The weekend was gone within a blink of an eye,  it's time to start a brand new week again. Did you have great week and weekend too? I had a very productive week, last week plus a very relaxing and therapeutic weekend. Now, I'm trying to recap what I've done and to put them all into this blog entry before I go to bed. 

Last Monday was pretty busy for me with few meetings in a row. As I had to travel a lot to different places to meet up with my client, I usually choose outfits that are dynamic, active and comfortable for me to move around. Mostly on Monday, you often see me wearing pants, shirt or typical corporate outfits. Last Monday, I paired up my favorite Dolce & Gabbana white shirt with blue jeans from Guess. Both items were bought during my trip in LA. Love them to the max.

To complete this look, I even bought a pair of blue wedges from ZARA to match with the jeans. 
Super love this wedges, it's so comfortable to wear. I can literally walk my day away on these pieces.

Camwhoring in the car with my PA Carmen while we were heading to the meeting. 

Tuesday, letting loose with chiffon and suede. Another Kim Kadarshian inspired look, I matched the Chiffon red shirt from Forever21 with the high waist full circle suede skirt I bought it from Thailand. Accessories I wore that day were gold earrings, vintage rings, a pair of heels from Charles & Keith and brown leather bag. 

Found this crazy shoes design online. It's amazing how wild and creative shoes designs can be nowadays. 

After work, I came back home early to cook a very nice dinner for me and Mike. We finished all the food :D It feels so good to watch Mike enjoying the foods I cook every time. It's like an orgasm in his mouth, lolz. 

Wednesday, colorblocked look. People don't usually dare to wear colorblocked outfit to the office because they think it's too vibrant and bold. I don't think so. Black, dark blue, white are formal and great but they can be boring if you wear it too often at work. Let's try something new, break your comfort zone and add more colors to your closet. Applying right color to your wardrobe does not only help to enhance your look but also to heal, to balance and to add more energy to your daily life. 

Here I was wearing a dress from Jonathan Saunders. I changed the original belt to my favorite crystal belt and finished up the look with green shoes from The Island Shop, blue bangles and green/blue feather earrings which happened to be exact same colors with the dress :D

Guess who wore this dress too?

Actress TangWei at Busan International Film Festival. 

My outfit was pretty colorful so I decided to go very light and simple make-up as I wanted full attention on my outfit. 

Black bodycon dress from Forever21, hot pumps from Charles & Keith and my DIY Swarovski Crystal collar. It's simple but still elegant and hot. You don't have to show too much skin to be called "sexy"

Friday, I usually have "combo" work & party look in 1 outfit. But this time, I decided to go simple at work and changed to another outfit for party later when I got home. So here I wore colorblocked Jean from Cotton On, leotard black top from River Island and ultra comfortable red wedges.  It's contrast outfit which I find it quite cool to play with. 

At night, I was invited to attend Maybeline blogger party at Zouk. 

So here is my dress-up for Maybeline Blogger party. Deep V back dress from ZARA, Swarovski crystal earrings and gold accessories. 

It was too crowded at the party, thus we didn't stay very long. I and Mike decided to go to Marina Bay Sands for a walk after that.

Having some tea and coffee at Marina Bay Sand and I took this photo. Isn't it gorgeous?

Weekend, either I spend most of the time at home or going for swimming, shopping after that. It was such a beautiful sunny afternoon today so I went to go for sun tanning and swimming. 
The view from my room to the swimming pool at our place.

and me, relaxing and enjoying the sun.

That's how my last week went. This week is gonna be awesome with holiday and parents are in town. I'm so excited and looking forward to spending time with them. 

Hope you guys have a great week ahead too and don't forget to share with me your photos, your outfit, even your most favorite thing in the week. I always love to know.

Happy Monday!


audi fashion festival


Finally, the biggest and most awaited fashion event of the year has finally returned. It has been 3rd year since Asia Fashion Exchange was held in Singapore. I was lucky to be invited to one fashion show of Audi Fashion Festival, one of the main four activities during the festival last year. It was superb. 

This year, Audi Fashion Festival comes back bigger and stronger. There will be many fashion shows, collections from many different fashion designers from Australia, France, New York, Berlin and Singapore. There'll also be the return of the big names like Tiffany & Co, my favorite brand Swarovski and international home-grown label RAOUL (I can't express how much love i have for each collection of Raoul). Looking at the event calendar this year, I feel so excited already. 

You can check it out the official event calendar HERE if you want to know more. 

And among all these awesome events, I personally look forward to attend the shows of three top designers at AFF this year. They are: 

1. French designer Thierry Mugler 
2. American designer Zac Posen. 
3. French designer Roland Mouret

The three are the big names in fashion industry and they are my HUGE inspiration and motivation. 
Easily, you can reckon Thierry Mugler from the his popular perfumes and fragrance line but you might not know that Thierry Mugler was actually the first designer to create his virtual fashion show on the computer so that it can be seen online in 1998. He started making the first outfit when he was at the age of 14. That's pretty amazing. 

