Crystal's Closet: Weekly Wardrobe (Ep16)

There are only few days left to wrap up everything for July, not sure about you but I'm already in the mood for celebration. I can't wait for it to end soon seriously. There were a lot of tear, hard work, pain, patience, encouragement, support and July. 

Everything, you name it! 

It has been so challenging that sometimes I felt like giving up. I couldn't handle it, I couldn't cope with it anymore. But I was wrong. I managed to go through every single challenge and stood still in the end. 

Now I feel like I was such a brave captain who successfully sailed my small boat through a vicious storm in the darkness to the beautiful island. Some friends ever asked me "What is your secret of keeping yourself so strong mentally". There is no secret actually, you just need to constantly remind yourself  "I'm strong. It's ok. I can do it! Things will be fine" everyday. Yes! It's a everyday reminder and I've been practicing that for years every time I have any problem. That inner voice will give you incredible strength to overcome anything in your life. Everyone of us will have choices. Some choose to say "No, I can't do it. I'm weak. I'm gonna loose, I'm gonna die" and that's what defines them as "Weakness". Subconsciously, it becomes their habit in dealing with problems. Habits will become characters, attitudes and so on. So, practice the good, positive energy and thinking everyday and let it change your life. 

Anyway, let me share with you my last week activity, it was pretty fun week I had. Nothing fancy besides spending time with people that I love and attending some memorable events. I was too busy last Monday and I couldn't have time for outfit photo taking. Sorry guys, gonna jump to Tuesday instead. 

I was walking down the street with Mr. Mustache in my favorite chiffon top and skinny pants. Who is "Mr. Mustache"? Oh, he is sitting on my hand lolz. Just kidding. It's actually the gold mustache ring from Accessorize and I love it. Not forget to mention the hair accessories, don't you notice? 

Get this look
Chiffon top: Theysken's Theory (similar)
Skinny pants: GUESS
Hair accessories: Forever21
Ring: The Extra

It was my nephew's 1st birthday. Time flies so fast! I still remembered when I first held him in my arms, he was so tiny and light. Look how big he is getting now and how adorable he is! I wish I could stay at home and hug him whole day, squeeze his fat butt and kiss on his cheeks until he gets mad, lolz.

On Wednesday, I was wearing simple and sleek outfit. Ballerina bare back top from River Island and fringe skirt from ZARA. Red accessories to enlighten the look.

Love this skirt! Whenever I walk or turn, the fringes on the skirt create such a big upward movement and it's so fun to watch. I feel like dancing everytime I wear this skirt.
Get this look
Top: River Island
Skirt: ZARA
Belt: Remo Tuliani (similar)
Accessories: Ooak (similar)

Rock the very sexy zip-up dress from H&M or it can be zipped down too. It's such an unique and versatile piece. But somehow, when I wore this skirt, I had the phobia if there is any pervert would pull my zipper down without me knowing it. So I was always on the alert at any guy who passed by or walked behind me, hahahaa. Perhaps I worried too much.
Get this look!
Zipped skirt: H&M
White shirt: Tommy Hilfiger
Accessories: The Extra
Belt: French Connection (similar)

Got my nails ready for the Singapore Blog Award ceremony. What do you think about this nail art design?

Outfit of the day: I was wearing Hi-low maxi dress and covered up with white denim cardigan. This pairing is perfect for work as well as for a casual dayout in weekend.
Get this look
Maxi dress: Gabriel Rocha (similar)
Denim Jacket: Forever21
Shoes: Forever21
Belt: Nasty Gal

Went for steamboat dinner with my colleagues. I haven't been eating steamboat for so long and I miss it. 

It's Singapore Blog Award ceremony day! I was so looking forward to this event for a month and so lucky to have many sponsors for my appearance on that date. Here I'm wearing the beautiful gown sponsored by Zardoze. Make up products by Victoria's Secret, crystal earrings by Swarovski

And this was how I looked last Saturday!

Photos in courtesy of Michael Lloyd. 
He was my "personal driver", photographer and guest, lolz. Talk about multi-tasking person. 
It was really fun event and I managed to meet up with some bloggers who I used to communicate via Twitter only. They are so friendly, so nice and cool. 

I and Andy Lee and his blog Sengkang Babies was also one of the top 10 finalists in "Family Blog"

I and Kevin at Double Image who also the winner of Best Gmarket Shopping Blog. Congratulation! :)

Me, myself and I with my lovely bare back. Photo in courtesy of Andy Lee. I love it!

