this life, I have never expected or imagined that one day I'm ended up with a white guy. Somehow I did and I learnt a lesson: "Life has always full of unexpected things happen. We just need to open our mind and heart and wait for the right time"

3. Traveling
It was fantastic traveling year beyond words. I went to Bintan (Indonesia) first time by choice, second time by chance fully sponsored by Fashion TV channel. 

 Another fully sponsored trip to Hongkong wonderland for 3 days 2 nights. That trip was epic because I was totally sunk in the huge shopping centres with so many clothings, bags, accessories...OMG! I really miss Hongkong. Read my entries about Hongkong trip 1, 2, 3

Me at MongKok street. 

 Night time at Lan Kwai Foong

and visited Victoria Peak! 

And amazingly enough, my dream holiday trip to US came true. I've been always wondering when would I be able to put my first step on American land and at when I wasn't expecting the most, Mike took me to his home to visit his family like no big deal :D. I went to Arizona and Los Angeles with him.

There I was in the beautiful Arizona. I was hoping to see snow for the first time but it wasn't cold enough even though it was -10 degree Celcius sometimes.

And he took me to Los Angeles, stayed in Beverly Hills for 3 days. That 3 short days made me keep thinking of moving to and living permanently in Los Angeles for good in the future. 

I was seriously overwhelmed by the friendly people, multi- culture, fun lifestyle and happening things there. 

 Went to visit the beautiful Santa Monica pier

and the paradise of shopping in Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive. LA weather was simply beautiful. 

Last year, traveling was fantastic. I'm blessed and grateful for each opportunity I have to travel to different parts of the world. Unfortunately, Bangkok trip didn't happen as planned but I'm gonna go there in a month time anyway. 

4. Friends & strangers. 
I worried too much last year. I didn't meet any bad people as I thought, in fact, I met all awesome people, friends and even strangers are nice to me too, lolz. Hopefully this year, there will be more people coming along the way. 

5. Family. 
I have no other word besides WONDERFUL. July last year, my family welcomed a new member and I officially became an aunty. That sounds so old but anyway, it's great to have a baby in the house. The way the baby laughs, baby smiles, baby looks at things through his innocent eyes make everything simple, beautiful and happy. I love my nephew so much. Look at him!

 Look at his eyes! So adorable. Tell me who doesn't love kids

The only thing I did when I went back hometown was to hug him and kiss on his chubby cheeks. It's so irresistible!

My last year birthday was also the most special birthday for me ever. I had a big birthday party with many friends, colleagues in a VIP Karaoke lounge. Most importantly, my parents were around to celebrate with me too. That's the biggest present for me as it has been so long time since they first celebrated my birthday when I was 6 years old. 22 years has gone for God's sake. 

 That's how my awesome 2011 went. Apart from all these major things I predicted, there were so many other things happened unexpectedly. I achieved many different titles, awards, achievements throughout the entire year. Name it:

1. Won the 1st runner up in Singapore Dance Fiesta with my partner and few other trophies in many international dance competitions. Looking back, dancing is still a part of my life and I can never live without it. I guess, even when I'm 70 years old, I will still dance or I will teach my grandchildren how to dance. 

and the 1st runner up for ShowDance in 24th Singapore International Ballroom Dancing Championship. Watch the video for my dance presentation after the award was given.

2. After 5  years of blogging, my blog has been nominated and in the finalist for Best Shopping Blog & Best Mobile Blog of the annual Singapore Blog Award. I know, it sounds a little bit irrelevant to what I've been blogging daily but hey, it's still recognition, right?

3. OK! This is a big news and I'm still so overwhelmed by it even though it has been 4 months since my first debut on a local TV drama series called: "Point of Entry" as an actress. You know, I love acting movies, love being in front of the camera and doing all kinds of stuffs (except porn movies). And I have a hope (am still hoping) to act in one big movie about dancing, about love, life etc...So when I first received an invitation to a casting for Ly (a character in Point of Entry), I was so excited. Even though Ly's life story isn't fairy tale story as what I wanted but it was a very tough role to play: a prostitute with a very pity life. Anyway, if you haven't watched, here is your chance to watch and tell me what ya think. 

Overall, last year was an interesting year for me. It was up and down, but I'm so grateful that things turned out well in the end more than what I expected. This year is gonna be extremely challenging for me because I have so many works need to be done, missions, goals need to be achieved. But let's not talk about this now, I wanted to talk about:

My 2012 resolution!

Take your time to digest because I'm gonna bombard you with a long list :D.

1. Getting my lasik surgery for my eyes. I can't express how much I hate wearing contact lens nowadays. It makes my eyes so dry and uncomfortable :(

2. Getting invisalign and veneer done to have Hollywood smile :D. I'm looking for a sponsor, any doctor or clinic to recommend?

3. Getting married! OMG! This is the biggest task, not only 2012 resolution but also my entire life resolution, lolz. I've been being urged countless time by my parents about it.

4. Go to New York to celebrate New Year at Time Square or to Europe. 

5. Work hard to earn more money.

6. Online-shopping needs to be reduced :( I have been saying this like zillion times -_-

7. Making more dance costumes. 

8. Blog at least twice a week. 

9. Making 1 fashion tutorial video once a week. This is tough but I have no excuse not to do it since I already started my own fashion channel on Youtube, I gotta be more hardworking and consistent.

10. Getting my driving license. Very soon ;)

11. Taking a part-time fashion design course. I have no idea why lately I'm so obsessed with fashion, clothing and styles. 

12. Teach Mike how to speak Vietnamese better. 

13. Be more patient, understanding, caring and sweet girlfriend. 

14. Give myself more time, pamper myself more.

That's all I could think of and those are the biggest things I need to achieve this year. What about you?
What is your new year resolution and how much you have done to accomplish it?