On Wednesday 16th May, it will be the opening show of Mugler Autumn/ Winter 2012 with his Creative Director, Nicola Formichetti who is well-known for Lady Gaga's wardrobe stylist. Believe it or not, all the super popular music videos of Lady Gaga that you've seen i.e Bad Romance, Telephone, Born This Way, etc...Nicola Formichetti was the one who did styling for all of them. With that said, the coming show of the duo is gonna be explosive. 

Oh, and have you ever seen Mugler's collection yet? I managed to get some photos highlight his A/W 2012 during Paris Fashion Week. 

Photos from

Absolutely love these pieces. They are so strong structure, elegant and mysterious. I can't wait to see more during the Fashion Festival. 

Mugler A/W 2012 with Creative Director, Nicola Formichetti opening show will be on Wednesday 16th May at 7pm at Tent@Orchard. 

Another favorite designer of mine is Zac Posen. I was quite shocked when I first knew that Zac Posen was born in 1980. I was like "OMG! He is so  young and yet so successful already". He was born with fashion talent in his blood and his interest in fashion started since he was a child. That explains why.

When I first saw Posen's collection, I felt in love immediately. I love his ruffled fishtail mermaid gowns, the sweeping strapless dresses, the bias- cut cocktail dress and many more. Those are always my favorite styles. Posen's collection is also received lot of love and attention from many famous celebrities. 

Rihana and her Zac Posen blue dress at Gammy Awards 2008.

Reese Witherspoon at 69th Goden Globe Awards in Los Angeles 2012.

Gwyneth Paltrow and her favorite Zac Posen gown from his Spring collection at Oscars 2007. 

Last but not least, Beyonce in deep green Zac Posen resort gown. 

That's good enough to prove Zac Posen's collection in this coming May will be a worth waiting for show in Audi Fashion Festival and this is also his very first show in Asia. I'm sure he is gonna get so much love from Asian fashion addicts. His show - Zac Posen Pre-Fall 2012 & F/W 2012 with Designer, Zac Posen will be on Saturday 19th May at 8pm at Tent@Orchard. 

The third fashion designer whose show I'm very excited about also comes from France: Roland Moret that is. He is best known for his iconic hourglass creation. He also created the legendary Moon dress made famous by Victoria Beckham.

Roland's signature Galaxy dress which costs £ 1209.00

Other celebrities seem to be big fan of Roland Mouret Galaxy Dress too. 

Some of his designs which I'm absolutely in love with

Roland Mouret fold details dress short capped sleeves, pleating at the front and a full length central back zip fastening. Sweet, simple and magical. 

Roland Mouret's structured dress with wide shoulder straps, a v-back and a zip fastening at the back. Super elegant and classy

One of Roland's annabelle ruffle dress. It's such a cute design. It features a structured neckline, fitted waist and very adorable ruffle detail along skirt hem.  

Caught Katy Perry in this dress. Looks like the dress is made just for her. 

Beyonce loves Roland Mouret dress too. 

There are, of course, many other talented designers will be joining this festival to showcase their dedication, hardwork and talent. All you need to do is to LIKE these pages to get the latest updates from them Audi Fashion Festival, Asia Fashion Exchange

Wanna buy ticket to watch the shows? Click HERE!!!!!

Til then, let's count down to May 14th. 18 more days to go! YES!!!




Since I started this topic on my blog, I felt like time has gone by too quickly. I don't know how other bloggers have so much time, effort and patience to do "Daily outfit" post and they manage to bring out the big camera, find the right location, bring all the outfits, accessories, shoes, makeup etc..., strike a pose, change the cloths and strike another pose again. I salute them. 

Not that I'm lazy though, I just can't have extra hands and legs to do this -_- and most importantly, I don't have that much time to do update my blog daily (even I really want to) with my daily outfit changed, hence I summarize the entire 1 week outfit into just 1 blog entry.  And fyi, all of my photos here were taken by my iPhone and modified by its awesome photography apps. I'm pretty happy with that except for my photos are not super sharp like a DSLR one. But hey, I think it's gorgeous enough for you to see all the details of my daily outfit.

So let's start with Monday again.

First time wearing peplum skirt, I kinda loved it. Peplum is always the best piece for you to wear at work. I love how classy and feminine it makes me feel at the same time. Here I paired it up with a lace shirt from ZARA and an orange wedges. Vintage star ring and one side braided hairstyle. It's sweet-young girl look. 

Light rose lipstick, I'm super in love with this color. So light, so natural and sexy. 