Though my blog didn't win at this year Blog Award but I'm still very happy and proud to be one of the top 3 most voted blogs during the voting period. That support and love mean a lot to me than any title. Thank you so much for all the sponsors, voters, friends, supporter who have been voting and supporting my blog, you know you will not be disappointed everyday opening this website :) Something new is coming up! I can't promise anything yet but I'm sure it will be exciting. 

Talk about my very beautiful and special dress I wore that day, it's fully handmade by Zardoze, a high-end Singapore based brand that will be launched on 31st August. Their products are fully focused on hand crafted embellishments and high quality fabrics. All the details at the back of my dress were handmade too. Can you tell how much hardwork and patience needed? I'm sure there are tons. 

According to the company, their type of embellishment work is an art form in itself, inspired the name Zardoze, derived from the royal art form of gold embroidery. Each collection foretells an unique story, individually brought forward by their culturally diverse team of designers. I felt in love with all of their designs when I first looked into their lookbook. Amazing stuffs they have. 

Alternately, check'em out at their Website, join them on Facebook for their latest updates, events, and products launch. 

That's all about me! Will talk to you again soon in August :D




Last week was such an amazing week for me. I accomplished many things at once, beyond my expectation. I can't wait to share it with you. 

Went to office in this vintage chiffon shirt and suede skirt. Notice my feather earrings? It's one of my most favourite pieces I got it from Bangkok. I used to hate warm colors (pink, red, orange, purple) but recently many people suggested me to wear those colors because they look good on me. What do you think? 

So, I went to the office, worked half day only because my company was having a lunch event to recognize and to give out the award to top performer of the year  2011. I was one of the top performers last year. I felt incredibly proud. I was asked to deliver a speech upon acceptance of the award, to sing a song, and to share my successful story in front of many people. It's like a WOW! Amazing! 

 Get this look:
Chiffon shirt: Pins & Neddles
Skirt: Gabriella Rocha (similar)
Shoes: Forever21 (similar)
Accessories: Alexander McQueen (similar)

 With my 2 managers who work very closely to me. From left: Hong, me, James (one of the 10 Outstanding Performer Award recipients)

 With Hong, my best manager who has been giving me a HUGE support in everything I do. Sometimes I just wonder "Why on earth, there is such a super nice person like him?" Seriously! He is too nice for words. I'm so grateful and lucky to have the chance to work with him, to have him as my manager for the past 2 years. OMG! Feel so emotional when talking about it.

This is the second time I'm honored to receive this award.  So proud of myself!

Having to run an errand to a few different places for meetings in a day so I decided to wear pants & shirt to be more convenient in moving around. Whenever I have sometimes for myself, I always love having a cup of Frapuccino Caramel without Whipping Cream at Starbucks, sitting at one place and doing my works while waiting for my client. And here as usual, with my favorite drink and doing what exactly I love to do. How happy! 
 Get this look
Floral shirt: Brooks Brothers
Pants: Karen Millen
Accessories: Forever21
Sunglasses: Coach

At night, I went to teach dancing and got really surprised by my students. I totally didn't expect them to give me any present in their last class but they did. Plus a very sweet card with everyone's message in it. The small little thing simply made my day. That's the reason why I love teaching dance so much.
From knowing nothing about dancing to being able to dance with music after 6 classes, I'm proud of them.

Turtleneck top with peplum skirt and bad-ass accessories. Not forget to mention my rocky open toe boots from GUESS I got it for S$49 only. Thank you! Great Singapore Sales! :D How do you name this look?
 Get this look:
Turtleneck top: Polo Ralph Lauren (similar)
Peplum skirt: Xhilaration (similar)
Open toe boots: GUESS (similar)
Accessories: Forever21 (similar)

After too many bright and bold colored outfits, I went back to basic with black and white combination. They can never go wrong at any time, any place. Sometimes, two extreme contrasting colors can still make a perfect match. 

 Get this look:
Dress from: White House Black Market (similar)
Accessories: White House Black Market (similar)
Watch: Swarovski 
Shoes: Steve Madden

After work, I went back home, cooked a nice dinner. All of my friends always got really surprised when they knew that I can cook. They thought I'm a Shopaholic, party girl. I never know how to do housework. They are wrong, lolz
When I have my own family in the future, I will love cooking nice dinner for my husband. I think it's a great way to create bonding between husband and wife to build a happy family. Even with the simplest dishes, but home cooked foods are always much better than any first class restaurant. Don't forget women, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. :)

 Cut off the roots of Pak Choy (Chinese vegetable has soft green leaves, a crunchy plae stem and a mild flavour) and I made it look like green roses. Isn't it cute?

