Happy Valentine's Day 2012

February 15, 2012 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

I know it's kinda late but I still want to wish you guys a sweet Happy belated- Valentine's Day. I hope you all had wonderful time. I had a great one for myself. <3

Actually, I'm pretty a low-key person, I didn't celebrate Valentine because to me, it's no big deal. If I'm in love with this guy, everyday is Valentine Day to me, why must wait on 14th Feb to show people that you love them? But then again, seeing so many girls around receiving flowers, gifts and dressing up nicely for a romantic dinner, unless you are a robot, you will somehow feel abit sad and lonely this day.

This year is quite special to me because Mike gave me such a big celebration.

We bought for each other a gift and exchanged 2 days before Valentine's Day. Reason is because I forced him to give me present earlier after he tried to show it to tease me. He learnt a lesson now :D.

He bought for me a super cute teddy bear from Swarovski holding the heart with a tiny ribbon on her head. (Fyi, I like collecting Swarovski crystal animals) and I bought for him a keychain with a book pendant engraved our photo and my photo on it, together with our nickname (I'm a Cupcake, He is Pumpkin), anniversary date. I thought that was really cool and unique.

Love this tiny shiny cute teddy bear. Special edition too, I can't even find the photo elsewhere on Google.

On Valentine's Day, he gave me a surprise with a big bouquet of roses delivered to the office. What can I say?

Super cute with teddy bear and feather around.

Another photo of the flower

At night, we spent our time at Fullerton Bay Hotel, Clifford Restaurant for dinner. Mike arranged a private driver to send us and pick us up after the dinner because he wanted to drink with me and refused to drive home. So all we needed to do was to dress up and got into the car.

Clifford restaurant. Beautifully decorated for Valentine's Day with roses everywhere, candle light and love songs. The view behind us was amazing. 

Wait to be fed...We both were so starving :D

Menu for Love. Totally yummy and satisfied with the foods.

That's how I spent my Valentine's Day. Nothing much, like many other couples, we went to nice dinner, looked at each other's eyes and felt love. If only every day could be Valentine's Day.

I hope you girls received many gifts, flowers from your loved one. Everyone of us deserves to love and feel loved by someone. The problem is just don't stop looking til you find the right person for yourself. 

Happy Love Day! If you do any more special than I did, feel free to share with me at the comment section below.