Decided to go for bold and dynamic look, I grabbed this solid striped pants (super comfortable and cool) and paired it up with ruffle collar white shirt from ZARA. 
Apparently, this type of pants is always giving very strong statement to the entire look as well as great compliment to...your legs. Yes I'm serious! It will make you look taller and your legs look skinnier. If you haven't tried out this style yet, you'd better. 
Some accessories to go along with it: Rain drop necklace, silver bow ring, black bangles and a pair of hot pumps. Yeah! You want to look taller so a great pair of pumps or high heels is definitely a Must. 

I went back to classical and sophisticated look with floral peplum dress, updo hairstyle and closed toe sandals.  Everyone said I looked so different from normal day. I think they meant i looked old, lolz. Well, honestly, this outfit made me look a little bit mature but I just loved how elegant it made me felt. I loved the floral details, the texture, the material of the dress, I couldn't express it. 

Ok! This gotta nothing to do with fashion but I just feel like sharing it. On Wednesday night, I went out for a dinner with an old friend. We had Japanes buffet and that's half of the amount of foods that I consumed. Unlimited sashimi, omg. Super yummy and satisfying. 
Sweet + Young + Vintage + Flowy + Soft, you name it. This look has it all. I pulled up my favourite chiffon floral shirt with high waist suede circle skirt, covered it up with satin belt and completed with a pair of brown sandals. What do you think of this? Does this look familiar to you?

Actually, for this look, I'm kinda inspired by Kim Kardashian and I think she nails it. The look is so feminine, elegant, soft and sweet. 

OK! That's all for the celebrity, now back to reality. 
Last outfit for this week. 
It's my modern chic look. I styled my long dress i bought a while ago from Cotton On  and I haven't had time to wear it anywhere yet so I decided to go wilde with this H&M blazer. I love this blazer so much, the color, material and cutting are so nice.  Basically, with this look, you can wear it to work and you can wear it to party later. It's 2 in 1 kinda look :D 

Super casual in the weekend with short, camisole and cardigan from ZARA. I know, I'm kinda ZARA addicted lately. Can't help. 

Went to have my nails done. 

and this is how my new nails are now. Loving it.  

That's all about my awesome week. Did you have a great week yourself?
Share with me at the comment. 
I'll talk to you soon.




What a hectic and challenging week for me it was! I'm talking about last week. How did last week go for you guys? I hope all was good. 

Everything went upside down, went messed and crazy for me. I was like in a roller coaster with many emotional stress, work pressure and undone stuffs. That's why I was so quiet last week, didn't tweet or update alot. Thank God, things were settled well. 

But know what, even with a lot of stress, crazy stuffs in my mind, I didn't forget taking photos of my every day outfit. Terror huh? :D I guess, each and every fashion blogger is a super cam-whoring addicted or too much obsessed about ourselves, lolz. But that shows how much we love ourselves and appreciate what we are having. So, thumb up for fashion bloggers! 

Back to this week episode, here are what I wore last week!

Trying out Korean & HongKong fashion style with the maroon red chiffon top. The common thing about Korean & HongKong or even Taiwan fashion is they use a lot of cute, girly accessories to decorate onto the outfit. Like the one I was wearing, I love the lace details decorated on the shoulder, the neck line & sleeves together with some pearls on top of it. Very vintage feel. Also, the strong wavy ruffles at the shoulder is a best idea for whoever has small shoulders. 

I paired up this girly shirt with a basic straight-cut pants in nude coz maroon red is such a strong color, so I want to keep the bottom neutral. 

Vintage accessories to complete the vintage look. 

It's barbie doll time! I was wearing polka-dot classic dress with attached tiny belt at my waist line. I love the square neck and bubble skirt design. The material is chiffon, thus it's so comfortable and soft to wear. 
And a crazy pairing up, I chose a pair of red wedges to go along with this black & white dress. 
What do you think of this look?

Not to forget some super cute rings and earrings I wore on that day. 

My caption for this photo was "Everyone needs to smile and chill no matter what happens to us"


Sweeter than a candy look! I wore blue chiffon dress with very cute pink heart shapes printed on it. Many of my girl friends love this dress because "It's too cute" they said. :)

Heart ring and vintage bracelet to match with the dress. 

Dress again! I know, I love dresses! I wore a simple circle fitting dress and focused fully on my statement accessories. Look at the awesome necklace I got. Love this piece! 

It's time for party! Unfortunately, I didn't go party on Friday night even though all of my friends were going to dance at the club. I just didn't have mood for that. So I wore a very simple black bodycon dress. Saying simply, I meant the dress design but the cutting is phenomenal. It fits to the body so perfectly and the padding on the shoulder give extra credits to this edgy and sexy look. 

When wearing a basic dress, we should draw a lot attention on the accessories. I followed the instruction! 

And that how my wardrobe was for last week. What did you wear for last week? Or at least, you posted any photo of your daily outfit online? Share with me at the comment section below or tweet me the photo, I'd love to see them. 

For now, stay tuned til the next blog entry where I'll reveal about my Shopping haul in Bangkok, excited yet? 
I'll talk to you real soon.