Because it's Friday, so I usually allow myself to wear something more casual, simpler or sexier, it depends on my mood. Last Friday, I wore a very cute floral bodycon dress from Forever21 and some matching accessories. I thought it might be too casual for work because it's a cotton dress but people commented I looked too sexy for work. I don't know, you tell me!

 Arm candy for the day!

 Love this floral dress, so comfortable and cute with the ribbon at the back too.
Get this look
Floral dress: Forever21
Accessories: Forever21
Shoes: Jessica Simpson 

Started up my day with my favorite Starbucks coffee while I was in the cab. 

 It was the longest day I've ever had. I went to the office to do some works  from 10am to 2pm and began my house moving after that. It poured rain heavily right after we started. I don't know why it must always rain when I move house :(. Some said it's a good thing, the rain will sweep away all the bad luck, unhappiness and make everything clean and clear after that. Others said "Maybe the God feels pity you", lolz

 6 luggages full of cloths, accessories were waiting to be moved. Only when I moved house, I realized how much stuffs I have. It's crazy! The more I packed, the more stuffs I found.

I was so lucky to have my best colleagues & friends to help. There are some special people I have to say THANK YOU to:
Thank to Hong & Yong who helped to drive all of these nonsense stuffs to my new house despite it was raining so heavily.
Thank to Camile, Alicia & Carmen who helped me to pack, unpack and organize all my cloths, shoes, etc....nicely. Not to mention, you guys accompanied me from 12pm to 12.30am till everything was done. Wow! I don't know how to return such a great favor. I don't know how would I do without your guys help. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Here are some photos of these amazing people who were trying to help me. 

 Alicia was helping me to unpack my luggages. She looked tired though -_-

 Carmen was helping me to arrange my beauty corner 

and she is also the person who arranged this shoe cabinet so nicely. 

Yes! Finally! A dream shoe cabinet became true. :p

Camile was helping me in my make-up corner 

and she also decorated this Accessories corner so beautifully. 

About myself, what did I do? 
I unpacked and put all of my clothes, dress, bags in the walk-in closet. YES! I have my own walk-in closet which I have been talking about it for years. :D. Here it is!

Decorated my mirror with some flowers. 

 My friends helped me to put on the bed sheet, arranged the bed nicely for me to make sure I would have a sweet dream in a new house for the first night.

 Mr. Winnie the Pooh is now my sleeping partner. I hold his hands to sleep every night.

My other 10 door wardrobe. I have too much empty space here. 

Everyday when I wake up, the first thing I'll do in the morning is to look at this beautiful view and tell myself "Things will be great. Good things do take time. I just need to be patient and don't give up"

And you want to know how my room looks like? Here it is:

Yes! It's massive for a single person I know. At least, after staying at many different houses, this is one of the rooms that makes me fall in love with from the first look. 

Went down shopping some necessary stuffs for the room, I chose to wear pretty simple with basic T-shirt, short and braided hairstyle. Till now, I still have not gotten used to the fact that Orchard Road- a shopping paradise is just few steps away from my house. Feel weird! How to save money like that?

The best activity of the day: I got a ticket from Lancome to attend Michelle Phan's make up workshop on 29th July. Can't wait to see her here in Singapore.

So, that was my crazy last week. It was such a short week, but there were so many expected and unexpected things happened.

I have never blamed for any bad things happened in my life. In fact, I appreciated them because bad things happen for a reason and it will always make you become wiser and stronger. I don't want to look back at the past, I also don't want to look too far in future. I want to enjoy the moment right now and to live life to the fullest. That should be the way. Sometimes, too much worries can kill our present happiness which we deserve to have but we waste it.

Now, all I need to do sleep. It's already freaking 2.30am.
Good night!



Crystal's Closet: Weekly Wardrobe (Ep14)

Hey guys! 

How was your week started so far? I know it's hard to get your engine restarted after a good weekend but as usual, we just gotta do it. I hope you guys will have great mood, great energy to do whatever you need to do. 

After all the challenges, dramas, problems, I'm finally back on track. I'm back to myself who used to be positive, energetic, productive and optimistic again. I finally settled down with my housing problem, got a very nice place to stay now. I'll share with you guys about it in the next blog entry. 

For now, excuse me because this is gonna be a blog entry about.....*ahem* 2 weeks ago. 

