Crystal's Closet: Weekly Wardrobe (Ep10)

June 13, 2012 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

Hi everyone!

Do you notice any thing special from the blog title itself? OMG! It's finally episode 10 of Crystal's Closet :D That's crazy! Thank you so much for following me on my fashion journey. Also, special thank to all my camera men who helped me to take many nice pictures :D. You know who you are that I am talking about. Thank you! Muahx muahx...

Like I said, to celebrate this 10th episode, I'm gonna have some giveaway and special gifts to give to you (my readers) so, watch out for the next blog entry and find out how to win it ;)

Now! Here are the last week outfits after I came back from Vietnam. It's so hard to start your working engine after a long holiday but somehow I managed to catch up. There were so much works & meetings to finish that I even forgot to post my daily outfit photo until the day was almost over. 

However, you are not gonna be disappointed! Here you go!

I actually didn't know what to wear so I just quickly grabbed my navy spandex dress and brightened up the color with a pair of pink shoes and pink belt. I know right? When you have so many choices, you'll not know what to choose. Women's problem! It turned out not too bad at all. Simple but still tasteful (to me) :)
 Get this look! 
Dress: ASOS (similar)
Handbag: Michael Kors
Belt: Madewell 

I bought this dress sometimes ago at Far East Plaza too if I'm not wrong. The only thing that attracted me was the blue T-shape on the dress. I thought it's quite cool, playful and sexy. And I paired up a blue wedges to match with the detail on the dress. People gave me compliment on this look and I wasn't sure they complimented on the dress or my shoes or something else. Small details sometimes can make big difference. 

 Dress: Far East Plaza 
Wedges: ZARA
Accessories: I was wearing black bangles & earrings. Alternatively, blue accessories works perfectly too. 

As I wore blue on Tuesday, I decided to go for red color on Wednesday. I love wearing dresses but somehow my friends say I look good in pants too so I please them time to time. I follow the quote "Eat to please thyself, but dress to please others"

Get this look: 
Vintage chiffon shirt with pearls: Unknown coz I can't remember where did I buy it from
Pants: ZARA 
Belt: ASOS (similar)
Shoes: Chloe (similar)
Accessories: Pearl earrings. 

Cloud 9 photo. Took it when I was on the airplane. When I was small, I always looked up to the sky and wished "If only I could sit on the airplane just one time to see how beautiful the clouds are". I was poor and I couldn't afford an air ticket to go anywhere. Now, I made it and I lost count how many times I've seen the clouds. Dreams do come true! Just don't stop dreaming. 

I went to Pachelbel 's shop at Suntec to get the handbag they sponsored me. I love the bag so much because it's so convenient, useful and beautiful. I'll blog about it more in the next entry. Do check their shop at No. 3, Temasek Boulevard #02-102 Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983, they are having awesome promotion right now.

 I wore this beautiful A-line fitting dress together with yellow belt and gold accessories. Color-blocking pairing technique, yes! It always makes your outfit stand out.
 Get this look:
A-line dress: Unknown. Going to be sold on Crystal's Closet online store soon ;)
Accessories: Forever21.
Watch Michael Kors

I seldom wear yellow but I can't say No to this gorgeous Hi-Low dress. It's popular trend this summer. I love how the dress flies up when I walk. This dress itself is perfect choice for any beach occasions. I didn't want people in my office to think I would go to the beach so I decided to go low profile by wearing a blazer outside and completing with a belt on top. Simple and sweet!
Get this look:
Dress: Forever21
Blazer: H&M 
Shoes: ALDO
Belt: ASOS Curve
Earrings: ASOS

I spent one whole day shopping at ZARA, Forever21. Feel so guilty! Anyway, I brought some of these beautiful pieces home. You'll see them next week.

 When I go out in the weekend, I usually dress up very casually like loose top, denim short etc...Why not? It's once a week chance I can wear my favorite short to run around, I must make full use of it :D

Get this look
Denim short: Forever21
Loose top: Nichii.

Took this photo at Zara's fitting room :p

So, that's all about me. Do you have any favorite photo of yours to share? Leave the link at the comment section below. Don't forget to check back this blog again for next week surprise. I'm having some good giveaway stuffs. ;)

For now, stay chic & have a great week!