I received a parcel full of dresses, accessories from, an online shopping from UK delivered to my office 2 weeks ago and they are so gorgeous. The only thing you need to consider about is your size before ordering as we are more familiar with size S, M, L than UK6, UK8, UK10 etc...But not to worry so much, if you happen to order wrong size, they offer "Return" services. Check them out by clicking their ad banner above this blog entry. 

Monday: The Chic look!
Playing with striped chiffon shirt and floral abstract tulip skirt from ZARA. I even managed to find a silver floral necklace that has the same pattern on the skirt. Powerful shoppaholic! ;). 

Get this look!
Striped shirt: Forever21
Skirt: ZARA
Shoes: Forever21
Watch: Swarovski
Accessories: Forever21

Featuring A line beautiful abstract print dress from The dress comes with belt costed me about S$50 only. If you have pear body shape, this type of dress would be the best choice for you to "lie" about your big hip :D

Get this look
Dress: ASOS
Shoes: Forever21
Watch: GUESS
Accessories: Forever21

I'm a daydreamer. Couldn't stop myself from taking a photo with this beautiful pavement stairs background. I was wearing lime green chiffon top and white pants from ZARA. Look at my unique ring- bangle I got from ASOS!!! It's so cool, isn't it?

Get this look!
Chiffon shirt: ZARA
White pants: ZARA
Shoes (similar): Jessica Simpson
Accessories: ASOS

I was so stressed up with work, my personal problem, housing issue on Thursday & Friday until I barely focused on working at all. I know that everyone has problem with our own life and we should not let it affect to our work but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get it out of my mind. Every single day in the past 2 weeks passed by with many questions in my head "How could I make myself more productive at work?", "What am I supposed to do?", "Where should I stay?" etc... It drove me crazy, angry, frustrated. Whatever you could name it. The photo you are viewing below was actually taken at the place that I was about to go for house viewing. Crazy right? Nevertheless, I still managed to smile and keep myself cool for the photo. Pretty lame, I know :D
Get this look:
Bodycon dress from: Miss Selfridge (similar)
Belt: French Connection (similar)
Accessories: Forever21

I wore this lovely heart-prints chiffon pleated dress to the office. No corporate-party combo kinda outfit because I didn't feel like going out on that night. Instead, this dress loosened me up a little bit from being so stressful, heavy and moody. I wasn't happier just yet but somehow, I felt released which I didn't know why. Perhaps, the dress itself gave me a feeling of softness, glowing and flowing when I wore it. Or perhaps, it happened to be on Friday night, I just presumed too much. 

Get this look.
Dress: Forever21 (similar)
Accessories: Kate Spade New York (similar)
Shoes: Dolce Vita

Went for shopping and brought this beautiful gadget home. Now, I spend most of my time on it, watching movie, editing videos, blogging etc...It's like my boyfriend now, it gives me accompany, entertains me when I'm bored and best part? It doesn't give me any headache.

Love you! 

That's pretty much about my 2 long stressful and eventful weeks. At least, I got for myself something that I love as a reward for being amazingly patient and strong when come to deal with problem in life. I might sound like i'm praising myself but that's true. I'm sure everyone of us will have problems in our life: attitude problem, relationship problem, career problem, finance problem, etc...and we will have many different ways in handling it. 

No matter what, we just need to be strong, calm, patient and positive. We need to look at the solutions instead of letting the problems drag us down, control our mind, affect our mood and even change us into somebody else. Unintentionally, we are hurting your loved ones too. 

I know this might sound theoretical and difficult to achieve but it's not impossible. We just need to learn how to do it every single day. Life is a long learning process. 

Stay with me til the next blog entry because I promise that will be a happy one! :)

Have a great day all.




Hi guys!

I know you have been waiting for this moment 2 weeks ago. I was supposed to announce the result on midnight last night. However, I was busy with my house moving, packing, unpacking til 1am and I couldn't find anytime to do the lucky drawing. Thus, I extended the deadline until 12pm (Singapore time) on 15th July instead.

Anyway, cut the long story short, I'm so happy to announce the first winner of my VERSACE handbag giveaway is *drumroll* ........ Lauren Gray from United States.


I'll be shipping this beautiful bag to you shortly and please help me to take care of it well. I love this bag too :)

To the rest, thank you so much for joining my first giveaway ever. You guys are awesome :). I've received many messages from you guys about what you want to see more from my blog, will try to fullfil one by one and of course, there are many awesome giveaways ahead as you all requested. :)

Thank you again and have a great weekend!